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#Israel To Provide #RUSSIA With Intell Re. #Syria Terrorists (Opposition To Assad) #Syria NOT A “ZOG” Plot, TOLD YA SO

#Israel To Provide #RUSSIA With Intell Re. #Syria Terrorists (Opposition To Assad) #Syria NOT A “ZOG” Plot, TOLD YA SO.

Seriously… I LOVE when little ‘ol me is vindicated 😀  And, there is no “ZOG”.   You Israel-haters are wacko’s.

Now, here is the thing:  There is a LOT of anti-Israel propaganda saying that ‘Israel supports ISIS’ (This is a LIE).   Here’s the kicker:  Israel has not wanted Assad out of power since the beginning (I have posted on this repeatedly).    Although Israel is not ‘fond’ of Assad, they have plainly said that Assad out of power would be a disaster/SNAFU.  A few posts on that issue:

When Israel gave Bashar Assad a lifeline – The Daily Star (Lebanon)

‘Israel wants to keep Assad in power,’ FSA claims — RT 

Amid Syria’s turmoil, Israel sees Assad as the lesser evil … CS Monitor

Israel Intell for Russia:

Russia-Hating Propaganda Continues Courtesy American Windbags At Frontpage Mag:

Russia-Hating Propaganda Continues Courtesy American Windbags At Frontpage Mag:

Here are the facts for all of you morons at Front Page Mag:  Putin is now the ‘good guy.’   And, your government and it’s leaders are the bad guys who arm terrorists who murder Christians and want to obliterate Israel.  The writers at Front Page Mag are “Zionists” who cannot see the truth if their life depended on it.  


Thornton says:   Meanwhile, the backward-looking Putin has taken over the Crimea

To which I had to comment:

No, he did NOT take over Crimea. This is total untruth. Crimeans voted to join the RF. Observers from 140 total countries were there to observe the referendum.

Fact: Sen John McCain, Sec Nuland, Sen Murphy, Soros and an array of other people (who are involved in NGO’s) fomented revolution in Kiev in November 2013.
Fact: John McCain can be seen on Youtube doing this as well as Nuland. (Just search “John McCain, Kiev, Dec 2013′ or Nuland)
Fact: Soros took credit for the fall of Yanukovych a day after he was overthrown. Soros called the Kiev mess his “Ukrainian Renaissance”
Fact: Joe Biden’s son secured a position with the largest Ukrainian gas company in early 2014. As well as a John Kerry acquaintance.
Fact: Pierre Omidyar, American Ebay founder donated a half a mil to the fake Ukrainian revolt.

All of these facts show that once again, the US was involved in the coup of another country all while blaming Putin.

They disrespect Mr. Putin over and over again:  The author is Bruce Thornton, (Who doesn’t know shit from shinola regarding NGO’s)

Not only is the Front Page Mag putting out straight-up propaganda backed up by nothing factual.. the article shows that they are sore losers.  Russia is winning, America is losing.

John McCain in Kiev, Dec 2013:  (McCain is supposed to be a Senator in Ariz, not a revolutionary for Ukraine)

Victoria Nuland in Kiev, Ukraine

Ukrainian energy firm hires Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden secures position at Ukr gas co. (WA TIMES)…

Pierre Omidyar donates half a mil to Ukrainian “Revolution”  Pierre Omidyar’s Ukrainian connection – USA Today

Soros heavily invested in Ukraine crisis (WND)

Soros Project Syndicate:  Sustaining Ukraine’s Breakthrough – Project Syndicate 

*Front page Mag left out these facts from their drivel.