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.#Putin: “The Politics Of Those In Power In The USA: Erroneous” (Absolutely)

.#Putin: “The Politics Of Those In Power In The USA: Erroneous”

Erroneous:   Straying from what is moral, decent, proper, etc.         (Ya think?!  “Gay” marriage, puke, vomit, gag, barf.)

I watch Mr. Putin speak: observing his actions, responsiveness, etc..  He’s alert, quick and aware.  He’s not reading a teleprompter.  An unrehearsed…, natural leader.  And we have Obama…. How shameful. .. I as a United states citizen would like to apologize for presenting such a BITCH as president.

And, the most absolute waste of a human as a politician, in my opinion, is John McCain… who wants to bomb Russia because they kill ISIS.


Mr. Rabbit


I love rabbits.  They are all over my backyard.  Look how cute his little nose is! I just love little animals. 

This one is falling asleep at his wittle cumputer  😀

HA!! This one is humping a balloon………LOL

This one is shaking his little head.  Ain’t he adorable…

Ha….Playing with toilet paper  🙂

Please don’t eat the daisies little wabbit!