#Putin Is Fighting #ISIS In #Syria. The US & EU Governments Are Arming ISIS In Syria

#Putin IS Fighting #ISIS In #Syria. The US & EU Governments Are Arming ISIS In Syria

A Pentagon report submitted by Judicial Watch back in June is as follows:  Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US “Created” ISIS To Topple Assad 

In late August retired Gen. David Petraeus put to rest the fiction the U.S. is opposed to working with terrorist groups in the ongoing effort to take down al-Assad.  Petraeus said the United States should work with what he described as more “moderate” members of al-Nusra in the largely fictional effort to combat ISIS is Syria.

So, even Patreaus admitted to helping (what he says are ‘moderate terrorists’)  Maybe that is why they threw Patreaus under the bus? To topple Syria’s Assad? (the elected Syrian leader).         Sooooooooo, after these idiots saw what happened in Egypt, they somehow think their idiotic plans will work in Syria with ousting Assad?  It must be working great since millions of refugees are all over Europe and being shipped to the United States.  Bravo, you carnivorous bugs.

Even more humorous is the NY Times:  Don’t Trust Putin on Syria  (Ok–so, just trust ISIS, then) ………….. IDIOTS.



By the way:  The Obama administration turned down a Russian offer to dump Assad and move on to destroy some other small country… because the O. Administration was sure Assad was going to fall on his own. The Guardian reports

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    Love your graphic.

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    #Putin IS Fighting #ISIS In #Syria.

    Because the US is using ISIS because in 2009 America’s Black Primate Obama PUBLICLY stated that Assad has got to go. So,Obama is on record as saying that the priority from his standpoint is the elimination of Assad; even if it means installing an Islamic State government on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean. On the eastern shore of the Mediterranean. Not on the shores of America. Get it? Europe
    is to be DESTROYED and on BENDED KNEES to Evil America. That is very clear.
    Anyone care to dispute?
    Because Russia has decided to take the Responsibility of killing those who create refugees and cause severe human suffering. Because Russia fights against Crimes
    against Humanity. And that is most loathesome to Anglosaxonscum countries that has a history of Wilful Murder.

    Americans , by and large, refuse to admit their country is quite comfortable with their creation ISIS. And quite happy living with ISIS. For ISIS is the US Killing Machine of innocents, and the Destroyer of ancient monuments –destroyed – would put America
    in a better light – being only 234 years old and not having ANY ancient monuments.

    Now that Putin who had warned America’s psychopath Obama he would
    destroy ISIS, the Anglosaxon scums go into panic. What makes these anglosaxonscums nervous?
    Because Russia apparently has chosen the city of Latakia as their “delivery point”. Unlike Damascus, Latakia is an ideal location: it is safe but not too far away from the
    frontlines, and it is relatively near the Russian base in Tartus. The airport and naval port are also reportedly easy to protect and isolate. There are already reports that the Russians have lengthened the runways and improved the infrastructure at the Latakia airport and that heavy AN-124s have been observed landing there. As for the Russian Navy – it has been sending ships to the Latakia airport. Instead of limiting
    themselves to Tartus, and exposing themselves to Damascus, the Russians have created a new bridgehead in the north of the country which could be used to deliver equipment, and even forces, to the combat area in the north of the country.
    This, by the way, would also explain the panicked rumors about the Russians sending in their Naval Infantry units from Crimea to Syria: Naval Infantry forces are ideal to protect such a base and considering that the front lines are not that far, it would make perfect sense for the Russians to secure their bridgehead with these units. Furthermore, while heavy equipment is typically sent by the sea, the Russians can deliver their air defense systems by air: The AN-124 is more than capable of transporting S-300s.


    {{ The Obama administration turned down a Russian offer to dump Assad and move on to destroy some other small country… because the O. Administration was sure Assad was going to fall on his own.}}

    Every airstrike by Evil America is on Syria’s army. And civilians. And the destruction of homes, buildings, including hospitals and infrastructure. NOT ON ISIS.
    Killing ISIS means America does not get its opportunity to murder Christians – Orthodox Christians, that is. And the Druze still living in Syria. And Americans are not
    entertained with ISIS kidnapping young women and girls and raping them to titillate the perverse sexual tendencies of the American public.

    NO? We do not see the 100,000 + marching in protest that we see in Japan against the proposed legislation that would turn the Pacifist Constitution status forever.

    Syria was a peaceful country. till the most evil nation on planet earth decided Syria had to be destroyed. What does that tell of the leaders and people of America?
    I will stop now for those Americans who bother to read this post as they can’t take in more than two paras the most. It burns their brain cells. More so when it’s the truth.

    • kookooracharabioso

      Actually I think that a large portion of the rejection of the status quo candidates is a rejection of US style business as usual in our names and on our backs. It’s another secret truce between candidates and media as illegal immigration was. Many are appalled, horrified but where is our voice? Yet another reason people won’t quit the great negotiator. Sure individuals and small groups scream about specific incidents such as Benghazi or Fast and furious but who grasps the complete picture? Very painful.

      • QV3

        Did you hear what theSyrian girl appealed for? “Tell your government to stop killing us. ” She was appealing to the people of America. Who choose to be deaf, dumb and blind. Because, the mindset of Americans, revealed in a Gallup poll is to continue bombing Syria and kill every Syrian man, woman, and child so an Islamic State ISIS , America’s creation, will be in power, to better kill Russians.
        Everyone out here knows the current Syrian Crisis is part of a proxy war waged on Russia.

        I haven’t read anything from any American commenter about their government’s killing spree in Syria. I do read that it is all because of Israel, banks, etc. And that Assad must go. That he is a monster. That he killed his own people with chemical poisoning.
        Despite this article.
        British Media Uses Fake Video Footage to Accuse Syria’s
        President of Killing his Own People

        America acted outside of international law and the United Nations; is acting above the laws of both God and Man; and has become a thoroughly amoral nation drunk on its own arrogance and megalomania. The sad fact is, America could not act as it does if the American people do not allow it. Listen to the Syrian girl’s plea again.

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    #RefugeeCrisis: What The Media Is Hiding, Help
    #SyrianRefugees Go Home

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    Putin: Speaking Sense on Syria and The Migrant Crisis

    Mr. Putin does not suffer Satan’s Evil. The US and the West do. Murderers, one and all.

  • QV3

    You know what makes me sick and VOMIT about theWestern nations of craven cretins, terrorist huggers, terrorist lovers, so they can get their entitlements, welfare cheques, dole? Every day, ceaselessly, without fail, articles appear labelling Israel as a Terrorist Nation. Every day, ceaselessly, without fail, Western terrorists supporters , blame Israel for Iraq, theGaza, Libya, Afghanistan, and now Syria. When it is America and its allies that is doing the Murder. What are these retards of the West eating? Their shit? Or as I believe, Satan’s demons are living inside each of these Western fucktards?
    The CALL for Israel to DISARM is on — every day. Never mind Hamas rockets are fired in the hundreds into Sderot . Scum commenter like Lionheart alludes it to being ‘firecrackers’ that does no harm . That they are against Russia is so very obvious.
    And China. Ooooooh, the slurs, the lies, the propaganda that spews from their vile, venomous mouths — as if it is China and Russia that is bombing, bombing, bombing.
    So Westerners. Fuck you all. And May your days, numbered as they already are, be full of ISIS kidnapping your kith and kin, beheading and turning your streets into rivers of blood, and your women raped to death; and your children crucified like what happened to Christians and that 3 year old Russian boy crucified to die, by your Bitch, that very stinking, smelly cunt Victoria Nuland’s Pravy Sektor while you lot sat on your fucking arse munching GMO chips and watched 47 people burned alive in Odessa– gift of America. Did you have multiple orgasms watching that 8 month pregnant Russian woman strangled with a telephone cord?
    Soon, it will be your turn. Hurrah, it is now reported your Obama allows quarter of a million MUSLIMS into your country. The 70,000 he proposes will be full of ISIS waiting to turn your streets into rivers of blood.
    And it will come to that. You see Revelation 13 is being fulfilled. And we, across the oceans, will watch, in mirth and glee as you lot get your reward — for your Crimes Against God & Man.

  • QV3

    The only American brave enough to comment has been Koo. The rest who quip ‘carry a big stick and speak softly’ have disappeared into –Nothingness? BTW, that carry a big stick and speak softly days are OVER!

    I am told by Koo there’s nothing Americans can do about their government. Why not? Is it because Americans have fallen into the Welfare System that they are terrified of losing, and hence are complicit with their leaders ceaseless destabilising of sovereign nations and killing innocents if they speak up?

    The Cato Institute released an updated 2014 study (original study in 1955) showing that welfare benefits pay more than a minimum wage job in 33 states and the District
    of Columbia .
    Even worse, welfare pays more than $15 per hour in 13 states.

    Here is the list of the states where the pre-tax equivalent “salary” that welfare recipients receive is higher than having a job:

    1. Hawaii
    : $60,590

    2. District of Columbia :$50,820

    3. Massachusetts : $50,540

    4. Connecticut : $44,370

    5. New York : $43,700

    6. New Jersey : $43,450

    7. Rhode Island : $43,330

    8. Vermont : $42,350

    9. New Hampshire : $39,750

    10. Maryland : $38,160

    11. California : $37,160

    12. Oregon : $34,300

    13. Wyoming : $32,620

    14. Nevada : $29,820

    15. Minnesota : $29,350

    16. Delaware : $29,220

    17. Washington : $28,840

    18. North Dakota : $28,830

    19. Pennsylvania : $28,670

    20. New Mexico : $27,900

    21. Montana : $26,930

    22. South Dakota : $26,610

    23. Kansas : $26,490

    24. Michigan : $26,430

    25. Alaska : $26,400

    26. Ohio : $26,200

    27. North Carolina : $25,760

    28. West Virginia : $24,900

    29. Alabama : $23,310

    30. Indiana : $22,900

    31. Missouri : $22,800

    32. Oklahoma : $22,480

    33. Louisiana : $22,250

    34. South Carolina : $21,91

    As a point of reference the average Middle Class annual income today is $50,000, down from $54,000 at the beginning of the Great Recession.

    Hawaii , DC , and Massachusetts pay more in welfare than the average working folks earn there.

    Is it any wonder that they stay home rather than look for a job. Is it any wonder Americans DO NOT want their leaders to stop bombing sovereign nations to PLUNDER so they could continue being generational parasites?

    Now, refute that, Americans!

    • Koo is good. Tough also.
      She knows we’re up shits creek without a paddle.
      I have conversed w/ her much through email.
      She is On.

      • QV3

        I admire her MJ. She has balls. In a continent of the castrated!

        • Rarity indeed. Probably about barely 15% with brains out there

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    Russia constructs first foreign camp in Syria for internal refugees!!!
    The first tent camp for internal refugees, constructed by Russian engineers, has been opened in western Syria, in a location safe from the raging civil war. (18/12)Over the last four years more than 50 percent of the Syrian population has been displaced
    The camp for 500 refugees consists of 25 army tents fully equipped for living, a field kitchen, a canteen, showers, two mobile power generators and a water-storage facility. The dwelling tents are equipped with beds and heating furnaces for cold weather.
    In case the number of refugees increases sharply, the camp is ready to accommodate up to 1,000 people.
    Everything needed to set up a camp was delivered to Latakia Airport on September 12 by an Antonov An-124 Ruslan jet. The flight also brought 50,000 sets of disposable tableware and 15 tons of provisions enough to feed 50 people for 30 days.


    In contrast to the Utter Evil of Satan America. the Country that is Lawless and Terrorist.
    Between 2006 to 2010, the US spent 12 million dollars in order to support and instigate demonstrations and propaganda against the Syrian government. WikiLeaks released over 7000 secret diplomatic cables that document that funding.
    The cables revealed that up to 6,3 million dollars was funneled to the Movement for Justice and Development, a Syrian dissident organization based in London. The Movement operated the Barada satellite channel that broadcasted anti-government
    propaganda in Syria and that played an important part in the 2010-11 anti-Assad
    The remaining 6 million were spent by the US in order to support rebels and activists and educate journalists in ways of manipulating the news about the Syrian crisis in
    a manner that would benefit the rebels.

    BUT , save a rare few, Exceptional Evil Ameriscums support their Evil government.

    And that is why the entire world waits for Revelation 18 to be fulfilled.