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.#DOW DOWN ANOTHER -379. Is Collapse Finally Here? NBC: ‘Will Be WORSE Than 2008’

.#DOW DOWN ANOTHER -450. Is Collapse Finally Here? NBC: ‘Will Be WORSE Than 2008’

In 1929, they were dancing and singing.. Just like in the days of  Noah.. Then, they went through 15 plus lean years & in great want..



All I can say is buy food, non perishables.  Gold/Silver worth bunk when food is a luxury.  You can’t go wrong with food. Because you will always nourish yourself with it.

NEW YORK (AP) — Wal-Mart is closing 269 stores, more than half of them in the U.S. and another big chunk in its challenging Brazilian market.

AOL:  Wall St. hemorrhages as oil tumbles and China fears deepen – CLICK AOL/Huffington Post

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Liberal freaks always laugh at “Doomsday Prophecies”.  Whatever.  It is what it is and it is time to fall.  We cannot sustain 20 trillion plus debt.

This is what I believe:  The collapse is here. It will be slow.  Not really too fast. It will just keep crashing for a year.   I believe that Obama will abuse this time.  Perhaps create a Martial Law scenario–it’s possible.   OR, he may have big plans to be the head of the UN.   At any rate, this bastard will ‘seize the opportunity’ because he will smell fear.   When he sees and smells that fear,  he will hurt us all even more.

At any rate:  Buy dried foods, stock up on ammo.  I think it will be a long, bumpy ride and the worst of times are ahead.   Times such as we have never seen before in the world.  Put your faith in God. Read your Bible.  Pray.  I will try to pray more also.

Get out of the cities.

Get out & escape the mess.

“Sell everything except high-quality bonds,” warned Andrew Roberts, the bank’s research chief for European economics and rates. “We think investors should be afraid.”

AND: Oil is declining towards $20 a barrel and experts suggests it may even hit $10-.  (While that is good for little peons like us, it aint good for the big oil men which means we’ll take it in the a$$, so to speak.)

This is creating a ‘perfect storm’ for Obama the insane to create Martial Law.


#ILLEGALS – I Warned Of #BedBugs Epidemic in 2010. Nobody Listened To Me, Just Mocked Me:

#ILLEGALS – I Warned Of #BedBugs Epidemic in 2010. Nobody Listened To Me, Just Mocked Me:

In my heart of hearts, I try hard to listen to the spirit of the living God.  God put it on my heart to blog much about the bed bugs in 2010, 2011.  God establishes prophetic people with things like this.  He warns the earth through different people.



I warned America of bed bug epidemic in 2010, 2011.  Nobody listened.  Now we have this issue out of control and now everyone is talking about it.  They didn’t want to talk about it then, when we could have gotten it under control. They called me a racist for addressing this issue.  

The media went through great lengths to hide the bed bug problem.  We also have this epidemic because we are under curse: We have forsaken God & now he has allowed curse on our land. It will get worse if people refuse to repent.

Why are the bed bugs even here?  

Because of the…………..ILLEGALS & Communist Liberals who brought them here.

They brought this in from Mexico and South America where bed bugs are ho-hum and part of daily life.

2010, 2011:   on my other blog.  & More:  Click on my other site

Dear lady in this youtube.. You are 6 years behind the times:

For Information on the bed bug scenario:…


.Pack Of Black Males Beat White Man Almost To Death


Let’s just keep pretending this is not happening.  Just as we pretended the Holodomor and the Holocaust wasn’t happening.  Communist, Liberal main stream filth go to great lengths to hide these crimes against whites perp’d at the hands of black males–just like the Communists and Nazis did.

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