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Jewish Activists Want Wasserman Schultz To “Go To The Ovens” (Psst….I Do Too)

Jewish Activists Wants Wasserman Schultz To “Go To The Ovens” (Psst….I Do Too)

This Jew really hates Wasserman… So do I. ¬†ūüėÄ ¬†¬†He wants her to ‘go to the oven’.. Hate to say that I totally agree.¬†

Jewish dude hates AIPAC also.  Good for him.  They suck. Just political manipulators..

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23 Countries Around The World Where Stock Market Crashes Are Happening:

23 Nations Around The World Where Stock Market Crashes Are Already Happening


I believe the perfect storm is growing larger with great scope.  

Just because America and the west are in the eye of the storm right now does not mean it’s not coming. ¬†The eye of the force¬†is only temporary. ¬†It ALWAYS hits. ¬†There is NO escape.¬†¬† Why has it not happened here in America? ¬†Think of the Pharoah in the bible. ¬†Pharoah had a hard heart..But, God made it harder and harder. ¬†God allows hardness so the bigger the fall. ¬†

Believe me when I tell you that America will by NO means escape judgment and punishment. ¬†50 plus million babies murdered, queer marriage, out of control government corruption, proxy wars all over the map. ¬†Pay day is coming–and it is deserved. ¬†Buy food and supplies because the USD will be worth nothing. ¬†In fact, all money systems will fail in the near future..¬†

23 countries in Stock mess:         (Read this post and discern: Collapse)

1. Malaysia 2. Brazil 3. Egypt 4. China 5. Indonesia 6. South Korea 7. Turkey 8. Chile 9. Colombia 10. Peru 11. Bulgaria 12. Greece 13. Poland 14. Serbia 15. Slovenia 16. Ukraine 17. Ghana 18. Kenya 19. Morocco 20. Nigeria 21. Singapore 22. Taiwan 23. Thailand

Word of warning to Liberals & moderates who are waking up:  

Bad times and financial difficulties bring in 2 things: Mass confusion and serious nationalism. ¬†It is time to keep a level head about issues. Sift through news, determine the good from the bad. Look for the truth, read the Bible or Torah/Tanakh. Stay close to God. ¬†Be careful with your mouth. Use wisdom from the Proverbs. Love your neighbors. Help people who need it. ¬† ¬† Stay close to Mormons…Lol.