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Far Leftist American Is Fighting Nazi’s In #Ukraine, He Says “US Government Is Fascist”

Far Leftist American Is Fighting Nazi’s In #Ukraine, He Says “US Government Is Fascist”

The irony is incredible in this article, below… 


The man above is an avowed, far-left wing, Communist.  I guess this is what a real ‘physical’ Communist would be:  A person going to fight Nazis in Ukraine.   If a Communist says that the American government is fascist.. It’s not hard to believe it.  The irony in all of this is the fact that the Communist, radical left is the reason our nation is the way it is.  

So, I don’t GET this dude:

Can you provide some background about why you are in Ukraine? (He is asked)

First, I am not the only American fighting Fascism in Donbass. There are several I know of, and have met, but I am the only one I will be talking about today. My name is Russell Bentley. I was born in Austin, Texas, in 1960. My call sign in the Novorussian Army is “Texas”. I came to Donetsk on 7th December, 2014, joined the Vostok Battalion on Dec 14th and went to the battlefront on December 31st. I came here to fight Fascism and help the heroic people of Novorussia create a new nation. I am a Communist and an Anti-Fascist. The US government is truly a fascist government. Mussolini said “Fascism should be called “corporatism”, because it is the merger of government power”. According to Mussolini”s definition, and the 14 Defining Elements of Fascism by Lawrence Britt, the USA has a fascist government. It is clear to any reasonable person that the US government fits both definitions given above. It is Fascist, so I fight against it.  Click for the whole story..

It is hard for me to even fathom why ANY American would ever want to be a Communist. I don’t get it.  It is way over my head.   I grew up to crave freedom and want liberty.  Communism enslaves people.  I felt, saw and tasted freedom as a young girl and in the 1980’s as a young woman.  But, these attributes anymore?   I have not felt it or drank of American liberty since before 1992.   

Russell Bentley in Donbass:  

You should come back here and help us get rid of this insanity that you wanted so badly.  If the American government is the fascist you claim, can’t you open your eyes and see that you helped make it that way for gods sakes?!