Loving God Is Loving People….

Loving God Is Loving People….


Wonderment.. AsheDina, TMJ 2016 


Do something nice…..!

Yesterday, David and I were at Walmart. Behind me was an elderly handicapped woman. I offered to take the things from her cart and put it on the grocery counter. And, I did just that.

She said: “I hope I have enough money”!

I stayed there to make sure she did.   She did not have enough $$.   So, I told the cashier: Ring her up and we will pay the remaining balance. We paid it.
I looked at her and said “God bless you”.
She just looked totally shocked.

I had such a wonderful feeling after.


  • lostlegends

    And God bless you.

  • QV3

    God looks down and mutters: You are Blessed too.

  • kookooracharabioso


  • I am warmed at the nice thing you and David did for the lady. As I recall, God’s Chosen People are also the most loving of all peoples. My early childhood benefactor was entirely Jewish — Mrs. Elmer Juand — owned the Tavern where my Dad and Mom worked … gave me many of the things I could never have had as a poor kid — loved me like one of her own — We spent many days together peeling potatoes for the restaurant and swapping jokes and laughing until we couldn’t sit still anymore … Hers was the most generous soul I have ever met on the face of this earth besides my own Mom and Dad …. Not being one to believe in Santa Claus or to celebrate Christmas, she still bought me a suit and a hat and tie … some shoes, a nice dress shirt … put me in that big old automobile of hers and took me to a large nearby city for the express purpose of standing in a long line of screaming kids in a major department store to see Santa Clause …. Most loving, kind and generous soul I ever knew outside my own beloved parents . I am so moved by your generosity toward the lady in need but I think it is all part of your Spirit which is the Spirit of The all-loving, all-giving Creator, Himself.

  • Denver Goddess