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Ann Corcoran From “Secure Freedom” Predicted Hundreds Of Thousands Of Muslim #Refugees

Ann Corcoran From “Secure Freedom” Predicted Hundreds Of Thousands Of  Muslim #Refugees

Listen to the above video whch features Ann Corcoran.. The UN led ‘do-gooders’ are not bringing in these Muslims from the border (which is inflicted with millions of violent Mexicans) The UN ‘humanitarians’ are either shipping or flying them in by the hundreds of thousands.

Arabs seem to ‘just know’ that most of these ‘refugees’ from Syria, Iraq & other Muslim countries happen to be terrorists & won’t let them in… Oh, joy, joy Americans…  BTW:  Look no further than the idiotic foreign policy of Obama to understand why we are receiving all of these extreme Muslims from Syria, Iraq & Somalia.  Obama only seem to want Syrian Muslims, not Syrian Christians….. Wealthy Gulf Arab States fear terrorism, so doors are closed to refugees

Refugees are, no doubt–trained in the Jihad by their fathers, grandfathers.  They will also come here for vengeance because of John McCain’s, Obama and Soros’s Syrian Clusterf’ck.  UNHCR data confirms it: 75% of the so-called refugees arriving in Europe are MEN

  1. Happiness for Chicago, Illinois….Illinois is a leading state for Syrian (Muslim) refugee resettlement
  2. Don’t bother going to Missouri… St. Louis Presbyterian pastor: Send 60,000 Syrians to St. Louis! We love Arabs
  3. A shout out to Maryland, who already possesses the most out-of-control blacks  in the universe:  Martin O’Malley on the bandwagon: US should take 65,000 Syrians in 2016
  4. Here are the Lutherans, (not Jews, by the way) who are open to 200K refugees in 2016.. Lutherans call for 200,000 refugees to be admitted to US in 2016 including 100,000 Syrians

This video I am posting blow (I believe is a parody) but is very much a truth:  ( Hat tip  IsraeliForeignLegion )

Nobody listened to me when I advised America to stay out of  *Syria.  *Ukraine.  *Egypt. *Libya.   Now, we see the rotten fruit of America and EU’s horrible, destructive, proxy war politics of theft, murder & regime change – that the public knows nothing about.  

Do we see Russia suffering these refugees? Nope. Why? Russia minds it’s own business & stays out of America and EU’s proxy war madness & regime change FUBAR’s...