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Reuters Writes A HORRIBLE Propaganda Piece About #Russia/#Syria W/ Usual “Blame Putin” Tripe

Reuters Writes A HORRIBLE Propaganda Piece About #Russia/#Syria W/ Usual “Blame Putin” Tripe:


It would be really fabulous if these authors would start telling some truths along with the Russia-phobic propaganda:

1.  Judicial Watch reported back in June that our government is arming ISIS. They did so to overthrow Assad.

2.  Our government also aids the Syrian Cannibal Rebels.

3.  The Cannibal Rebels are known to EAT their opponents.

4.  As far as Russia: Russia has what? 2 bases outside of Russia, America has 200. So, who is the REAL problem? The US GOVERNMENT.

5.  The author of this piece of Soviet propaganda says:
‘Russia’s reckless policies in Ukraine, besides devastating that country’
Perhaps he didnt get the note that Soros took credit for the fall of Yanukovych. In case people don’t know, Soros is an American citizen.

6.  Author forgets to mention that Sen Murphy, Nuland and John McCain were ALL in Kiev in 2013 fomenting violent revolution.

7.  Author forgets to mention that Pierre Omidyar, Ebay founder funded the Ukrainian Junta with half a mil.

8.  Author forgets to include that Biden’s son secured a position with the largest Ukrainian gas company as did an acquaintance of John Kerry.

9.  The usual “Blame Putin” tripe is TIRING.

Time for Americans to take responsibility for DESTROYING these smaller, poorer countries.

HORRIBLE BULLSHIT PIECE About ‘Russia’s fight in reflects the Kremlin’s fears at home’

By the way…This is a little video that a patriot of Russia made. He is sick and tired of the anti Russian propaganda: