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What I think About Ann Coulter’s “F’cking Jews” Comment & Israel

Ann Coulter’s “F’cking Jews” Comment & Israel

I will stick by Israel and Jews who are right-minded, patriotic and not left wing.   However, there are some things I do not agree with because we are all different.    At any rate, Coulter’s “Fking Jews” comment was nasty in my opinion.   Most of my opinions are sort of the same as my husband, former JTF assistant chairman & TV show host.


Anyhow:  I agree with Ann Coulter that we should not have to hear about Israel all the time in debate (edited a tad in the most crucial time we have ever seen in this nation.  

But I also think it a good thing if the ‘fucking Jews’  (Ann Coulter’s choice of commenting, not mine)  who are right-minded attacked the ‘fucking Jews’ who act nuts. 

I have went after the left-wing Jews as much as possible: Click on my old website.  And, plenty of posts are here as well.

So, who are the Jews who act nuts, in my opinion?

#1.   ‘Jews’ “JINO” who are subversive, Communist, Liberal, Left-wingers who are anti-patriotic, are for open borders, hate white people, undermine the country.  They know who they are.

#2.   Jews who lobby, non-stop for Israel. BUT, I do not support Mexican, African and Muslim lobbyists, either.  In my opinion, lobbying is a form of bribery.  America is broke. America needs to stay out of Israel’s business, PLUS the whole world’s issues and vice versa.  When God advises nations to ‘bless’ Israel:  That is all he means:  Bless and don’t curse.  That’s it.  It does not mean lobby in politics. That will ALWAYS create anti semitism.

#3.  The common Israeli does not want US money.  The Israeli just wants to be left alone.  Moshe Feiglin said last year: “Israel does not need American money.  American Jews are lobbying money for Israel and we don’t need it, we are doing fine”  (A little paraphrased).

#4. Jews are not the only occupants in Israel, Ann.   Israel has Jews of all sects, plus: Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Agnostics.  Israel is not filled with ‘fucking Jews’ only.

#5.  The 1st Amendment protects Ann Coulter’s ‘fucking Jews’ comment.  I don’t ‘have’ to like it, neither do you – but she is protected.


Since Ann C has her right of free speech:  People have a right to agree or disagree & fight her if they so choose:  I think the ‘fucking Jews’ should rebuke their own. Ditto blacks, Hispanics, whites, Asians, etc.   

I believe us ‘fucking Jews’ need to be nationalistic, patriotic and always do what is best for the nation.  FDR, the Jews most fav, fav Prez said: “The Jews are guests in this country”..WELL:  Maybe some of us ‘fucking Jews’ (like you nasty Libs)  should act like guests, then – and respect the guest’s home.   

(Since I am also a D.A.R., and a native American besides ethnic Jew, I leave myself out of this equation)

My Tweet to Ann C:

Ann Coulter dated Jimmie Walker. (Ewwwww)  Ann….the “Anti Cuckservative”



Although Coulter has come a long way, she has often spoken highly of some really terrible Liberal policy that has pissed me off:  Ann Coulter/The Mad Jewess WordPress.  ‘I Have Told People For Years: Ann Coulter Is a LIBERAL. She PRAISES “Romney-Care”, And Raising Min. Wage’.    She has also spoken for & was the national spokesperson for “GoProud” Ann Coulter GOProud Speech – Ann Coulter on Gay Marriage (which made me want to puke.)     She made fun of birthers, yet wanted to ‘vet’ Obama, 3 years AFTER he was elected:  3 Yrs After The Fact, Ann Coulter Is Slamming MSM For Not “Vetting Obama”.     She attacked WND, calling them “fake Christians” also: Ann Coulter; “The Wrath Of A Woman Scorned” ~Whining Like A BRAT Over WND

Obviously, (from the aforementioned) I am not really fond of Coulter’s many Liberal stances through the years…I also believe she suffers from foot-in-mouth issues.   But, whatever.  Americans are allowed to suffer from idiocy in the political spectrum.

“Christian” Obama To Deport 12 Iraqi Christians fleeing #ISIS. Mexican Gangs OK, Christians NOT OK?

“Christian” Obama To Deport 12 Iraqi Christians fleeing #ISIS. Mexican Gangs OK, Christians NOT OK

Anyone knows that Obama cares more for Mexican gangs, prisoner felons and Jihad Muslims over Christians.


The Christian refugees should go see Glenn Beck who wants to be the worlds next Oscar Schindler.  In my opinion, Christians fleeing persecution and death should be allowed to come here and live under a type surveillance.   We KNOW these people are Christian.   Beck wants to raise 10 million to help people that he knows nothing about, saying he will ‘vet’ them.  Whatever. I can’t make sense of the news lately because everything is confusion to me.  The thing that gets me is that Obama is quick to help Muslims and Mexican gangs, but not so quick to help out fellow Christians.  (Obama, a Christian, LOL)  Sure… Tell that to 4-5K civilians murdered by his drones:  The Toll Of 5 Years Of Drone Strikes – Huffington Post

Another thing:  Refugees exist for a reason. What reason is that?

Obama, McCain, SOROS, the EU/US NGO, etc fomented revolution in the middle east and now there is a refugee crisis.. Gee, whoda thunk..  It is the US/EU government foreign policy that is to blame.  So, these people are coming in by the bushel and we have nobody to blame but ourselves for not hanging every one of these rotten traitors by their balls.