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The nation is gone. Capiche’?  

When your own government is murdering people who are trying to protect their own land, you HAVE NO F’CKING AMERICA ANYMORE.

Another eye-witness:


They could have shot this man anywhere on his body to avoid death. They are trained to do so.  They did not.

They murdered him.

And, I am sorry, but it is what it is: Patriot Shot Dead In #OregonStandoff. #Cruz/#Rubio Stood Together, Said These PATRIOTS Were “Lawless”

Thanks To Michael Savage For This Article “Pragmatists Vs Purists” & My Personal Thoughts


I totally agree with this article.  I also have become more of a pragmatist.  But, I guess I feel different than Savage a little bit. Here are my thoughts:

Our nation is finished.  The night Obama got elected, the nation was done. I was not prepared for the fall-out, personally, so I fought and fought.  My Mom told me:  ‘Nobody I have known in my whole life has fought for this nation more than you“.  

And, it’s true that I have been fighting against the Leftist cabal for many years-almost 3 decades.  The ‘good’ thing about Obama for me personally – was the fact that I had to accept the fall of my once nice nation, the country I grew up in and when all of the fighting did nothing and things became worse, I felt in my spirit that I needed to start worrying about other countries and people/s.  

That changed my life.

Thank goodness that QV3 was here for me, showing me just what my government was doing to poor countries. I became set free from the ‘purism’ that Savage is talking about, below.  The ‘purism’ is a bunch of bullshit, people.  Sorry. In order to move on, one has to let go of the ‘old America’.  Because it is gone.  Our government (which represents us) is a murderer. We have allowed them to not only murder us mentally and spiritually, we have allowed them to physically murder poor people in little nations. Blind patriotism disallows a person from seeing the wrong of their nation.

Now, for the reality of the situation:

Because the Constitution is gone and the nation has lost its identity, the only thing left that is necessary–at this point in time--is a strong person to deal with the end.   Help us get through the horror that is coming.  I believe that dollar collapse is eventually imminent. I believe that we will suffer a great, great depression.  I believe it is really possible that we will be attacked. I believe that anarchy will transpire. All that and more.  I believe that Donald Trump is the strongest person that is running.  Cruz is not a strong enough man and Rubio is a child.  We are in serious times and our situation is precarious.

I am trying–on Twitter–to be patient with the Cruz camp, (They have gotten under my skin and been hurtful to me and many others & I got weak and buckled under their attacks)  They are just not living in the reality that has happened to this country–there is no ‘saving’.    It is finished

Pragmatists vs Purists.