@GlennBeck (Anti-Birther) Who Helped Illegals – Turns On Palin. In other words, (He Needs Audience)

@GlennBeck (Anti-Birther) Who Helped Illegals Turns On Palin. In other words, (He Needs Audience)


I don’t even cater to Beck one iota. 

I remember digging in deep to see what was going on with Obama’s birth Certificate, right up to 2013.  After 2013, I stopped because folks like Beck do not give a rats-ass who the ‘President’ is or where he is from.  This made me completely lose hope in Beck and many big “Conservatives” who are just a bunch of f’cking phonies, including anti-Birther, “Birthers are a circus“, Michelle Malkin.    Beck claimed that “Birthers” were basically ploys:

On the air today, popular radio host Glenn Beck mocked “birthers” and claimed there is a concerted campaign to get those questioning Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility onto the airwaves – a strategy Beck said would actually benefit Obama.

“There’s always games being played behind the scenes at a talk radio show,” Beck said. “Rush has always called them seminar callers. But instead of being coy with the seminar callers or with you, I’m just going to expose the game that is going on. Today there is a concerted effort on all radio stations to get birthers on the air.”

“Birthers” just wanted to know who the hell Obama was/is.  There was no ‘effort’ to get patriots on the air.  Beck is just a windbag.

Now, Beck even turns on Palin, (who he supported & befriended, yrs ago) just because she supports Donald Trump: Glenn Beck: ‘Sarah Palin Has Become A Clown’.. Now, mind you, I don’t even care for Palin, never did & made no bones about it.   But, this shows what type character Beck is: Willing to turn on a dime for some statistics on the internet.  Stats are so important to Beck, that he even turns on his supposed friends.

Beck called Trump a “Progressive” the other night.  Yet, Beck pulled a Progressive stunt when he went and helped the illegals in California:  Glenn Beck to Bring Soccer Balls, Hot Meals to Illegals.

American children are hungry. American children need soccer balls.  Most of all, American children need protection from the insane…..

We are neither pro-Trump or Anti-Trump here, but we are definitely not fans of Glenn Beck.

  • QV3 is my moderator & he is NOT American. He presents an outside perspective. He challenges people with blunt, ‘in ya face’ honesty. If you do not like what he says:
    Don’t engage if you cannot debate what he says. And, don’t call him nasty names.

    If you like what he says, that’s great. but, he aint going no where.

    • QV3

      Americans can’t, won’t accept reality let alone truth.

      The Post printed a letter from a Dunn Loring Virginia woman named Valerie Murphy. Murphy complained that the Iraqi child victim photo
      should not have been run in the paper because it would “stir up opposition
      to the war and feed anti-US sentiment.” It was not an Iraqi child face down on the water. It was a Syrian child. Reading that letter told me the US is populated with psychopaths. Murphy is reflecting the current attitude of majority Americans.
      Syria the Killing Machine aka America is busy killing with its bombs, drones and ISIS and other islamic jihadist groups it is funding to destroy Syria and depose Assad so the US thinks it can finally invade Russia and fulfill its wet dream: Have Russians on bended knees and the incalculable Russian Wealth and Resources in America’s pockets. America is on drugs. Being the Drug Warlord of the World. With an anus-fucker pushing anus fucking around the globe.

      Not to worry. Soon, calamity and disaster will visit America and Americans. We will watch across the two oceans and praise the Lord as He breathes down His Wrath.

  • Maury

    Striking some nerves MJ. Got blocked by a fake conservative for sharing the opinions above.

  • Mary Sewall

    Savage was right about Beck….

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  • Kelleigh Nelson

    Excellent, I just wrote a piece in an article on this dirt bag. I have never ever liked the guy and have been excoriated for my lack of discernment, ahem. Needless to say, I know what he is, and it comes from the septic tank…thanks so much for this…I intend to post it on my blog tomorrow. I wish you had a reblog button.