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.Trump: $100 Million To Charities The Last 5 Yrs. His Son, Eric Raised 20 Million For Children Hospital Research

.Trump: $100 Million To Charities The Last 5 Yrs. His Son, Eric Raised 20 Million To Children Hospital Research


Not only has Donald Trump given 100 million dollars to charities in the last 5 years: Click on the Young Conservatives to see. HERE.  Write off or not, charity is charity.  We’re talking a hundred million dollars here.

Mr. Trump’s son, Eric raised 20 million Dollars for St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital Research:  Eric Trump Foundation

This is a GOOD family.  

Eric says about his father, Donald Trump:  Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump on Father, Donald Trump: ‘Tough’ But ‘Fair’

We need tough. BAD.

Off topic… Trump at the GOP convention, 1988:

Will Ted Cruz Be Able To UNITE The Great Divide All Across The Board? This Is Doubtful.

Will Ted Cruz Be Able To UNITE The Great Divide All Across The Board? This Is Doubtful.

I believe that a Cruz presidency will cause mass division in this nation even worse.

Which is terrible because we are all already divided. Pamela Geller sums up how many feel about this current division created by the lunatic “Dump Trump” Squad:  Reagan would be disgusted

And, if the Jewish people think they are hated now, think on this:  Ted Cruz is perceived by many Indeps, Libertines & Democrats to be for “Israel first”.     These Conservatives and Christians will not be respected at all and they will not ever be trusted because the non-religious will always believe that the middle east ‘wars are for Israel‘.    Sorry, it is what it is.      However, a Sanders presidency would cause unbelievable Jew-hatred like we’ve never seen before.

  • The left, already a powder keg will be ‘up in arms’ because leftists are anti-war, but only when a GOP is Prez.  So, they’ll go ballistic.   Plus the fact that Cruz has said that he will ‘undo all of Obama’s executive orders‘  (I would not mind that at all 😀 ), but this would cause serious issues almost immediately: Think of a drug addict who does not want to come off of his drug. That is the chaos that will ensue from the Liberals and leftists. 
  • Ted Cruz (Christian) thinks that Orthodox Christian Putin is the problem.  As Cruz calls Putin a ‘tyrant’, he does not seem to know that Putin refuses to allow homosexual propaganda in his country, Russia is also passing anti-abortion laws. So, who is the REAL Christian nation and leader?
  • Cruz wont ever unite the anti-war crowd because he is almost always pro-war. No matter what.
  • Black on white crime will continue in a Cruz presidency & I believe these crimes will go unheard of as more whites are slaughtered.
  • Many Americans will feel that Evangelical, Dominion Christianity is being shoved down their throats.
  • I believe it is possible that many young black people (being disheartened by Obama’s exit) will act like nuts.
  • Plus, the Cuban influx of illegals, which is enraging the right:  
  • In 2014, 17,470 Cubans presented themselves at U.S. land ports along the Mexican border, according to data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. In 2015, that number nearly doubled to 30,966, and Customs officials say they expect that trend to continue.

If Cruz is elected, I personally do not believe borders will be secured.  AND, If he was so gung-ho about that, why is the Texas border not secured where he is Senator? He has had 3 years to reverse this policy.

If Cruz is nominated & elected, fasten your seats, it will be a bumpy ride

I can tell you this:    I am sick and tired of the GOP and I see Cruz part of the foreign policy clusterf’ck and open borders insanity here at home.    But, hear me well:  Because of the way the Cruzists treated the Trump people (and I support Trump)…I will not EVER help Ted Cruz. EVER.   I will not ever forget how these “Christian” people were.   Called us “Bad Jew-Jews”, “Bad Christians”, ‘Bots’, “Robots for Trump”, “Trump-holes”, “Idiots”, “Dolts”, “Stupid” and more.  

They have lied consistently about Trumps pro-life stance saying Mr. Trump is ‘pro partial-birth abortion’ when he is not.    I will not EVER forget how these people attacked friendlies.   EVER.  We fought with them for 7 years for them to turn on us like jakobites and turncoats?  And, this is “Christianity?”  No wonder people don’t get their ‘Come to Jesus moment.’

All of these factors I have written down have shown you that a Cruz presidency will cause even more divide.

.#IOWA Caucus “Disgraceful, Disorganized” Votes Could Have EASILY Been Changed, Says Iowan

.#IOWA Caucus “Disgraceful, Disorganized Votes Could Have EASILY Been Changed, Says Iowan


This is what was said by a person in Iowa who was there, voting:


Hat tip: @Socksguy

Also a great read on Microsoft and how it plays into the voting: Iowa Swindle


So what happened?  How did the results in Iowa dramatically differ from polls conducted just days earlier? How did Hillary, who could only fill bowling alleys with hundreds, manage to beat Sanders who was filling large arenas with thousands?  How did Marco Rubio score another ten points out of thin air and how did Donald Trump who was leading Ted Cruz by 7 points watch 10 of them vanish?