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.@MarcoRubio ALSO Sent Out These “Shaming” Letter “Report Cards” In #IOWA:

.#MarcoRubio ALSO Sent Out These “Shaming” Report Card Letters In #IOWA:

I dont like any of these friggin idiots in the GOP…But, here we have Rubio also sending out these “Shaming” report card letters.  I saw the other Report cards: They all had “D” for smaller cand’s that regular citizen Joe had voted for.     Well, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? The GOPe sending out report cards……..




Hat tip, Marco Rubio Report Card shaming:  

A Couple Of Men At #OregonStandoff Were “Bad”. We Still Believe Finicum Was Murdered

A Couple Of Men At #OregonStandoff Were “Bad”. We Still Believe Finicum Was Murdered.

Nothing will change my position:  It is our EVIL GOVERNMENT that is the murderer of humans.  Whether these humans are here at home or many Christians in the middle east.  Anyone physically standing up to them in real life for their lands, ranches, homes (no matter who is in office:  R or D), we would probably applaud at some length.  

My friend, Don (who has been filling you all in) has many links on this tragedy, below. I have chosen to stay off this story because I get way too angry at our government murdering people standing up to them.   I am just a woman and cannot help my emotions when I see our Government just picking people off.  Finicum was murdered. His hands were up.  They are trained to NOT shoot to kill.   

It is reported that some of these men were ‘bad’.  You can’t dictate ‘bad or good’ to volunteers.   However, let me remind you of this nations first patriots who fought against the English leftists during the Revolutionary War:  They were “outlaws”, “renegades”.  So, spew the shit, I dont give a damn.  The biggest outlaw gang in my opinion is the US GOVERNMENT.

Click – Last Holdouts Remain at #Malheur Refuge; LaVoy Finicum Protesters Roll Through Burns, Oregon (VIDEO)

Here’s That Mile-Long Blaine Cooper (Blaine Cooper told McCain he was treasonous and he IS) Rap Sheet ICYMI

No matter how you slice it, he is a patriot–good or bad–he is still a patriot.  You can’t say to a patriot: “Well, you’re a bad, bad person, so you can’t love your country”.    

In fact, speaking of patriots that were ‘bad’ – Meyer Lansky wanted to do all he could to help in WW2 &  Lucky made sure the Union did not go on strikes on the docks during WW2.

This is an eye-witness account: