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‘Greater #Israel’ Has A Real Issue W/ #Illegals From Africa. Many Israelis Support Trumps Wall Plan:

The illegal situation in Israel has been increasing in great numbers since 2003. 

However, the Jew-hating propaganda machine would have you believe that just like America, Israel is closed to illegals.  What a laugh… Americans know that the USA is totally infiltrated with millions of illegals.  Ditto Israel in the hundred thousands, close to a mil..  (Israel’s Jewish population is only barely 7.5 million)

Today, I came across a post from some dude on Twitter that said “Israel is wanting to take over the Middle East” & become “Greater Israel”… Really.. How so? Israel cannot even contain it’s own borders from the left wing “Jew” scum who are for open borders for every country.  Why should white countries, the only one Jewish country, Christian countries accept those that hate them?

Many of the migrants from Africa seek an asylum status under the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees of the United Nations.As of April 2012, 59,858 illegal immigrants who were never imprisoned in detention facilities have illegally enter into Israel.

The kicker:  

‘However, many of them, mostly citizens of Eritrea and Sudan, cannot be forcibly deported from Israel.’

Leftist, Bloomberg news, June 2015:  Israel Needs African Migrants, So Why Is It Expelling Them …?

 June 2015:  Eritrean protesters demand asylum in Israel | The Times of Israel… 


Israel supports Trump’s wall plan:

When Presidential hopeful Donald Trump said he would build walls to protect America from the illegal aliens sneaking in from the Mexican border, many people scoffed. Many ridiculed Mr. Trump’s plan. They called the plan, and Mr. Trump, racist. Yet, yesterday, Mr. Trump gained Israeli support for his idea as Israeli news sources reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel had started building a gigantic fence to protect itself from refugees and other illegal immigrants. Netanyahu said “we will not allow Israel to be submerged by a wave of illegal migrants and terrorist activists.”
Israel. Our only friend and ally in the Middle East. Full of really smart people. And the Israeli prime minister announces that Israel will be dealing with the potential threat of illegal aliens in exactly the same way as proposed by Mr. Trump. There were no claims of racism. No scoffing or ridicule. Simply a country trying to protect itself. Just like Mr. Trump would do for America. What’s wrong with that? Seems that smart people think the same way in all corners of the globe.
Think about it.