Archive | February 24, 2016



Sunset Is A Woman, TMJ 2016

Another day in the life of a 21 yr old trapped in a 51 year old woman’s body.  I get up and my ass is killing me from Sciatica which hurts all the way down to my ankles, my ankles have a hard time holding my chunky ass up to begin with.

Then, its new kinds of pain in my lower back causing me to almost curse the Lord:  But, I stop there from cursing him but I still remember the story of Adam and Eve and think: It DIDNT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!!

Then, I take a HOT shower to stop my poor bones from aching and begin to sing   “Nobody told me there’d be days like these”.

I get out of the shower, look at my middle-aged face like WHAT is that ?? And then I blast on 1/5th of the tube of hyaluronic acid and wallah, its Pauli Chipmunk cheeks.  😀

Then, I to to the cabinet and take Atenelol for high blood pressure (which I now have due to having a hysterectomy), my Effexor which keeps me from going balistic all over everyone, my estradiol which stops me from melting.
Here I am waiting for the hyaluronic acid to dry up and it feels like my face is tight and young again.