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The Mad Jewess Serves No One. I *Support* The 1 Who Is Shaking Up DC: #Trump

The Mad Jewess Serves No One. I *Support* The 1 Who Is Shaking Up D.C., #Trump:

I listened to this Youtube above this morning and it is evident that Trump is totally upsetting the Apple cart like no one else.    The rest of the cand’s play along to make money, court special interests, further Washington lobbies, war, war and more war.    

I have to tell you—that watching these tyrants get exposed by Trump has given me a glimmer of hope.   This does not mean I think Trump is God.   On the contrary. Trump has some issues I do NOT agree with, but that’s life.     I just like the fact that he is making DC allllll upset 😀     It’s great to watch.  

 I serve no man. I support Trump who is shaking up Washington.  [I don’t agree with ‘drafting Romney’ as Stone says in the Youtube, but do agree with much of it.]

Should Trump become Prez and screw up like the others:  I will do what I have done for years-Post the truth and stand up to it.

 I will tell you this much, though:  I can’t stand Ted Cruz for President. He is NOT a likable person at all.  Rumor has it that Trump would make Cruz SCOTUS.. I wouldn’t even trust him there, either.  Liars can’t be trusted.