.#Montenegro Is ‘Protesting’ Against It’s Govt. Yep, @SenJohnMcCain Was There Pushing #NATO

.#Montenegro Is ‘Protesting’ Against It’s Govt. Yep, John McCain Was There Pushing #NATO

2 things you will never see in the US news:  Positive news about patriotic, right wingers protesting against our government here at home.  It’s because the protesting we do is:  A. never violent. B. not set up by the government. You will never hear positive news about Obama being ousted.

At any rate, what is this protest all about?  In my opinion, it is an attack against Russia. Of course, the moonbat American, war loving ‘Conservatives’ and mentally-ill liberals will blame Putin because they are trained to blame Putin.  But, remember: This can’t be Putin because he is busy killing ISIS terrorists.  It is, once again, the NGO/US Govt, EU, John McCain et al starting another conflict in another country just like they did in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Moldova and now Montenegro.



The interest of the U.S. is Montenegro to become a member of NATO, and most of the criteria our country has already fulfilled, states the message of many senators and congressmen from the United States, after the meeting with the President of the Parliament Ranko Krivokapic.   Balkan Inside

Google Images, McCain in Montenegro. See for yourself. 

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