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A #Cruz OR #Rubio Presidency Will Embolden Hispanic Minorities & We CANNOT Support Them

A #Cruz #Rubio Presidency Will Embolden Hispanic Minorities & We CANNOT Support Them


I cannot support either of these Cubans.  And, I won’t.  

“Holding my nose” will not work this time.  If either of these 2 are elected, it is finished. Kaputz. In my opinion, there would be no sense in voting.  Hillary verses Cuban usurpers?   No thank you.  I refuse.  It is treachery.   I owe this to my ancestors, not to modern “Conservativism”.   [True, I am a Jew by my Mother, but I am a daughter of the American Revolution by my father’s side of my family: We are also Seneca/Iroquois.]

Cruz, Rubio, Sanders and Clinton are all working against the founders.   Sanders is a “Jew in name only” and a traitor.   Socialism is treachery.   Plus the fact that he is not a “WASP”.   He is a Jew, he is a minority.   Hillary Clinton is female.  Females did not found this nation and wrote nothing in the Constitution.  She is also a usurper.   These other 2 candidates, Cruz and Rubio are minorities.  A minority rule is a curse from God.  Read Deuteronomy 28: 43  The foreigners who reside among you will rise above you higher and higher, but you will sink lower and lower.    The church has been ‘grafted in’.  So, these curses apply to churches as well as promises of God.

The American Constitution was founded by White, Christian Males of European descent from either England, Scotland, OR Holland, also Ireland.   We have always had “WASP” or Anglo Presidents until Obama came along.   God is a sovereign God.  God speaks of banners & nation sovereignty many times throughout the Bible.  

Whether you like it or not and whether Trump or Rand Paul and the rest of the white Anglos are ‘good’ or not, they are the only ones that would have had any ‘anointing’ of God on them.     God is a purist and a realist.   God does not work against sovereignty.   He does, though – allow curses, but God is not a law-breaker.   God is “Kosher” with a Jew in charge of Israel.    God is “Kosher” with an Englishman in charge of England.   God is “Kosher” with an Indian in charge of India.   God is NOT “Kosher” with an African in charge of Scotland.  God is NOT “Kosher” with a Catholic in charge of Israel.

A vote for Cruz or Rubio is a vote for a usurper.

It is theft.  

It is no different than Obama.

Let me explain this for dummies:

There is a country called Pinkville.  Everyone in Pinkville is Pink.  Pinkville has always had Pink people in charge of it.  Pinkville was a sound country.  Pinkville had some Purples living there.  The Purples started complaining because they did not feel as ‘good’ or as equal to the Pinks.  

A strong Purple arose out of the sea of Pinks and became their leader.  He usurped Pinkville.  As years went on, the Pinks became more purplish.  The stronger color of the Purples took over and Pinkville was no longer Pink.   Eventually, there were fewer and fewer Pinks.  Then, the Purples and the mix Pinks killed all the pure Pinks.

This is the story of America.

We do not have to let it be the end. Save America: Do not allow leaders that are not ‘pures’ from the founders, it is treachery, death and genocide against white Caucs.  I will NOT take part in this.