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.@MarcoRubio ALSO Sent Out These “Shaming” Letter “Report Cards” In #IOWA:

.#MarcoRubio ALSO Sent Out These “Shaming” Report Card Letters In #IOWA:

I dont like any of these friggin idiots in the GOP…But, here we have Rubio also sending out these “Shaming” report card letters.  I saw the other Report cards: They all had “D” for smaller cand’s that regular citizen Joe had voted for.     Well, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? The GOPe sending out report cards……..




Hat tip, Marco Rubio Report Card shaming:  

A Couple Of Men At #OregonStandoff Were “Bad”. We Still Believe Finicum Was Murdered

A Couple Of Men At #OregonStandoff Were “Bad”. We Still Believe Finicum Was Murdered.

Nothing will change my position:  It is our EVIL GOVERNMENT that is the murderer of humans.  Whether these humans are here at home or many Christians in the middle east.  Anyone physically standing up to them in real life for their lands, ranches, homes (no matter who is in office:  R or D), we would probably applaud at some length.  

My friend, Don (who has been filling you all in) has many links on this tragedy, below. I have chosen to stay off this story because I get way too angry at our government murdering people standing up to them.   I am just a woman and cannot help my emotions when I see our Government just picking people off.  Finicum was murdered. His hands were up.  They are trained to NOT shoot to kill.   

It is reported that some of these men were ‘bad’.  You can’t dictate ‘bad or good’ to volunteers.   However, let me remind you of this nations first patriots who fought against the English leftists during the Revolutionary War:  They were “outlaws”, “renegades”.  So, spew the shit, I dont give a damn.  The biggest outlaw gang in my opinion is the US GOVERNMENT.

Click – Last Holdouts Remain at #Malheur Refuge; LaVoy Finicum Protesters Roll Through Burns, Oregon (VIDEO)

Here’s That Mile-Long Blaine Cooper (Blaine Cooper told McCain he was treasonous and he IS) Rap Sheet ICYMI

No matter how you slice it, he is a patriot–good or bad–he is still a patriot.  You can’t say to a patriot: “Well, you’re a bad, bad person, so you can’t love your country”.    

In fact, speaking of patriots that were ‘bad’ – Meyer Lansky wanted to do all he could to help in WW2 &  Lucky made sure the Union did not go on strikes on the docks during WW2.

This is an eye-witness account:

Megyn Kelly’s Inferiority Complex & Why Do “Christian” Conservatives Dismiss Her Immorality?

Megyn Kelly’s Inferiority Complex & Why Do “Christian” Conservatives Dismiss Her Immorality?

These same “Christian Conservatives” have plenty to say about Trump and that’s fine.  He is running for Prez after all.  But, to suggest that Kelly is a person of moral integrity? Please.. Gimme a break.


These “Christian” Conservatives are a lot like the left:  They are more than willing to align with anyone to get their Messianic figurehead, Ted Cruz into office.    They are even willing to stand by Kelly, who is an opportunist and disgusting woman.  She is a feminist, yet tramps her body around like a filthy whore, demanding the respect of men.

#1:  In 2010, Megyn Kelly posed like a slut for a Gentleman’s magazine, GQ.  That made me sick. Why? Because a person that is perceived as serious with the issues of the world cannot be taken serious when one poses like a tramp on the cover of a mag–a Gents mag to boot.  I wrote about it on my other website in 2010:  Megyn Kelly Who I’ve Always Admired Posed Like a Slut For GQ

#2. Megyn Kelly has an interview with Howard Stern on his radio show.   When he talked with her, he pressed her about penis, breasts and more.  If that was me on his show, I would have told them that it is absolutely inappropriate to discuss such things.  But, I am a right-minded person. I try to be moral. I work hard at that.  I want to be taken serious about the world.  True, I come across ‘mad’ as in angry.   So? Righteous indignation is a good thing.

#3. Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly are obviously not “Christian”.  If they were, why would they both say this on national television?  Mediaite:  O’Reilly And Megyn Kelly Agree: Gays Have ‘More Compelling argument than Christians who just ‘thump the bible.’

These 3 things are enough to show that this is a wicked, unrighteous female.  Out of touch in a world that is dominated by men.

Now, her inferiority complex:

On the night of the ‘debate’ debacle with Mr. Trump and Ms. Kelly, Megyn posed the ‘war on women’ issue.  There is no ‘war on women’.  Women in America have more rights than in any other nation in the world.  The fact that she brought this up shows that she feels inferior to a man.  The fact that she believes this shows me that she is an insecure woman.  The fact that she glared at Mr. Trump after he brushed off her idiot question shows that she is a woman that has been scorned.  She cannot hold her emotions back.

On Megyn Kelly being a good moderator:  She is not a good moderator.   In fact, Fox News is just plain terrible.   There should be 2 professional moderators:  One for domestic policy and one for foreign policy.

This is how a moderator moderates:

  1. He asks questions in a monotone, non-emotional tone.  
  2. He keeps time.
  3. He remains unbiased

The Carnival show that is Megyn Kelly in such a time like this should have been ousted by ALL of the candidates running for President.  Every one of them should have said: “If we must have a female moderator, we would prefer either Greta Van Sustern or Laura Ingraham.”

 They ALL should have banned Megyn Kelly.  She is not a professional.  She is a host of a talk show with opinion.  She cannot be trusted in news. She needs to go work for Glamour or Playboy–where she belongs.



The nation is gone. Capiche’?  

When your own government is murdering people who are trying to protect their own land, you HAVE NO F’CKING AMERICA ANYMORE.

Another eye-witness:


They could have shot this man anywhere on his body to avoid death. They are trained to do so.  They did not.

They murdered him.

And, I am sorry, but it is what it is: Patriot Shot Dead In #OregonStandoff. #Cruz/#Rubio Stood Together, Said These PATRIOTS Were “Lawless”

Thanks To Michael Savage For This Article “Pragmatists Vs Purists” & My Personal Thoughts


I totally agree with this article.  I also have become more of a pragmatist.  But, I guess I feel different than Savage a little bit. Here are my thoughts:

Our nation is finished.  The night Obama got elected, the nation was done. I was not prepared for the fall-out, personally, so I fought and fought.  My Mom told me:  ‘Nobody I have known in my whole life has fought for this nation more than you“.  

And, it’s true that I have been fighting against the Leftist cabal for many years-almost 3 decades.  The ‘good’ thing about Obama for me personally – was the fact that I had to accept the fall of my once nice nation, the country I grew up in and when all of the fighting did nothing and things became worse, I felt in my spirit that I needed to start worrying about other countries and people/s.  

That changed my life.

Thank goodness that QV3 was here for me, showing me just what my government was doing to poor countries. I became set free from the ‘purism’ that Savage is talking about, below.  The ‘purism’ is a bunch of bullshit, people.  Sorry. In order to move on, one has to let go of the ‘old America’.  Because it is gone.  Our government (which represents us) is a murderer. We have allowed them to not only murder us mentally and spiritually, we have allowed them to physically murder poor people in little nations. Blind patriotism disallows a person from seeing the wrong of their nation.

Now, for the reality of the situation:

Because the Constitution is gone and the nation has lost its identity, the only thing left that is necessary–at this point in time--is a strong person to deal with the end.   Help us get through the horror that is coming.  I believe that dollar collapse is eventually imminent. I believe that we will suffer a great, great depression.  I believe it is really possible that we will be attacked. I believe that anarchy will transpire. All that and more.  I believe that Donald Trump is the strongest person that is running.  Cruz is not a strong enough man and Rubio is a child.  We are in serious times and our situation is precarious.

I am trying–on Twitter–to be patient with the Cruz camp, (They have gotten under my skin and been hurtful to me and many others & I got weak and buckled under their attacks)  They are just not living in the reality that has happened to this country–there is no ‘saving’.    It is finished

Pragmatists vs Purists.