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The Fascists At Twitter Have “Shadowbanned” Me For Months

The Fascists At Twitter Have “Shadowbanned” Me For Months

Leftists and “Conservatives” have been making sure I am not heard for years now.  Well, there may just come a time when God makes sure I am heard and there is nothing that you jerks can do about it.


Inside source from Twitter:  EXCLUSIVE: Twitter Shadowbanning ‘Real and Happening  (Breitbart)…

According to the source, Twitter maintains a ‘whitelist’ of favoured Twitter accounts and a ‘blacklist’ of unfavoured accounts. Accounts on the whitelist are prioritised in search results, even if they’re not the most popular among users. Meanwhile, accounts on the blacklist have their posts hidden from both search results and other users’ timelines.

For site owners, the ideal shadowban is when a user never realizes he’s been shadowbanned.


This is the story of my life on Twitter the last 6 or more months.


I fight against far leftists, feminists, “BlackLivesMatter” liars and any Commie Pinko filth.  I fight against war-mongers & Russia haters.  I fight against militant blacks.  I expose black on white crime.  I am fighting the against the real threats against the west, against whites and Jews and I am ‘shadow-banned’.   I am not just banned on Twitter. I am also banned on many sites like Breitbart, Daily Caller, InfoWars, WA Post, WA Times..You name it. Just for posting the truth.

I am tired of the totalitarians. I have more followers (Almost 10K) with LESS feedback and ReTweets.  All I have to do is look up my stats from 6 months ago to see when the change started.  I used to get 40 plus ReTweets on certain posts, now, it’s 5 RT’s (That was almost a year ago).   What is nasty is the fact that Twitter thinks we don’t know that they shadowban humans.   Many people have had their accounts suspended like Chuck Johnson from “Got News”, Robert Stacy McCain from “The Other McCain” and many more.

This is not America, this is fascism. People are worried that Trump is a fascist? What a bunch of imbeciles. Newsflash: ITS ALREADY FASCIST and just a matter of time before more murders, dehumanizing of whites, Christians and Jews. How long is everyone going to take it?

I originally went on Twitter to fight the totalitarians.   Twitter is not just politics, by the way.  Twitter leftists are cowardly and in denial of reality.  Denial leads to mass genocide, ruthless regimes and loss of freedoms. 

How long are you going to take this, people?  How long? Until you are dead? 



Regime Change Madness Of USA/EU Govt’s Brought M. East Refugees & Terror To Our Countries

Regime Change Madness Of USA/EU Govt’s Brought M. East Refugees & Terror To Our Countries


First of all: Islam is a dangerous cult of murder & they should not be allowed into any civilized country.  Second: BUT-Why would a civilized people ignite an already bad situation in the middle east?  Third: There are repercussions when there is interference.   Fourth: Love or hate Ron Paul, shouldn’t EU/USA look into what he has said about ‘blowback’? 

A couple of years ago, I had a dream: In the dream, I was observing a man who was trying to get a hornet’s nest inside of a black plastic bag.   After he got all of the hornets in the bag, I went over, opened the bag and let some of the hornet’s go.  The man who captured the hornets ran over to me and said: “What are you doing?”  I woke up and then God showed me about the middle east: The middle east is a continuous hornet’s nest.  A hornet is an angry, predatory insect that stings. To avert this type of bug, you stay out and do not engage it or you obliterate it all together (EU/USA does not have the fortitude to do that).   Because it is angry, it will only become more ignited if enraged.

After 2010, NATO: (EU, USA) went on a middle eastern power grab.  Evidence will show you that our government is 100% responsible for the influx of millions of middle eastern refugees & terror.  After US/EU decimated their countries, the refugees then came to us.  These refugees are living in the 7th century and they are on a Jihad mixed with a revenge for our interference.


  • In 2010 Hillary Clinton demands Egypt’s sovereign leader, Hosni Mubarak must step down:  Clinton urges  ‘transition to a democratic regime‘ – NBC World News….   Why did Hillary Clinton do this?  Egypt made a pact with Israel in 1979 (Egypt and Israel receive 5.0 billion dollars to keep peace) and Hosni Mubarak kept that relative peace for over 30 years.  Tens of thousands of Egyptian refugees were forced out of their homes and villages because of Hillary Clinton’s idiocy.  The rise of the Islamic militants,& the Muslim brotherhood ensued.  Who the hell does she think she is? Who do we think we are?  Why would we think that there would be no ‘blowback’?  Did we really think that EU would not suffer terrorists and Islamics en masse for this mess?


  • 2010 Libya’s legitimate leader, President Gaddafi was told to step down: Clinton says Gaddafi must go | Reuters.   Why did Hillary Clinton do this?  Yes, Gaddafi had a terrible past of terror himself.  But, even in the last few years before he was sodomized and assassinated, he said that he was ‘with the west in the war against Islamic radicals’.   Libya is a disaster now.  Islamic radicals are in charge of that country and what was once a relatively sane nation is now a catastrophe.  Many of the most fiercest Islamic radicals are birthed out of Libya now.  Christians are murdered and thrust out of their homes.  We are responsible for this.  Our government.  And, now ISIS members from Libya are in Paris, Brussels, all over EU.


And, now this:  Zero Hedge: Pentagon armed fighters are fighting CIA armed fighters in Aleppo, Syria. . If that isn’t the height of insanity, I don’t know what is…

EU/USA (NATO) inadvertently created the refugee situation.  Like it or not, it is the absolute truth.  We cannot go into other countries, turn their lives upside down, enrage an already hostile situation and then expect hearts and flowers to arise out of a disaster SNAFU.  

Don’t want these refugees?  Then demand our governments stay the tell out of the middle east.  Stop being irresponsible.


Ted Pivots From His Failed Primary Campaign To Run For Thug Of The Year

Ted Pivots From His Failed Primary Campaign To Run For Thug Of The Year


Authored by Dr. David Levee:

Hmm, let’s see – pretty much everyone in America – Repub and Dem – has finally had it with politicians ignoring the will of the people and just doing anything that lines their pockets even if it ruins the country.
That’s why Trump is winning, duh.

So Ted – what’s your plan? You can’t win with the people – now you are trying to rig things with the politicians
in back room deals?
Hmm, let’s see – oh right, that’s what everyone in American is angry about in the first place.
But the will of the people doesn’t matter to you at all, not even a little bit.
I hope Team Trump makes this very very clear to everyone

I know that many politicians are psychotic – but there are some nice psychopaths too (as long as you don’t cross them).

When Trump called you ‘Lyin’ Ted’ he was just being redundant, the same way it’s an oxymoron to say “lyin’ politician” ’cause it’s basically their job description.

God created free will – but that doesn’t matter to you either – since you are a nasty form of psychotic that believes that only your will matters, that’s a special form of psychosis called megalomania – a disorder you share with some of the great dictators of our time – all of them are really just common thugs who got hold of power and everyone else suffered for it.

You don’t seem to notice that your forced grin sheep mask has come loose – now everyone can see your wolf’s teeth – even your wife seems cut from the same mean spirit that animates you.

Let’s face it Ted:
You’re just a thug.


Tiana Bay Poem


Tiana Bay, 2010 TMJ

My girl-hood home:

In a distance not far away, laid a body of water, named Tiana Bay.

Tiana was a lady, she had tides so serene, if one looked closely, it was obvious she was a queen..

The Oaks, the Willows, the Moss and grass, left a path for travelers seeking to pass..

But, who could pass this royal bay, whose treasures laid shells in the sand on the way..

Tiana Bay is a part of me, the fragrance of it’s shores have left me breathless and free..

See Tiana, let your soul flow through it’s waves…Write your name in the sand, let it wash away..You’ll swear you paid a price, to be part of Tiana Bay.

©2010 – AsheDina

I just got back from Santa Monica.  It’s sad that white men built the Santa Monica pier and it is now taken over by Mexico.  I will be back to blogging about the refugee situation—created by EUSSR and USSA.

Rabbi’s Boycott #Trump, But Suck-Up To #CRUZ Who Voted To ARM #IRAN. FRAUDS!

Rabbi’s Boycott #Trump, But Suck-Up To #CRUZ Who Voted To ARM #IRAN. FRAUDS!

Stupid is as stupid does…

rabbi (1)

From the gung-ho Ted Cruz or Hillary website, Red State: “GOP Failure theater, Cruz/Rubio edition.”

From American Thinker:  Ted Cruz voted to lift sanctions off Iran

Cruz, Rubio and Paul fought this measure procedurely, at first… but then voted for it on final passage. Totally inexplicable. And totally wrong, from a policy and constitutional perspective..

After negotiators reached a preliminary agreement in April, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz warned that the framework for the nuclear agreement with Iran was a “bad deal,” saying that it would appear to “dramatically undermine the national security of the United States.”

Then why did you vote for it, Ted?

These idiot Rabbis now are dumping on Trump causing their own Jew hatred:   CNN, Rabbi morons are protesting Trump who likes Israel but wants to let them handle their own affairs but will ‘try’.   I believe he should remain neutral as he stated a couple weeks ago.    We have enough issues here to worry about.   Let Israel fight their p@lestinians themselves.

Israel:  Dump these American “Jewish” traitors.  After all, 61% of you support Trump and want to be left alone:  Poll: 61% of Israeli Jews Say Donald Trump Good for Israel (Breitbart)