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@David_EHG, ‘Jew’ For “Palestine” Wants GOP To Bomb White Men, ID Them & Spy On US Churches

@David_EHG, ‘Jew’ For “Palestine” Wants GOP To Bomb White Men, ID Them & Spy On US Churches


Meet David Gershon, Communist:


Before I rant against this insane, Communist, radical “Jewish” traitor to America, let me say…Than when I see a post like this, I really laugh my ass off at the likes of David Duke & his childlike supporters.  Duke is a white Separatist who is madly in love with the brown people in “Palestine” and worries about these browns 7K miles away before he worries about whites in America.  Gershon is an ally in the anti-Zionist cause with Duke.  HAHAHA TOO COMICAL.

At any rate.. This is an excerpt of Gershon the Bolshevik:

In the past month, GOP leaders and presidential candidates have celebrated bigotry and incited hate with unprecedented transparency. While the vast majority of such incitements have targeted Muslims in general and, more specifically, Syrian refugees fleeing terrorism, Republican leaders have fueled a culture of hatred for the ‘other,’ thus stoking an environment in which white terrorists, by far the nation’s greatest terror threat, have been moved to sudden action.

So, let me get this straight: Wanting borders closed to protect citizens is bigoted.  Wanting to prevent a Paris scenario in America by denying Arab refugees is racist.  You know why Gershon thinks we are ‘bigoted’?  Because he is a terrorist, himself.  Probably has posters of Emma Goldman, Communist “Red” terrorist in his gulag studio.

Read the rest of this Bolshevik post here:  “When will the GOP demand we bomb white terrorist strong holds in US and spy on churches”

(There are no ‘terrorist’ strongholds in churches, Gershon is a lunatic.  Maybe we should spy on “Jewish” temples for anti-American activities, eh, Gershon?)

People like Gershon prove that McCarthy was right.

As usual, the leftist “Jew”, David Gershon will not bring up the real terrorists, Obama rotten black sons and their crimes across America on a daily basis:  Black-on-white

Why won’t he bring that up?  Because he supports bigotry against white people all while calling himself the ‘anti racist.’

Here are some of his posts on Twitter:

David Harris-Gershon Nov 28
Rejecting white terrorism doesn’t make me racist―just as opposing Israel’s occupation doesn’t make me a self-hating Jew. They make me human

“White terrorism”.. It sounds so friggin funny, it’s a JOKE.  White people in cities (especially) are scared for their lives because of Obama’s rotten, murderous sons.

 “Israel’s occupation”?   Israel is a state, “Palestine” is not.  Commies are always for the pretend underdog.  

Gershon says he is a “Jew”.. He looks white to me!  Let’s ID and counter him by Spaghetti bombing his ass.

This “Jew”, (David Gershon) has The Mad Jewess blocked on Twitter….

.#Diversity, American Style. America, 1972 Verses USA, 2014 (Class Photos)

Genocide.  Just because it is not totally ‘painful’ (physically-speaking) does not mean it’s not mentally and emotionally insane for white people.

In our ‘brave new world’, whites are not welcome.  It is the ‘brown’ people who are taking over Europe and America and now both Continents are in the dump, but that’s also whitey’s fault as well.

We can thank 2 groups of people who made sure that the end of whites came to America:

White Liberals and also the White Conservatives who put up with it.  The White Conservatives were too afraid to be called ‘racist’ to stop the slow genocide of the Caucasian race.

1972, America, New York (when I was a young tot)


2014, New York, America:


Stop telling me there is not a concentrated effort to murder off whites by mass immigration.

“ZOG” Again! #Russia Dumping #Turkey, Going To Buy Products From #Israel

“ZOG” Again! #Russia Dumping #Turkey, Going To Buy Products From #Israel


Click to see how the bear is dumping the Turks for Israel. HAHAHA. I am proven right again, Baruch HaShem, 10,000 times.  Thank you, O GOD for proving your humble Mad Jewess.  I love you Lord and I lift my voice, to worship you, O my soul, rejoice, take joy my King, in what you hear, may it be a sweet, sweet sound in your ear.

Oh, and see this.. Israel woos Russian tourists after crises YNet. 
All of this makes me laugh like crazy.  I have told people over and over that Israel is not involved in the Syria mess.  The only time they are ‘involved’ is when Syria shoots rockets into Israel.  When that happens, Israel hits them back.  why should Jews just take it?  I dont see any reason why.

At any rate, for now (because the Bible prophecies that ALL nations will turn on Israel), for now- Thank you Russia.  Bless you Putin for helping Israel.

Thank you God in the heavens for proving me, over and over.  I am just a little nobody, but you have seen it possible to show me all truths regarding the nations.  😀  Thank you Lord for fulfilling this in my life:

Psalms 2:8

 “Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.”

Happy Thanksgiving

Vintage Thanksgiving Postcards (2)

Be blessed this day.

Pray to God that he will help us all repent and turn to HIM with our hearts.

To Grumpy;

Who I miss and wish I had talked to more:  I am so grateful for your expertise while you were on earth.  

You were such a blessing to so many of us.

In memory of Grumpy, who loved a good lol:

Happy T’Day Liberal “Jews”. According To A Liberal Chick, Jews Are “Filthy, F’cking Zionists & Greedy, Murderous”

Happy T’Day Liberal “Jews”. According To A Liberal Chick, Jews Are “Filthy, F’cking Zionists & Greedy & Murderous”


According to another Liberal brat, all Jews are filthy, fucking Zionists, you are hateful, spread fear and are greedy and murderous.

She forgot that all of us own all the banks.

According to this slut, Muslims are cheeky sweet also:

[But, all Jews are filthy fucking Zionists.]

Muslims, OK.  Jews are filthy, fucking Zionists.

The hag is also a white-hating, mongrel whore:

Take a good look at this bitch, Liberal “Jews”, because she is a liberal,  she is your creation.  Hope your Thanksgiving is just dandy.