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#Putin Is Fighting #ISIS In #Syria. The US & EU Governments Are Arming ISIS In Syria

#Putin IS Fighting #ISIS In #Syria. The US & EU Governments Are Arming ISIS In Syria

A Pentagon report submitted by Judicial Watch back in June is as follows:  Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US “Created” ISIS To Topple Assad 

In late August retired Gen. David Petraeus put to rest the fiction the U.S. is opposed to working with terrorist groups in the ongoing effort to take down al-Assad.  Petraeus said the United States should work with what he described as more “moderate” members of al-Nusra in the largely fictional effort to combat ISIS is Syria.

So, even Patreaus admitted to helping (what he says are ‘moderate terrorists’)  Maybe that is why they threw Patreaus under the bus? To topple Syria’s Assad? (the elected Syrian leader).         Sooooooooo, after these idiots saw what happened in Egypt, they somehow think their idiotic plans will work in Syria with ousting Assad?  It must be working great since millions of refugees are all over Europe and being shipped to the United States.  Bravo, you carnivorous bugs.

Even more humorous is the NY Times:  Don’t Trust Putin on Syria  (Ok–so, just trust ISIS, then) ………….. IDIOTS.



By the way:  The Obama administration turned down a Russian offer to dump Assad and move on to destroy some other small country… because the O. Administration was sure Assad was going to fall on his own. The Guardian reports