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US Govt Using UN Security Council As Tool Of Regime Change Policy

US Govt Using UN Security Council As Tool Of Regime Change Policy

By the way, Jewish people…This is the same Samantha Power who wants to bring regime change to Israel:


Let me explain how I grew up:  I was taught that America fought the bad guys like the Nazi’s, the Brits, the Commies.  Now, the US government has become the Nazi’s, the fascist Brits and the Commies.  For years, our government has been changing one regime after the next: Serbia, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, (attempting coup in Syria), Ukraine,  & currently trying to overthrow the elected government in Moldova.  Ditto small South American countries like Honduras and Venezuela. 

NOW, it is reported by Russian Sputnik:  

On September 23, US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power claimed that the Russian veto was putting the Security Council’s legitimacy at risk, referring to the fact that Moscow had vetoed almost four security resolutions on Syria.

“Understandably, the US rabid dogs of war are straining at the chain to which international law constrains them. How dare Russia oppose US plans for regime change in Syria and impede a further blood bath to achieve it? An indefatigable humanitarian warmonger, Power resents Russia’s opposition to a resolution to bomb the hell out of ‘atrocities’ in Syria, without specifying that the main ‘atrocity’ in her government’s eyes is President Assad,” Luciana Bohne, a professor of literature and film at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania, remarked with a touch of irony.  Read more: Sputnik

You have a choice, Conservatives and Liberals:  You can either keep believing the MSM regarding foreign affairs or you can look to outside news for the truth.  But,  right now?? You both look the same to me regarding foreign affairs: NUTS.   Don’t tell me that we should not be more isolationist. Since 1948, all we do is destroy and murder little, poor countries.  Why not try to do this to China? 

The Main Stream Media LIES continually about everything but you believe that – by chance – they are telling the truth about foreign policy regarding Russia and Syria??


If you do not believe me about Russia/Syria, you can look for yourself at Judicial Watch.   ISIS was created to overthrow Assad:    ‘Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US “Created” ISIS As A “Tool” To Overthrow Syria’s President Assad’  JW v DOD and State 14-812 – PDF from Judicial Watch 


At any rate, this is Assad, 2015:


Assad 2012


In just 3 years…due to OUR foreign policy.


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