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@GlennBeck “Trump Is Like Hitler” Is BS. #Trump FOUGHT AGAINST Jew-Hatred–YUGE

@GlennBeck “Trump Is Like Hitler” Is BS. #Trump FOUGHT AGAINST Jew-Hatred-YUGE


First, let me say that “Guess who’s coming to dinner” is a movie I hate which is enclosed in the link below. Why do I hate this movie? Because it glorifies the dawn of “Progressivism” (Communism) in this nation.  

Now, to the gist: The very fact that Beck calls Trump “Hitler” shows that he is a jackass.  And, unread.  When people start accusing white leaders of being Nazi’s, many Jews get scared to death.  Beck seems to thrive on scaring people with an unhealthy fear.   Mr. Beck is a divisive person but not a healthy, double-edged sword.   Many of Beck’s followers I have come across on Twitter are the nastiest people I have ever met in my whole entire “Twitter life”.  

It is because of his followers that I have had to completely change my position:  I cannot ‘stick up’ for Ted Cruz at all, anymore.   I will have to keep my peace regarding Mr. Cruz.  (I cannot really endorse anyone because of how I was brought up. My choice is MINE re. voting. I almost always vote for the one I see as being most Constitutional)    But, It’s the same reason I had to relinquish any real support for Ron Paul: His followers were RABID, nasty jerks.   So are Cruz’.     Followers tell a lot about the character of the leader.  It is almost as if Cruz Crew people became irrationally extreme over-night and that is a cause for concern re. Ted for me. 

At any rate: Beck, who will apologize when wrong should be looking into matters before screaming his crazy head off:

Trump’s Palm Beach Club Roils the Old Social Order. (Trumps fight against Jew-hatred) The Wall Street Journal, by Jacqueline Bueno, April 30, 1997. Click here to bypass the WSJ paywall.


Another post I wrote regarding Jews:  Neil Stevens From “Red State” Blog Completely Fabricates #DonaldTrump Statements Re. #ISRAEL

We took up for Ted Cruz on this blog, we will not anymore. Let his nasty, rabid, attack dogs defend him. We will not.  Besides.. Cruz aint the saint he portrays:  Obama-care foe, Cruz votes with Dems after 21 hour showdown.


*We Believe Ted Cruz Would Make A Great Conservative President

*Sudden Hysteria Over #TedCruz Birth, BUT NOT @POTUS Even Though He ADMITS He Was #BornInKenya

*DEMS Bitchin’ About #TedCruz ‘Natural Born’ Status–But, They Set The New Standard With Obama

There are some things I absolutely have agreed with on Beck, 100%.  But his latest NRO stunt before a primary (when he had MONTHS to ‘expose the truth’ that most of us already know) is disgusting and Alinsky.