@JesseBenn Is A “Jew”-Wants White People WOUNDED. What If Big Sites Started Saying “Jews Need To Be WOUNDED?”

@JesseBenn Is A “Jew”-Wants White People WOUNDED. What If Big Sites Started Saying “Jews Need To Be WOUNDED?”


White-Hating BIGOT.


Jesse Benn says that he is a “Jewish born atheist”.   What this moron does not get is that people don’t see ‘atheist’.   They see JEW. 

Jesse is bringing serious defamation to the Jewish community with such bigotry like this against American whites.  This is OUTRAGEOUS.   Jesse wants whites to be wounded!!!!  They’re not hurt enough already: Black-on-white crimes.   Evidently, this idiot does not see the real news.  He obviously believes that blacks are oppressed.  BY WHO?  Isn’t Obama the Prez? Isn’t he a black man?   GIMME A BREAK.

What would Jesse say if big sites like CNN started putting out articles saying “Jews need to be wounded“?  Jesse would cry like a baby and scream ‘anti semitism’.     He would be right that it is anti-semitism.  So, why is this moron treating whites the way Jews were treated in the early 1930’s?  does he want a Holocaust of white people?   What type of crazy would say such a thing?!  Is it OK to say this about black people? Hispanics? Asians? Jews?  NO.  WHY IS THIS OK?

Bigotry like this against the majority should be OUTLAWED.  This post should be taken down and the author shamed.

Sicko: To Work Toward Racial Justice We Need White Wounding, Huff Po …


  • Sick f’ck

  • Angelo Spumoni

    Lost Jewish soul, he must live in the black ghetto and echo their rants. He should be rescued by the Lubavitcher and wear a yarmulke.

  • Mentious

    Thanks for defending us M.J.

  • Oliver Holzfield

    Looks like a weak and depressed man.

    • He is a demon from the pit of hell.
      Imagine someone saying this about Jews.

  • kookooracharabioso

    Is that his mugshot?

  • kookooracharabioso

    One correctly delivered round of the “knock-out” game might re-arrange his sensibilities? Street thugs don’t check your creds when they target you by color.

  • Lapin
    • They are wacky but thanks

      • I am the author of that article Lapin posted. It basically demonstrates precisely what you said. Almost anyone would read it and suggest I was literally calling for genocide, which shows how folks like Benn are dishonest when they say that they want to attack ‘Whiteness’ as a social construct.

        • I agree w/ you.
          It is disgusting that he would say such a genocidal thing—-and then gget away scot free

        • ‘They are wacky but thanks’

          I meant your commenters.

    • BTW: Israel Left hates Jews

      See for yourself-


  • kookooracharabioso

    Actually quite a few big sites have been putting out a lot of vitriol against Jews which is why I came here. I still haven’t sorted it all out.

    • Some sites just hate all Jews.

      • nordicman

        because many Jews (not all) actively work against whites and subvert our nations while hypocritically wanting to preserve their people. Jews have been kicked out from every nation they lived in. Either those nations were just “full of hate and anti semitic” or Jews are pure innocent victims.

        • Lots of Jews are the biggest bunch of sob’s in the planet.
          I know this.
          I am sorry about them.

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  • “They see JEW”. You are absolutely right. That’s what I saw. In fact, I see that way more often then I should given Jewish demographics. Tim “White like me” Wise comes to mind.

    To be honest, I think the Alt-Right and right-wing Jewish folks ought to have a civil conversation about these things.

    • I try. Most rightie Jews that are fighting for USA are just too busy fighting for the nation.
      When they see a left wing “Jew”, they just move on.
      I CANT.
      They HAVE to be exposed as BAD “Jews”.

      Catholics call out Nansy Piglosi, dont they?
      True Christians call out Joel Osten

      • Well, I’ll be upfront and honest with you. Take a place like Israel. It’s an ethno-state and many of us Alt-Right folks want that. The problem comes in when it is all well and good for Israel to be a Jewish state (Jewish in the sense of a traceable genetic heritage) but it’s not ok for Europeans to have an ethno-state. It comes off as subversive hypocrisy.

        For example, George Soros stirring up shit constantly. He’s hardcore Israel but hates those pesky gentiles.

        Another example is the Bonnier family in Sweden, who pretty much own all news outlets and make sure they stamp out all attempts at Swedish (native Swedish) pride and unity.

        So the meme goes like this: We see an anti-white article. Trace the source. Source ends up being a Jew. This happens way too often. So the natural reaction would be “oh, those Jews at it again”. Point out the given the Jewish demographics, their voices again Europeans is exceptionally loud. Point this out and debate gets shut down.

        That’s how anti-semitism spreads, the idea that Jewish people have malice toward us. And some clearly are malicious, like George Soros and Chuck Schumer.

        Best to nip that shit right in the bud, but you seem to be doing that. So good on you.

      • As for exposing bad Jews, I’m all for things getting sorted out. I hope you can do that.

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