DALLAS MASSACRE: Libs AND Cons Called Me Racist For YEARS Re. Black/White Race Wars/Crime. IDIOTS!

DALLAS MASSACRE: Libs AND Cons Called Me Racist For YEARS Re. Black/White Race Wars/Crime. IDIOTS!

‘Black Lives Matter’ – domestic terrorist organization which has been given encouragement by the MSM and the Obama administration.

*The tables have not ‘turned’.. Black males have been murdering white people and cops for decades.  It is encouraged by Liberals and by Conservative apathy.


For years this blog and my other blog reported black on white crime.   See my old blog: The Mad Jewess black on white crimes, race wars @ WordPress.  [And here on the tab above.]

I have been banned on any number of blogs & websites for only reporting race crimes and being honest.  Honesty in the late, great USSA is ‘racism’.     Reporting and talking about racial crimes perpetrated against white people is ‘bigotry’.     Blogging about my own experiences being ‘white’ in a city taken over by violent Mexican/Hispanic gangs is prejudiced.  

Now, there are dead Police officers all over America.  5 in the latest slaughter in Dallas.  Dead whites in the thousands, nationwide.   The white person is becoming hunted like a Jew was in the early 1930’s.     White-hating propaganda fills air-waves, television shows, magazines.   Openly talking about how all whites should die is not even an ‘outrage’, it is an accepted form of speech.    Publishing books about ‘evil’ satanic white people is encouraged and admired.  

Liberals and Conservatives alike are the powder magazine in the guns of the young, black, militant males.   This is why you can go to hell and I will  not EVER join either of you.    You are culprits in murder.   Face it: You are either killing yourselves & others because you believe in the lie called ‘white guilt’, or you believe that these criminals are just as tolerant as you are, Conservative person.

The Police are on to this mess but the Liberals call the Police “Nazis” merely for exercising self defense.  A Police man has every right to defend his/her own life.

I don’t even blame these miscreants anymore, I blame you conservatives for being  damned suckers.  Believing the hype that we’re ‘all the same’.   We’re not.  When you wake up and start to realize that you are taught to ‘love all humanity’ as these militant blacks are taught to hate whitey, maybe we’ll talk.


Until then: Fock you for calling us ‘racist’ merely for warning you.   That means you big, mouthy, do-nothing Conservative pundits that have banned me, blocked me etc.. IDIOTS!

PS: We already know ‘they’re not all like that.’    So, dont go there, we’re all sick of this shit.   And, sane Jews are sick of you Liberal assbag Jews that people are not allowed to criticize because it’s ‘anti semitic’.  What bullshit. All of it.


  • Nazi pussy fags: Your comments will be deleted. You have NO platform here.

  • kookooracharabioso

    Old news but here it is anyway.


    This is why I tell the kids that if they get pulled over turn that rap shitake OFF.

  • Nightshade09

    Have been a reader of your Blogs a few
    years now.

    You often use rather strong language
    and not to gifted in the skill of tactic.


    You speak the truth and the courage to
    speak it!

    What was that quote of Orwell.. “In
    a age of willful deception speaking the truth becomes a radical act.”
    or along those lines.

    Never stop being a Radical

    Mad Jewess.

    An G-d Bless you!

    • I know….I am terrible with words. Its because when I am writing I am so outraged.
      Ty for reading and bearing with me

  • QV3

    Victoria Nuland’s USD 5 billion in Ukraine comes home to America. The snipers did a parallel of the Ukraine Maidan sniper attacks.
    And right after Attorney General Loretta Lynch has made it official…all charges regarding Hillary Clinton’s e-mail investigation is to be closed with no charges.
    And Hacked messages of #BlackLivesMatter leader reveal Obama regime’s plan for ‘summer of chaos’ and martial law.
    Message from Obama: Black Lives Matter. Police lives do not.
    Prepare for Race War. It is inevitable.

    • kookooracharabioso


      The term psychotic break comes to mind as I ponder the factions in my nation. For years I knew that we were in trouble due to only one group owning the narrative on racism – the others denied freedom of speech.

      The other day I had the opportunity to listen to a local liberal radio talk show and wow . . . they used all the same buzz words as the right. Failing to recognize that FBI Director Comey dutifully fell on his sword and is now fighting for his life they called the entire email investigation “POLITICAL THEATER ” and said Comey should keep his mouth shut about his “OPINIONS. “

      • QV3

        21st century is a Israel hating blog.
        The people behind 21st century would like Israel to be wiped out of the world’s map. I had a lengthy discourse with them arguing the case for Israel, biblically and legally. They didn’t like it. They are the first in line to defend and fight for the Palis. And would like to see every Jew driven to the sea, and Israel made Judenrein and handed over to their darling muslims. 21st century is Janus.

        • kookooracharabioso

          Didn’t know. But it’s the symbolism that caught my eye. 2017 is 100 year anniversary of Russian Revolution. Dallas JFK plus many other rumors about TX. Color Revolutions.

      • QV3

        Typical LEFTIST twisted rabid jew hater. Now you understand why the West is being fucked by the very ones they arselick.

        • This is why I hardly write anymore, QV:

          1. I see the doom and know nothing can be done to stop much of it.
          2. I get attacked all the time by “American” Nazis (SOCIALISTS) on Twitter.
          3. Time for me to get off the front lines.

  • QV3

    No matter how much the anger, no matter how the facts are laid, no matter the truth, America is just 3 years away from becoming an Islamic Caliphate. The Muslim Brotherhood’s target is right on cue, aided by the Leftists of America.
    Black Lives Matter is very much a Leftist -Islamic Alliance.
    Americans, in general, and in the majority, with their apathy, have allowed the chickens to come to roost.

    • kookooracharabioso

      So now we will have Islamic gospel and rap? Ball players will stop and prostrate themselves at time of prayer? Before returning to the game they will hop around with that Shahada finger in the air? Kim and Caitlin will be modeling the latest berka styles? Pro wrestlers that lose will get beheaded in the ring? All those guillotines will be at the FEMA camps for the throwaway humans? Oh yeah put your ass in the air! Shake that finger like you just don’t care!

      • QV3

        Islam will ban all football, all music, all entertainment. All stadiums will be converted into execution grounds. Like they did in Afghanistan. I was told by a journalist that the Taliban would issue embossed invitation cards to embassies and foreign journalists (notably western) to witness flogging, stoning, lashing, and beheading. That’s entertainment.
        Kim and Caitlin will be thrown from the highest buildings, or hanged in the town centre. All American women and girls will be compartmentalised on colour of hair, eyes, height. White meat will simply not do. Blonde and blue eyes will enjoy the islamic pleasure of being forever pregnant — birthing every 10 months, and forever be ready to be fucked either front or back by the muslim savage. Toddler girls will be trained to please the older man. Like a 3 year old sitting on a 40 year old male’s lap, legs apart as he bumps her up and down. To stretch the vagina and make it elastic for his penis to DEFLOWER her. Muslims LOVE deflowering . That’swhy their book from hell promises the islamic jihadist 72 houris (virgins) to enjoy deflowering with his eternal erection for eternal fucking. And the deflowered houri will have her hymen miraculously restored for the next defloration.
        Toddler boys will be trained to sing and dance, and bend down so rod can be inserted into the anus, stretching it for the male to anus fuck him. Anus Fuckers of America will enjoy with their islamic jihadists sodomising toddlers. BUT when it comes to adults, he will be judged as a homosexual, an abomination, and thrown off a cliff, a building, or hanged in the public square.
        Such a wonderful future for an America of LBGT, Leftists, Politically Correct sewer rats, Liberal bleeding hearts, and Psychopaths.
        Keep cursing God.

  • QV3

    Well, another shooting by a Black man and three dead law officers. Gavin Long, ex Marine, was Nation of Islam member.
    So it appears America is at war with two forces: Blacks and Islam.
    Keep cursing God, and celebrate LBGT.