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Sure Thing, Rita Hayworth 1944


The ‘dames’ of the 1940’s were really a class act. They didn’t have to look like tramps to be pretty.  I believe that Rita really was one of the prettiest ‘pin up’ actresses of the 40’s.  Her real name was Margartia Cansino.  She was Columbian and didn’t have red hair, the studio turned her into the red-haired ‘goddess’ she became.

At any rate, the Hollywood pigs hate class and make the shoddiest movies with the some of the worst story lines.  Hollywood should just be fantasy.  Instead: it’s a haven for leftists to show the nation in the worst possible light imaginable.  So contrary to Samuel Goldwyn who said: “Hollywood should not put out any movies that show America in a bad light”… Instead, America has become debaucherous Hollywood in dress and demeanor. 

Let’s try to change that.  Let’s turn to God.

Here are some animated graphics of Rita Hayworth that I made and a few I found.

“Sure thing” song from “Covergirl”, 1944:


“Covergirl” 1944, “Sure thing” Song


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