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Commenter On My Friend’s Blog Says EU Is “Nothing Like What I Describe”

Commenter On My Friend’s Blog Says EU Is “Nothing Like What I Describe”

Can we all admit that the lousy politics of Obama has changed us? On both sides?  (Well, some of us can’t change like the commenter below)  When I was a little younger, I was a hard-core member of the GOP.  When George Bush called American Minutemen, “Vigilantes”…. I changed.  That was in early 2005.  As I saw the ways of pseudo-Conservative war-mongers in the GOP, I changed.

However, one thing that is true:  I don’t lie about Europe and America.  Racism, schmacism:  “Mavadelo”, below says I am ‘vile and racist.’  #1. Illegal means illegal and is not a race.  #2. Islam is not a race.   #3. America, EU and Israel are being flooded with people that hate them and it’s just a fact.  The racism and hatred comes from the illegals, not from ‘evil’ whitey..

Facts are facts: Leftists encourage mass immigration from the 3rd world into EU and USA, ditto Israel.  When the ‘right wing’ says NO!!!  It’s killing us!!  Leftists say “You’re racist”.  So, we are doomed.  White America, EU and Israel are on suicide watch.

[Comment] Mavadelo on said:

what a horrible article you llinked there, so vile and racist I have seldom encountered. No, Europe is nothing like what she describes, it is what “her kind” is afraid it will become. Every blog that allows comments that call for “the extermination” of leftist people should be dismissed on the spot

This comment was on my friend, John Liming’s site.  I happen to love Mr. Liming and he has been there for me on several occasions.   

What commenters write here on my blog is up to them.  I allow ‘vile’ comments. I don’t allow people that straight-up hate Jews.

Now, for the issue in EU with it’s open borders madness.  Let’s take a look at what has happened in Europe with the Muslims:

May 2015, France:

July 2015, Manchester, England: (Shia Muslims beating themselves)  Older England would never allow this:

Muslim riot in Belgium:

It’s so bad in Denmark that the right wing is saying HELL NO to any more Muslim immigrants:

6 mos ago in Netherlands, leaders are telling Muslims to assimilate or get out.  Muslims disrupt Memorial Day in Netherlands, 6 mos ago:

In Germany, 12 months ago, a pack of nasty Muslims were demanding a few Jews come out of their apartment during another ‘protest’.  Things like this not seen in Germany since the 30’s, 40’s:

Anyone can go to Youtube and witness these things for themselves.  We do not lie here.  We’re just telling it as it is.  If we find an inaccuracy, we change it and apologize.

.#ANARCHY! DNC Has Declared Itself An Enemy Of The State W/ Resolution to Murder Police Officers

DNC Has Declared Itself An Enemy Of The State W/ Resolution to Murder Police Officers


Is this the kind of life peaceful “Liberals” want to live in? A state of complete chaos & confusion?  How will the Libs drink their Starbucks in peace? How will they enjoy a night out at the theater? How will they enjoy an afternoon of looking at fine art?  Dear, dear Liberals…this is the hell you are creating.  It’s never too late to change.  This blog embraces anyone that is open to reforming their ideas and fight with us against this insanity.

HOWEVER, the DNC has gone full blown anarchist with this latest stunt:  DNC Passes Resolution to Support #BlackLivesMatter Protesters and Bash Police


Let’s look at the fact regarding how many blacks have been killed by the Police over this year: 

652 people have been shot dead by police so far this year; 24 were black and unarmed. (The cops are going out of their way to NOT shoot young black males.)

No doubt the militarization of the Police is needed, ASAP.  But, what has precious Obama done to stop that?  He has, in fact-encouraged it.  Especially overseas with proxy wars that the American public never hears about.

Black TV Show Calls For Execution Of Whites & Cops. But, @RBPundit Calls US “Supremacists”

Black TV Show Calls For Execution Of Whites & Cops. But, @RBPundit Calls US “Supremacists”


The other day, a chick named “RB Pundit” on the open forum website where people ‘tweet’ – called a few people on Twitter, (plus my husband and I), ‘White Supremacists’.    All because some whites on Twitter have the gall to give a damn for themselves and their children.  White people-evidently-are not supposed to care for preserving white America.   Or, that’s racist. 

We want the borders CLOSED to Mexico. Completely. No ifs ands or buts.

This lady, “RB Pundit” is supposedly a Conservative, yet seems to use lefty jargon quiet effectively against patriotic Americans who are pro-white & see the daily attacks perp’d against whites in America.   She attacks those that are regular posters on Jared Taylor’s website: American Renaissance.  The folks at “AMREN” are not Jew-bashers. Nor do they allow Jew-hatred.  Which is why we support them.  AMREN is a very fair website.  If they weren’t, we certainly would not endorse the site or Mr. Taylor.  We do not believe in hating or verbally attacking minorities ‘just because‘.

As whites are not supposed to worry about their ‘evil’, inventive, American culture here in the late, great US… Young, militant blacks on public broadcasting TV shows are calling for mass execution of whites and cops… but….WE’RE the supremacists…

Illegals from Mexico & South America are murdering whites as they cross the border…but white people who care about their country and culture are the racist, NAZI supremacistsVictims of Illegal Aliens Memorial –

The NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY Calls For Mass Killing Of white people by using bombs (June 27) Gateway Pundit. … BUT, we’re the Supremacists.

Sally Kohn, the CNN Contributor Justifies the Slaughter of Two white Virginia Reporters on Live TV, perpetrated by a militant, young, black male.  BUT, we’re the Supremacists.

We are Jews here on this website as you all know. We’ve been online for 8 years at The Mad Jewess.  We believe there is a concentrated effort by the Marxist, radical, left-wing to ethnically cleanse white people by flooding America, Europe, Israel, AU and Eastern EU with either black people from Africa or ‘brown’ people from the Arab states, Mexico, also Asia.

The bottom line with the intentional flooding of white countries with ‘browns and blacks’ is genocide.  Top this off with the daily murders of white Americans at the hands of young, black males.  We call this the perfect race storm.

The dehumanization of white people is deliberate in western countries.  How do we know this is intentional?  Because we’re Jews.

This is very serious.

“Imma Be The 1st Black Bitch To Kill A White Cop” Says Tweeter, @x_FreeDaReal

‘Imma Be The 1st Black Bitch To Kill A White Cop’ Says Tweeter, @x_FreeDaReal


It’s a white-hating world.  White countries are being flooded with people who want to murder whites and their babies.  The Marxists in charge of the west have not only destroyed little eastern countries, they must now destroy white countries also.


Not just a cop…a WHITE cop is who this evil bitch wants to murder..  If this was reversed, it would be racist.  But, it’s not racist if an ugly Obama-child wants to murder those not her color..    And, people say we’re ‘White Supremacists’ for reporting this blatant bigotry from Obama’s rotten BLACK kids who hate whites:


Here is this nasty girl’s tweet:


She can’t even be 21 years old and this is what she thinks of whites and cops in particular.  The left has built a generation of black terrorists.

Hat Tip:  Blessed Patriotbiker  @katschrandt293

‘2 White People Killed, World Is Becoming Better’ Says Black Bigot, @ImTw_EATin

‘2 White People Killed, World Is Becoming Better”.   Says Black Bigot, @ImTw_EATin


Has anyone ever visited China? Japan? 

There is NO way a minority in Asia talks like this to the majority:

It’s a white-hating world: 

Then, we have a person, who is a supposed Conservative (I’ve never heard of him), “Rebel Pundit” who seems to be a campaigner for Marco Rubio. “RB” claims he was being ‘sarcastic’ as he tweeted this out:^tfw

Why is this OK? 

It is NOT OK for whites to say these things about blacks or browns.


The next tidbit of information is unbelievable:

 Mexico warns Texas not to refuse its immigrants’ babies U.S. birth certificates:   CLICK, Fox news

The black shooter said this:

‘There Must Be A Sacrifice: Kill A White Person, Then Upload Pic Of Corpse To Social Media’


 The way that people are just allowed to talk to white people is dangerous.

This is how the Nazi’s talked about the Jews: “White interests are illegitimate….”