Miss Pillow Puss


“Pillow Puss”, TMJ 2016

So, I made this one the other day… She looks so sad and forlorn and that’s how I feel lately just watching the end of civilization.  I guess the only hope (as far as countries go now) is Russia and China.  Because Israel is also giving up it’s sovereignty. 

I know the end of the ages is prophesied of in the Torah, Tanakh and the New Testament, but why does it have to be so hard and challenging. I mean, I can’t shake off this grief lately.  Maybe I need more sleep and less battle. Who knows. I am tired and weary of the fight.  It feels lonely when ya cry and are grieved.


  • Melvin Polatnick

    The king of the hill is still the white race. Asians are doing some climbing but white fangs is the boss.

    • QV3

      Oh yes. We see White fangs still boss – so bossy they allow muslim refugees rape, destroy, attack law & order, while the White Fangs kow tow, protect and lick muslim arse while cleaning up the poop.
      So Asians are given clean paths to climb up.
      And when we encounter muslims, we send them to hospitals with almost every bone broken.

    • QV3

      Write to David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain. So you will keep the king of the hill white race. Britain is now a country where its whites are fast becoming a MINORITY. To speed up the decline of the white race and make them very good dhimmis who will lick the muslim arse after he defecates, this is implemented.

      Wow, talk about the dumbing down of children… It’s public education, now with even more fluoride!

      HAHAHAHA. You need more meds!

    • QV3

      Oh yes. The king of the hill, the white race allows ‘He had to rape the boy.’ “He hadn’t had sex in months!”
      You must be very proud of the white race being the best dhimmi allowing a little boy to be raped by a filthy fucking smelly muslim. Your kind.

      • chaslittle pupil ofJesusChrist

        when men make a pack with the devil , ZIONISM . Is that not what they deserve

  • kookooracharabioso

    Nice. I always wanted to learn how to do this but always caught between time and money. I have so many ideas and thought your way would be quicker. I see canvas – this is an effect you can get on computer?

    • I didnt even see your comment. Monitored 🙁

      • kookooracharabioso

        A graphic that I want but have no resource to make would be an outline of a human with hands in the air over laid with the words “unauthorized thought container.” I am so ignorant of technology that I don’t even know if I received in email could it be blown up and put on a t shirt?

        • kookooracharabioso

          On the other side I want a Yuge bullseye target that says in the middle “capable of independent analysis ” and on the bottom “not a bleeding zombie. “

  • kookooracharabioso

    My tribute to Lavoy Finicum t-shirt came out beautiful. The printers put it on their Facebook page which I can’t find because their name is twisted sister so of course all I can find is the band. They are located at 43rd Avenue and Thunderbird in Phoenix inside the indoor swapmart. (Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. )

    The graphic is a black silhouette of a man with his hands up in the hands up don’t shoot position. Over his torso in red shot out ammo font letters it reads “UNAUTHORIZED THOUGHT CONTAINER. ” Underneath in smaller black type that is a disjointed looney style it reads “Not a bleeding zombie. ”

    On the back there’s a huge colored bullseye target with the word “INDEPENDENT” across it .

    If I learn how to put a photo I will. No copyright. Hope it goes viral. Anybody with the Cohones to wear it should be able to. When it was finished an old timer in line was talking about the constitution and he got it instantly.

  • QV3

    Melvin Polatnick the Senile 82 year old thinks White Fangs are still on the top. Oh yes.

    See the video and convince us across the oceans that it is so.


    Angela Merkel Gets Booed Over White Genocide

    • Did you see the bitch, Merkel throwing her country’s flag on the ground?

      • QV3

        Yes! SHOCKING! The clapping of hands by the others in the government shows the world the true nature of Leftism & Liberalism – the First Threat to the survival of Western civilisation.
        The fact that PEGIDA meets strong resistance, and daily threats from Merkel and her leftist scum shows how brainwashed leftism has programmed Germans.
        We shouldn’t be surprised or shocked that Germany’s scum leaders brainwash their hoi polloi that muslim barbarian rape is a good thing.

  • QV3

    By right, ALL Syrians fleeing the war in their country BECAUSE of SATAN AMERICA should be given immediate asylum in the UNITED SNAKES OF SATAN AMERICA.



    Aerial: Drone footage shows total devastation in Homs, Syria (EXCLUSIVE)

    • I dont agree, QV.
      Obama, McCains & ALL of the NGO bank accts should be emptied and ALL their $$ sent to Putin to rebuild Syria.
      ALL of the foreign aid sent to all these other countries should be sent to Syria for 2 years.
      Obama/McCain and the EU NGO should all be hanged

    • chaslittle pupil ofJesusChrist

      no your idol false israel caused that . Their plan is greater false israel , install their mankind over the whole earth