.If #Trump Loses Blame White Nationalist Subversives:

.If #Trump Loses Blame White Nationalist Subversives:

(The movie above was directed by Loren Feldman who is bearing the brunt of these idiot subversives, below)


It’s not the JEWS out there destroying Trump, its White Nationalists.  With their subtle memes to get Trump’s attention.  Older people are not wiz at Twitter and the left uses all of your idiocy  – you stupid ass morons.

These same idiots who will turn and blame the Jews for the potential loss.  If these jackasses are not out there tweeting memes to get Trumps to Retweet them:  Like this.   They’re out there dumping on older Jewish and Christian patriotic directors and movie-makers for NO reason at all.   You idiot White Nationalists the ones who are the brick and mortar for the left.

  See what you damned fools are creating–you’re giving the left their ammunition:

*Dana Schwartz Writes Letter On Anti-Semitism To Trump’s Son-In-Law – [Yesterday] 

*Trump’s Anti-Semitic Hillary Meme Was Created By White Supremacists [3 days ago]

*Trump Tweets: A History Of Gaffes From Wife Comparisons To The 6-Point Star [Yesterday]

*Trump Uncorks A Genie Of Anti-Semitic Hate And Harassment Online [March]

*Trevor Noah: Donald Trump AntiSemitic “Dog Whistle” Tweet Heard …
[37 minutes ago]

*Donald Trump’s Love Affair With White Supremacists [A few mins ago]


My friend Loren Feldman, who is very patriotic & directed Silenced. Who is also a bearing the brunt of these asinine attacks:   Silenced” Our War On Free Speech. Directed by Loren Feldman Produced by Mike Cernovich. Associate Producers AJ Fouladpour | Christopher Deoudes

He says:






You idiot, White ‘Nationalists’ (you’re not nationalist by the way, you’re traitors)  are destroying a true movement of people trying to break free from this PC insanity.    You will have NO ONE to blame but yourselves if Trump loses.  

You are attacking movie producers, directors, big conservative, right-wing money-makers working on the side of patriotism.  

You’re filthy, rotten, no good traitors. Period.

 You’re out there picking fights with good Christians and Jews. 


Here is my partial list of some of these attack monger morons:   Menstruating Females: 

Take a look at this moron’s Twitter page for eg:


  • MichaelSwift✓ᵂʰᶦᵗᵉ ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

    “You’re out there picking fights with good Christians and Jews.”

    “Good Jews”? What on earth is that?

    • Like ‘good white nationalists’ **Subverting** Trump?

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      • Dr. James Russell, PhD

        As a proud white American who supports Israel 200% I entirely agree that these Naziswhowanttokill6millionjews are just despicable, let me tell ya!

        • Well-Who asked you to support Israel here? Not I.

          This is about white n pussies who are attacking American Jews who are pro Trump.

  • Smash Cultural Marxism!

    The alt right has now taken over the American right wing. Get used to it.

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      This blog has been far right for YEARS.
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  • D’ontravius Cohen

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