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Miss Pillow Puss


“Pillow Puss”, TMJ 2016

So, I made this one the other day… She looks so sad and forlorn and that’s how I feel lately just watching the end of civilization.  I guess the only hope (as far as countries go now) is Russia and China.  Because Israel is also giving up it’s sovereignty. 

I know the end of the ages is prophesied of in the Torah, Tanakh and the New Testament, but why does it have to be so hard and challenging. I mean, I can’t shake off this grief lately.  Maybe I need more sleep and less battle. Who knows. I am tired and weary of the fight.  It feels lonely when ya cry and are grieved.




My husband just said that the Fed Res is totally Un-Constitutional and he is correct. But, we are where we are..

What is even more disastrous is the fact that these Liberal “Jews” have been in charge of the Federal Reserve for 20 years.   The only thing that people are going to observe in the end of this mess is the fact that these “Jews” have been in charge of their money.   This will cause a massive amount of Jew-hatred. It just will.  It already has.  That’s the way life is.  

 It is totally stereo-typical to assume that Jews are ‘good with money”.  

Many are not.   The only person who is good with money is a person who knows about money.  And, the only person who should be in charge of THE money in a gentile-ruled country is a GENTILE (Non-Jewish) Christian.  Period!  Why in the hell are so many horrible “Jews” in politics for the bad of the nation & anti Constitution?  Do they not ever learn or what?!

I absolutely knew, in December, that Janet Yellen made a “YUGE” mistake when she raised the interest rate. I knew it.  See it all here: Click

AND:   This is going to make the life of many Jews who are like me–miserable.   Because people don’t care if you are a Conservative Jew or a left-wing Jew, or just an A Political Jew.  ‘You’re a damned Jew and you stole my money.’  (Even though people make their own idiotic decisions.)    Human nature must blame someone.  That’s life.  


The only ‘way out’ for the Jewish people in USA – is to get totally patriotic & right-wing, stand with all white people & either put all your money into the BEST, patriotic, Conservative, Christian candidates OR:  Shut the hell up.  

Take responsibility for our people when we are wrong.

White People Are Being Wiped Out But Whites Still In DENIAL Of Their Own Genocide


White People Are Being Wiped Out But Whites Still IN DENIAL Of Their Own Genocide

Last night, we had our friends over for dinner.  Our friends are ‘race realists’.  Meaning, they know they are targeted for white genocide merely for existing as white people: Just as the Jews in Germany were targeted, Christians in Russia.   Under totalitarians, a race or a people are always targeted for removal:  left wing or right wing, it does not matter.  

At any rate:  our friends were explaining to us how their kids are raising their children to not be ‘racist’ against browns, blacks, etc.   So, what they are indoctrinating their children with is: “Embrace diversity”.    And, that my friends is  how most white households are.  That is how I, myself grew up. 

How would I have ever known that many black and brown households are not teaching their children to love me & my children?   The answer is obvious:  Most (or many) black and brown families teach their kids to hate white people with a passion.  This is not ‘equality’.  They are teaching their children hatred and murder for the whites (Caucasians).

How would I have ever known as a kid – that in the ‘real world’, I would be robbed and beaten by blacks? Because I was.   How would I have ever known that Mexican people would breed all over the place and take over the neighborhood I grew up in?  My husband’s family member, a young Jewish girl would be raped, sodomized and beaten (as a virgin) by a black male?

Kids that are taught to be ‘good’ do not think the world is all that bad.  So, they are indoctrinated and brainwashed with this nonsense that is killing them off.  We learned the hard way.  We didn’t have to though.



Save your family.  F’ck the status quo.

If whites are not being beaten, robbed or murdered, this is what is happening in their towns: