One Thousand (NON WHITE) Illegal Occupiers A Day Have Settled Here Under Obama

One Thousand (NON WHITE) Illegal Occupiers A Day Have Settled Here Under Obama (Jared Taylor explains Trump & why people love him  in the aforementioned video)

Why are whites from South Africa not allowed to come here?  Why not White Europeans?  Why only Hispanics?  Why only dumbbells from the 3rd world who are stupid and don’t even know what a toilet is? Why?  Because the Progressive, Liberal Communists want no more white nations or white people.  It’s called genocide. 


My colleague Steven Camarota has calculated that about 2.5 million of the illegal immigrants here today have come since Obama’s inauguration. That’s 1,000 new illegal immigrants a day. Read more at: National Review

  • angelo spumoni

    Brown sludge is creeping all over white America. Wherever it goes it covers and suffocates, the death toll is in the millions. But it can be stopped by explosives. Thousands of bombs must be dropped on the brown sludge before there is not a white person alive.

    • QV3

      A little too late, methinks. The Mulatto sludge in the WH is at War with Whites.
      The painful part is White Congress and White Senate are with him.

  • QV3

    American teen employment has dropped 20 percent from the late 1980s, in part because more and more immigrants have flooded into the market to displace native-born kids from jobs in percentages far higher than on adults, according to the Federal Reserve.

    “The displacement effect of immigration on the employment of younger persons is much larger than on the employment of prime-age adults,” said the September 2014 report, “Labor Force Participation: Recent Developments and Future Prospects.”

    The Fed report is the second to blame immigrants for taking jobs “native” teens would normally fill and come as new media reports show teen employment down this year.

    Unfortunately, the WH nor Jeb Bush sees immigration a problem.

    • kookooracharabioso

      Yes, intriguing. I never noticed the fed ever putting out something regarding a social issue of concern to rank and file wage and debt slaves. I have seen others run the numbers and show that the jobs taken by illegal workers is equal to the number of unemployed citizens.

      Citizens are bound by laws that prohibit them from working for those low wages. Citizens are not allowed to collect social safety net benefits while working those jobs the way illegal workers are allowed to. The whole system has been destined for collapse for years. Grade school math can illustrate quite well.

      This means all politicians who said and did nothing or aided and abetted are criminal traitors. Can we RICO them? Obviously the Fed has realized that our eyes are wide open and they are in our sites as well. Everything must change. I know kids who aren’t going to college because their parents have still been unable to complete paying their student loans. This is sheer cannibalism on our youth. This is why Bernie Sanders has so much traction despite we know socio-communism is yet another bad deal. People are willing to try cuz too many generations have been totally screwed and they still want their piece of the pie, their chance.

      Sheesh, everything is protected turf and has been. The big mouths that diss us like Hillary just don’t get that you can’t even mow lawns because the company that has your neighborhood as their territory will put a hurt on you – maybe even make example of you. The lemonade stand – got to have a license – costs $ – food handler training – costs $ – we don’t like how you built your stand -zoning – we don’t like where you put it today – fines.

      • angelo spumoni

        Thousands of black college grads work in fast food restaurants at minimum wages. Some go on to a better job but most are mired in a lifetime of poverty. White grads do a little better, many wind up in the retail trade as the manager in a clothing franchise. Those with extraordinary talents move into the upper middle class.

        • kookooracharabioso

          I’m seeing just the opposite where I live. Government is nations’ largest employer. Anybody with government contract along with government proper fast tracks hiring of minorities, most especially Blacks. Seen plenty of Blacks in positions they’re not qualified for. Just because they are black. The government also plays with the figures especially where “Latinos” are concerned because they have both minority and white status. Often they are counted as “white” in order to justify hiring more Blacks. But if there’s any legal action based on their behaviors suddenly they acquire minority status and the complainant is deemed racist – no standing. If the complaint is about reverse discrimination suddenly the Latinos have “white” status so once again the complainant has no standing. DISMISSED! Circle the wagons at all costs. This has been a huge factor in union decline but their inability to adapt to the reality of the times makes me wonder if they ever had any power at all. Perhaps their power in the past was always gifted to them by big government. Getting everyone into the workforce at low wages benefits who? They certainly didn’t maintain the standard that one job could support a family. Their decades long refusal to defend “white” victims of racism is proof of their true function and true allegiences. Universal principles of fairness applied equally to everybody – naaaaaah.

      • QV3

        All immigrants are future democRats.
        Didn’t dear leader say: Americans have NO right to favour Americans?
        And who elected dear leader. Americans. We saw clips of cheering Americans swooning and sighing: ‘he’s so exotic’

        • kookooracharabioso

          That’s disgusting! Besides which he emanates a familiar lack of appeal for a reason that is obvious. Yes he has diligently been putting the nails in the coffin of birthright citizenship – of it having any value whatsoever for those vested in it. Oh no, our traitors in office went global by stealing from us and we’re now simply collateral damage in the war on humanity – trans – humans are the future.

  • angelo spumoni

    Uncle Sam cannot survive by supporting 100 million unemployable children. He eventually must dump them in Mexico and the Congo. Transportation will not be a problem, trucks, and empty oil tankers can be used. Those who got a GED can be allowed to return

  • QV3

    Today, the website or is it blog Zero Hedge reports young, educated Americans are fleeing New York, Chicago and Texas in droves.
    Red Alert.

    • Why do you think they are fleeing, Qv?

      • Roscoe

        They flee because they are educated and do not want to live under the politicians from those areas or if it is actually true that they are fleeing Texas, something I doubt, it is to escape the infestation of illegal aliens. They are fleeing California to escape illegals and politicians.

      • angelo spumoni

        One reason for fleeing NYC is because of high rents. Apartments can be purchased in Maryland For 1600 per month including maintenance, you own a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment.

        • kookooracharabioso

          I rent 1800 square foot 3 bedroom $1000 per month. Tile roof, tile floors, neighborhood still safe to walk at night. Plenty old timers walking their dogs at dawn and dusk. It’s changing but still safer than what I left decades ago on east coast. Admittedly we got a deal. My neighbors pay $1400 plus.

      • QV3

        All those fleeing have university degrees. But no jobs available except flippin’ burgers. Most want to leave the US and go overseas. Exhorbitant exit tax and how to get a job overseas are the hurdles.
        in the East they would face very tough competition with graduates from Oxford and Cambridge and other premium universities. In the East, after UFA, America is now considered a Rogue nation.

        • Melvin Polatnick

          It would be wrong sending all the Blacks and half-breeds to The Congo or the South American jungles. Many are good people and it would be wrong booting all of them. Most of the Yids have a job so they shall remain.
          Anybody caught Raping, robbing, or mugging shall immediately get a bullet to the brain. Blacks. or half-breeds that have not held a job in the last ten years will be treated kindly but booted. Left wing politicians shall be placed in the hull of an outgoing tanker.
          Whites will have affordable rent and breathing space after the bad guys are gone.

  • nationwide4q4qxyz

    Instead of talking about isolated mugging and murders, the more important issue is: How long can the nation support all these half-breeds?