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How I Came To My Opinion Of Ms @DLoesch & Other Shoddy, Biased Journos

How I Came To My Opinion Of Ms @DLoesch & Other Shoddy, Biased Journos



It’s easy to find the dirt on people if you look hard enough, which is the case with Ms Loesch verses Mr. Trump, the 2016 Presidential Candidate.  It’s not so easy to find good.  People who do not look for good have a real problem.    I do find it comical however, that the new Conservative, Dana Loesch (she became a Conservative after 9-11-2001) is suddenly the top brass on op eds regarding Presidential candidates–a few weeks before the primaries and during the primaries.  

Ms. Loesch had many months to dig up the ugly on Trump.  However, Loesch, the NRO and lunatic, Glenn Beck decided to do so a few weeks before & during the primaries.   Pamela Geller, an avid Ted Cruz supporter wrote about the Alinsky tactics of these windbags:  Click:  Reagan Would Be Vomiting


National Review dedicated an entire issue to attacking Trump, with the cover featuring a list of the heavy hitters on the Right who were lining up to bash Trump. They have no right to be heavy hitters on the Right. Whether you like Trump or not, it is wonderful that our tent is so genuinely diverse intellectually that he could be the front runner. It is to our credit.

In the wake of that outrageous National Review issue dedicated to attacking, defaming and destroying Donald Trump, the Weekly Standard, like the good little goose steppers they are, followed with an even more vicious attack on the Republican front runner. The Weekly Standard’s hit piece was illustrated with a photo of Trump as King Kong, as Weekly Standard editor William Kristol tweeted smug and silly apologies to King Kong: “Of course unfair to King Kong, who’s a noble and tragic figure.” The Standard may depict Trump as King Kong, but they’re acting like Godzilla. Who died and made William Kristol king of the Right? He is following the dictum of Walter Ulbricht, General Secretary of the East German Communist Party: if the people don’t vote the way you want, “Change the people.”

This is the piece Ms Loesch wrote last night, Feb 18 – in order to sway people from voting for Trump:  How I Came To My Opinion On Donald Trump.  It’s something, isn’t it, that females in neo-Conservative politics are even more dirty and more divisive than the rabid left.    Bravo.   If that’s your conservatism, Ms, Loesch, I don’t want it.

Now, when I was young, and I have about 15 years on Ms. Loesch, we had this little thingie called  ‘The Nightly News’.    The Nightly News reported the news.   That’s all.   No bias,   just the news.    While Ms. Loesch is an OK blogger & chatty Cathy talker, she does not report the news, she cherry picks through it, looking up the dirty on one candidate and not the others.   She certainly does not want to report the ugly on Ted Cruz…

Fact 1.  Regarding some of the cherry-picking on her above post:  Most NYers know that Trump has done business with the mob.  In fact, if you can name 1 businessman that has NOT done business with the mob in NYC, let me know.    It was not illegal to do business with the Mafia ‘mob’.   But, in case you are wondering:  Guiliani rid NYC of the violent, murderous, small fringe group within the mob.    So, Dana – your non-telling news is a non-issue from a long time ago.     Anyone that knows anything about NY and NYC knows that the Mafia kept the city & state running well.    When the most loved Godfather died in the 1970’s, every Pizza joint was closed and any Italian deli closed on the day of the funeral.   Hollywood movies tell silly tales about things they wish to demonize.

Fact 2:  Iraq war was a mess.  At first, we ALL were for it, including Trump..  We became against it as it dragged on and the truth came out that there was no reason to invade a country based on the premise that that said country had possible WMDs..    And, the WMD that were ‘reported’ in 2014??   I hadn’t even heard of this and I am a political net junkie.     I am sure Trump was ‘for’ the Iraq War before he was against it:  We all were.   Nothing to see here.  Iraq was a YUGE mistake and anti-Constitutional. Iraq DIDN’T attack us.  Its not America’s business to worry about other countries, 5000 miles away. Let the Muslims kill each-other.  Who cares.

Fact 3:  Ms. Loesch writes that Trump does not ‘vet’ his partners in business.  Well, Ms. Loesch, you vet Trump fine and thank you..  But you have a little problem vetting Mr. Cruz & others.  Which disqualifies you from being an unbiased, honest journo… Which also brings me to some points on Mr. Cruz that these “Conservative” Christian, Patriots (Who are WAY more patriotic than the rest of us pragmatists because they are uber special and we are nothing)  gasbags leave out:

Ms. Loesch seems to be concerned with Trump being neutral on Israel.  Where was she when Neo-Conservative Bush signed a pact with Sharon in order to kick over 8K Jews out of their homes in Gush Katif?  My piece: Trump Wants USA to Stay Out Of The Affairs Of Israel: BRAVO:  Stay out of Israel’s business.  ..It’s smart to stay out, neutrality is wise.    Mr. Trump already loves Jews, his daughter is a Jew.  He already supports Israel and that is all Israel cares about:  That larger countries do not hate them.

Trump on Israel, 2015:  “We love Israel. We will fight for Israel 100 percent, 1,000 percent. It will be there forever.” – Donald Trump, February 2015  Algeminer, We love Israel, we will fight for them, 1000 percent”

Where is Ms. Loesch to vet Cruz & the others..?  I keep asking.  Since she is the top brass with the ‘vetters’ and brilliant, political minds.. Or, is this what I detect? A Trump hate fest…

For eg.. If Mr. Cruz is SO anti-abortion, why is he making abortions safer??  Ted Cruz News Website.  What Mr. Cruz has done with abortion in Texas is add the Feds in on a state issue (Big govt again), #1 and #2. He basically just gave a cleaner needle to a heroin addict by making abortions ‘safer’.     THAT is a Conservative? 

If Dana is SO worried about Israel, why is she not worried that Ted gave Obama executive action on Iran?  American Thinker  (Obama Republicans made Iran nukes deal possible)

If Loesch is so pro-Israel, why is Dana not worried about Cruz’s Michigan, Muslim campaign chief, who is pro-Hezbollah:  See at Debbie Schlussel 

If Ms. Loesch is so Conservative, why is she not bothered with one of Ted Cruz’ largest donors?  Pastor Ted’s donor is a gay, pot smoker   Ted Cruz, gay billionaire, pot smoking donor (Texas Tribune)

Ms. Loesch seems to be OK with Ted Cruz voting WITH the Democrats after a fake, phoney, 21 hour filibuster that funded Obama-Care again: CNN,  But not ok with Trump being  for the mandate, but Trump also being non-politician.

Why is she so bothered with Trump? It’s Ted Cruz who transferred money from Sen Camp 2 Prez Camp, violating FEC permissible transfers: 11 CFR 100.72:

transfer (1)

If Loesch is so concerned with Trump’s business, why is she not concerned with how Mr. Cruz does business?  Cruz: failed to disclose ties to a Jamaican holding company TIME MAG 

Is Loesch OK with Cruz support of Eminent Domain?   Cruz supports eminent domain: Texas Tribune

Voting for TPP good for me but not for thee, Ms. Loesch?  Ted Supports TPP,  Yes, Unfortunately Ted Cruz Did Support Trans-Pacific (Conservative Treehouse) …

What about the military?  Why did Mr. Cruz vote against the Defense budget, THREE times but right before the S. C. Primary,  he wants to fund it?  McClatchy Report.

Ms. Loesch is concerned with Trump working with Goldman and Sachs, but not concerned with how Ted Cruz receives tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars from G/S?  Open Secrets. OrgAnd 2014, Open Secrets.

Ms. Loesh does not understand business and politics in the large cities and is upset that Trump gave to money to the Democrats.  What she does not understand is that Republicans do NOT get elected in NYC, Chicago or S Fran.  So, the squeaky wheel gets the grease in city politics and biz.  But,  Loesch also leaves out how much money that Trump HAS given to the GOP:

Let’s all just click right here and take a look, shall we? (Open Secrets)

Or, how much money Trump gave to the GOP in 2014: What he donated in the 2014 election cycle, shall we? (Open Secrets)

Lets look at all the people who are not, uh, fond of Ted Cruz:  Everybody Hates Ted | New Republic.  Does Loesch realize that Democrats are not going anywhere and that the next Prez WILL have to work with them in a diplomatic way to alter this mess?

Have we looked at Jeff Roe, Cruz’ camp manager?   Roe is the one who actually ‘made’ Ted Cruz into an “Evangelical” (He really was not like that before, his Evangelical act is just that, a phoney act) See for yourself:  Ted Cruz’s Howitzer | New Republic

Here are fabulous things that Mr. Trump has done: Trump: $100 Million To Charities The Last 5 Yrs. His Son, Eric Raised 20 Million For Children Hospital Research,  Trump Helped Marine, Tahmooressi, Financially. Gave 10K To Hero Bus Driver, Protected Jennifer Hudson ETC,  Trump FOUGHT AGAINST Jew-Hatred–YUGE

Poor, dear heart, Ms. Loesch… If you’re looking for perfection and a purist in politics, Trump does not have it and Cruz sure as hell does not either.  The ‘razzle dazzle’ about Trump is he is NOT A POLITICIAN.   So, please, Dana.. the phoney outrage is ridiculous.  Be a little more pragmatic, sweetie.

By the way, Ted Cruz is a liar and he lies about Candidates.  According to Loesch, Trump is no good.  But, lying is no good either:

BUT-I’m not worried about all of this. Becks god will take care of anyone that opposes Ted Cruz.  Beck believes his god killed Scalia so we would all vote for Cruz…