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Name Of Jesus Invoked At Trump Rally In Louisiana By Dr. David Levee

Name Of Jesus Invoked At Trump Rally In Louisiana By Dr. David Levee

What a Trump Rally is Really Like Post by Dr. Levee:


I got there two hours early, pulled into the parking garage next to the River Center Arena in Baton Rouge, most of the parking spaces were already gone, but I was happily surprised to find out that Donald had comped my parking for me.

There wasn’t a line around the block as you may have heard.

There were actually four lines winding around several blocks each.

So I had plenty of time to observe the crowd and see who was there, it was very different than the press would have you believe.

I switched lines at least twice at the advice of some of the helpful people moving people as efficiently as possible during a sellout crowd – about 12,000 made it into the arena, with another 5,000 who had to wait outside – but even then thoughtfully there were loudspeakers provided so they could hear the event in the cool night by the river. After the event started, Trump asked security to go out and bring about 1,000 of them inside to fill seats not taken because some people had not used their event tickets.

The press says it’s just “blue collar” people at Trump events. Not. I saw lots of young couples. When was the last time you saw young couples going out on a date to a political event? on a Thursday night? that you had to wait over an hour just to get to the front door, much less find your seat.

Groups of guys. Groups of girls. Lots of working folks. Families. There were even some teenagers. Very few rough types. It reminded me of The Music Man – turn of the century good people enjoying an leisurely promenade on a southern evening down by the river. It was  quaint and charming.

Finally we rounded the last corner and entered the building where the Secret Service quickly looked over every single object you had and whisked you through security machines and into the concrete arena hallways beyond.

I hadn’t eaten all day so I stopped at the concession stand for a hot dog, everyone at the counter was friendly and helpful, the crowd was full of polite people.

I have been to Tea Party events before, and I love Tea Party people for sure, but often they are in a sour mood, ready to pick a fight, so I was kind of expecting something like that. But I began to notice that pretty much everyone was in a good mood. Happy and polite. These were nice people.

Inside the arena it was packed. The trademark bank of media cameras all pointed at the podium and not showing the crowd at all.

Everyone was so well behaved. I asked the campaign staff and the police if they minded if I stood in the VIP section because I was covering the event for a popular national web site, they just smiled, “sure, no problem”.

The event opened with prayer. A Pastor came up and offered thanks for our country’s blessings.
Then a state official came and made a few remarks.
Another Pastor came and invoked the Name of Jesus Christ over the event and campaign.

I thought wow, all this prayer is never reported by the media – nor the fact that Trump had even paid my parking fee in the arena parking garage.
Nor the great security – Secret Service seemed happy to be working with Trump.
Everything ran smooth like a machine. Made you think what would the country be like if this man was running it too.
And all the really nice people – from all walks of life – there were lots of upper crust people mingling with regular people, but everyone was talking with everyone and there was just this nice atmosphere that felt peaceful and electric at the same time.

Maybe this is what a populist revolution feels like.

If someone likes Jeb over this guy, then they want a whiny teenager.
if someone likes Ted, then they maybe have a little bit of a mean streak – I like Ted don’t get me wrong I want him to be mean to the communist liberals.
But Trump can handle the ayatollahs.
He also understands economics in the real world.
I’m not against any of the Republican contenders at all – I hope they all will have a prominent role in a Trump Administration.
But Trump is the only Alpha Male the equal of Putin, and he can also go toe to toe with the Chinese.
That’s what we need right now.
We can go back to petty squabbles later after our country is healed up.
Do you think Jeb Bush can handle ISIS? He can’t even fill up a small room in Iowa.
How about Ted? Good guy, but can he get anything done – Trump has built coalitions for decades.

Ted Cruz Signed Brief In TX (HB 2) To Ensure Women Will Have SAFER ABORTIONS.

Ted Cruz Signed Bill In TX To Ensure Women Will Have SAFER ABORTIONS.

The fact that people believe this shiester is astounding.   At least we know Trump changed his position and was for abortion at one time.   Its another thing to pretend you are anti-abortion but sign briefs to make it safer for women to have more and more abortions.

This is FROM Cruz’ own website:

Click to see it yourself: