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Some #GangOf22 “Conservatives” Thought Pres George W. Bush Was “Conservative” & Are Young X-Dem/Progs, Part 1

Some #GangOf22 “Conservatives” Thought Pres George W. Bush Was “Conservative” & Are Young X-Dem/Progs, Part 1


Let me begin by saying that I didn’t hate George W. Bush.  He was not the type of personality that one could just ‘hate’.

He had an uncanny knack of making fun of himself.  But, that is not what makes a good leader.  A good leader is someone who just will not bend to pressure. These qualities are really only found in men. Few women have this gift to not bend to pressure. And, most men don’t even ‘have it.’  A good leader is a rarity. Sure, Cruz votes ‘to the right on many issues’, but a strong, alpha-male leader? I don’t see it.   Voting is not leading. Look at Obama for eg. He voted ‘present’, 129 times.

Although GWB inherited debt from Clinton, he did nothing to decrease it. The debt went up under Bush.  Bush ran as a “Compassionate Conservative” (a quote actually made famous by Michael Savage, by the way.)  It is interesting how these “Conservatives” can’t come up with their own quotes and ‘own’ others quotes.. I digress..

Bush also ran as “Pro Israel”.  Many American political Zionists love Bush to this day.  In 2005, Bush and Ariel Sharon made a ‘deal’ to give up Israeli land for peace.   In August, 2005, Gush Katif,  Israel – over 8,000 Jews were pushed out of their land.  Exactly how is that “Zionist?”  Exactly how is that “Conservative?”   It isn’t.  At all.  True Zionism just means Jews making Aliyah (Pilgrimage) to Israel and living their in homes.  

You think the problem with the borders are bad now?  I lived in California under George Bush, also Bill Clinton.  Open Borders Bush did not close them, he opened them wider.   When good, patriotic men went to go defend the borders by volunteering their own time without pay, GWB called these men “Vigilantes”  See that here: Minutemen: Don’t Call Us ‘Vigilantes‘ | Human Events

So, let’s start with Gang of 22 “Conservative”, Cal Thomas.  In the past, I have enjoyed Cal Thomas’ articles.  But, just what did Cal Thomas say to GWB on his exit when given the spotlight opportunity to confront Bush’s horrible presidency?  Nothing.   He could have been a ‘true Conservative’ & blasted Bush out of the water, but said nothing.   He would have made history if he had confronted GWB’s horrible policies, plus illegal regime changes of legally elected governments overseas.  He chose not to:

Entering the West Wing reception area for my last interview with President Bush is a surreal experience. There is no one there, other than two Secret Service agents, a White House police officer and a receptionist. The place used to teem with people eager for a moment with the commander in chief, now people speak in hushed tones. A small TV set in the coatroom is tuned to Fox News. That will soon change. The news anchor is talking only about President-elect Barack Obama. With two weeks to go in the Bush administration, it’s all about the “O,” not the “W.”     The rest: Cal Thomas on George W. Bush – Washington Examiner

The “O”, not the “W”. Wow, I could have had a V-8. That, my friends is “Conservative” Cal Thomas.

Move on over to Dana Loesch.  She is in her 30’s. (A kid in the sheme of things in today’s world)  According to her Wikipedia page:

Loesch was raised by her mother, Gale, in an extended family of Southern Baptists. She graduated from Fox High School in Arnold, Missouri. She later attended St. Louis Community College at Meramec before transferring to Webster University to study journalism on scholarship.[4] Following a pregnancy, Loesch dropped out of college and married, having her first child when she was 21.[5] She grew up as a Democrat, a point of contention early in her marriage to Chris, a staunch Republican. However, she veered sharply to the right after the September 11 attacks. Loesch and her husband homeschooled two children together.[3]

So, Loesh’s life changed to ‘Conservatism‘ (Which just means: Pinko, Open-Borders Republicanism) in 2001.  This “Conservative” who was raised in a Democrat home during the years that the ‘Progressive’ Communist monster creeped fast into both the Democrat & Republican  party is lecturing middle-aged people like me, who have been patriotic and ‘right wing’ since childhood?   People who have wept bitter tears over the destruction, open-borders madness for decades?    Who the hell does she think she is?   Great that she made a ‘conversion’ away from the Communist Democrat party.. But, she is not too keen on Trump’s Conservative, Christian redeeming qualities?  I t’s good that she has evolved, but not too good if Trump did?    In my world, that is a holier than thou hypocrite.   This kid should go back to having babies and cleaning the kitchen for her poor husband that had to put up with her Commie virus before she had a “Jesus is a Modern GOPer conversion”.

Move over to Katie Pavlich.  Pavlich is 27 years old. She was raised in the mountainous area of Arizona.  What does that mean to us that have lived in sanctuary cities for illegal occupiers?  Nothing.  She’s out of touch.  She cannot even fathom the hell that it is living with MS13 gang members, shooting people in the middle of the night, drive-by shootings, living in fear of your life in a state like NY or Cali that has stict gun control laws that operate against law-abiding Americans..     She cannot be taken serious in the world of politics.   She is too young, too inexperienced to even know the hell that so many of us have been though.  Ignore. No more to be said.  I don’t give a damn about her “Conservatism”.  10 years out of her teens? Sorry,  Kids should be seen and not heard in the age of Communist turmoil.

Brent Bozell claimed in an award ceremony:  “It seems like our movement has been in constant retreat for the past three decades,” he said.  “We’ve suffered some real setbacks and it’s taken its toll on our nation, diminishing us across the board.” 

Gee, Mr. Bozell… Would not this take some reflection? Would this not take some inner soul-searching?  

He also says:  “The pure evil of Islamic fascism is spreading like a cancer all over the world”.

Excuse me?  Islam is ‘spreading like a cancer’ #1. Because that is just Islam.  Just as important: #2. STAY THE HELL OUT OF THOSE COUNTRIES, STOP STIRRING UP THE HORNETS NEST AND STOP CHANGING REGIMES TO MAKE THEM EVEN MORE NUTS.

Bozell also claims in an article linked by Politico:   ”I know this base.  I have worked with them for over three decades. I have raised tens of millions of dollars for Republican candidates.…”    

Uh, some inner soul searching, Bozo?
Sorry, Mr. , you are part of the problem.  Add the fact that you just keep trusting these creeps…! They are ALL infected. ALL.  Including Messiah, Ted Cruz.

More from Bozell:  ‘The grassroots conservative base of the Republican Party has no use, none whatsoever, for any more moderates. (That’s one of the reasons that I have personally endorsed Ted Cruz for president.)’

[——>>> Yes, endorse Ted Cruz, ANOTHER one of the Republicans!   Sorry, he is.  He has the virus.]  Read all about the Progressive virus: Anthony Napoleon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Erick Erickson:  In 2009, he came out for Marco Rubio in Florida’s Senate race when the former state legislator was polling nearly 50 points behind and the whole GOP apparatus was backing Charlie Crist, the former governor who has since switched parties.  More endorsements for Rubio followed, including from the deep-pocketed Senate Conservatives Fund and the Club for Growth, and Crist dropped out of the primary to run as an independent. Rubio ended up winning the general election by 19 points.  

Need I say more?  Rubio/Crist:  Both the same animal with different stripes.   Plus, the fact that Erickson grew up in Dubai.  Go back to Dubai you idiot.  He also dis-invited Donald Trump to a Red State debate.  He disinvited the person with the highest polling numbers?  That is a complete moron.  You won’t ever see Democrats doing that.

Glenn Beck.  You who are read do not need any of my explaining.  He is nuts.  He is not even a respected person anymore by anyone who is serious.  It is OK for Beck to redeem himself, but not Trump.  Glenn Beck redemption, OK.  Trump redemption: No good.

The saga of the Soap Opera ‘Conservatives’, Part 2 Coming.  Stay tuned.  Let’s have some fun.

BLOWN…………Away. Stop GOP-LEAD Wars & STOP These #GangOf22 “Conservatives”


In the age of Twitter, nobody gives a damn much about what you say on a blog because the world is flying by at twice the speed of sound which I am also guilty of.  I digress…

I am positively blown away these last few days.  For SEVEN years, we have all fought together against the Obama Communism.  I have been totally frustrated with some things regarding ‘Conservative’ people, though.  Their love of Un-Constitutional wars, murder, death.   I have stated this here many times.  I blogged about US govt aggression in Libya, Egypt, Syria and Ukraine.  

I was called terrible names over the years by these ‘Conservative’ people.   I don’t call myself conservative any more because of them.  There is a reason:  I can’t take their ‘Conservative’ politics in foreign countries. TOTALLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL.    It seems that if there is a war or proxy war, they can’t wait to go and ‘kill em all.’    See, their version of Constitution is what matters, not yours and certainly not on behalf of poor people in foreign countries.    This has made me sick inside.   Show me where – in the Constitution – that it says to go change regimes and throw out legally elected officials and destroy countries. 

Ted Cruz, a “Conservative” thinks that it’s Putin who is oppressing people in foreign countries.   Is he totally THAT stupid or ‘in on it’?!  

TC:  Look, I think the direction he is taking Russia is very problematic. It’s problematic for Russia, it’s problematic for America, and for the world. He is systematically oppressing his people, but he is also taking advantage of President Obama’s foreign policy blunders to expand Russia influence, and I think he is bound and determined to do as much as he can to expand Russia’s sphere of influence and attempt to reassemble the old Soviet Union. You see the pressure they’re putting on Georgia, you see the pressure they’re putting on Ukraine. (LIES!)  It’s dangerous, and unfortunately, President Obama is doing nothing effectively to counteract it.

TC:  You know, there’s very little that should be intimidating about a thug.  Google search for Cruz’s gasbag comments on Russia:  Click to read. 

 Ted Cruz wants to ‘push back’ Putin in Syria.?  PUTIN IS FIGHTING ISIS.  What the hell is he talking about?  Does he want to HELP Syrian, cannibal rebels, The FSA or ISIS?  Is he insane? Ted Cruz on Putin, CNN.
Let me ask how this is ‘helping’ Israel, Mr. Cruz…Because:

I have told these “Conservative” people the truth but they don’t want to hear even though they claim to be pro-Israel.   So, this is a big reason why I am more prone to be in support of Trump.   Not because of Israel, so, don’t bother even going there.   I am just sick of OUR money going to murdering Christians by supplying ISIS, Muslim brotherhood, NAZIs in Ukraine and more.  Trump knows this is a truth.

These same “Conservatives” in USA are against abortion but OK with murdering people in poorer countries.  Even if those people in the poorer countries are Christian, like these American “Conservatives” claim to be.

As if all of these things are not bad enough, now the NRO “Conservatives” released that horrible attack piece against Mr. Trump.  And, this has caused the tiny-brained lilliputian “Conservatives” to now attack people who are tired of their anointed Ted Cruz and other GOPe’s bullshit.  

Even though I tolerated these assholes for years –  now – because I am not gung-ho about their Saint-like divider, Senator Gasbag, Ted Cruz:  I am not a good Jew according to them, not a good Christian, a liar, a troll, a dumbbell.  Because I want Christians to live and not die?

I AM BLOWN AWAY by these absolute idiots.