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Vagina & Penis Are Now King & Queen Of America

Vagina & Penis Are Now King & Queen Of America

Once, there was a country who put their faith in God and drafted a Constitution. Over the years, the Senate and Congress started entertaining evil. The mighty dollar became their joy.  Then came the GayStapo…

When homosexual choice is #1 over law, your new Master is now King Penis and Queen Vagina, in any event.  Or, in this case:  King Vagina and Queen Penis.  When the LGBT club is first before Christian Americans, you are now master to King Penis and Queen Vagina.  These 2 Despots will now thrust their ways–completelyOooo, Ahhhhh--into the lives of your children, church, home and God only knows what else…  When the SCOTUS no longer follows the law and rewrites laws, you have no more Congress in play.  How’s that gonna work for you Libs when the far right takes over by force?  

Obama, the Liberal ‘g’od rules this nation with his court jester clowns who seized the SCOTUS when an unrighteous, Communist, Muslim from Kenya usurped authority – and men allow this.   So, don’t be upset with me, men – but you are the ones responsible.   It is not women who fight wars, (even though feminist filth believe they are equal to men).   Men are the ones to start wars, win or lose battles.   If there is no serious push to stop this insanity, it is because good men have deemed these present actions perpetrated by the SCOTUS as ‘good’.  


A nice Christian Asian gal writes her thoughts in honesty:  My Thoughts on Kim Davis.   (Yeah, I point out her being Asian because I really like Asian peeps.)

New national anthem for AmeriKa: