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We NEED To Cut Off Foreign Aid to #Africa & The Other Countries Who Hate Whites & White America:

Cut Off Foreign Aid to #Africa & The Other Countries Who Hate White America:


We should be cutting all of these countries off. Pronto. Past time to cut off Mother Africa:


The figures shown are based on OECD measures and definitions of international aid.[2] Two OECD sub-types of aid are included – official development assistance (ODA), and official aid (OA) received.[3] Amounts are in current U.S. dollars.[4]

2014 USD for Africa (alone)    

Algeria:  190.2 million, Angola:  194.2 million,  Benin: 690.2 million, Botswana: 120.1 million,  Burkina Faso: 995.1 million, Burundi:  574.8 million, Cameroon:  611.8 million,  Cape Verde: 252.1 million, Central African Republic: 268.7  million, Chad, 460.1 million, Comoros, 51.8 million, Congo, Dem. Rep: 5,534.4  billion, Congo, Rep.: 259.7  million.  Look at Nigeria where they are murdering black Christians: Nigeria, 1,768.5  billion.

SEE SOUTH AFRICA (Where they murder whites just for existing & S. Africa is in stage 8 black on white genocide)  South Africa: 1,403.1 billion. 

See all the African countries that you are sending billions to:   Foreign aid chart, Wiki.

White America:  You are paying big money to countries that hate white people and Christians.  They are not fond of Jews, either.


In fact, nobody needs the USD anymore.  NO nations should get the USD as we are almost 20 trillion in debt.

(But, ever notice Jew haters only rant about foreign aid to Israel?)