Nobody Knows LESS About Foreign Policy FUBAR’s Than Pro Ukrainian Nazi Red State Blog

Nobody Knows LESS About Foreign Policy FUBAR’s Than Pro Ukrainian Nazi Red State Blog



I realize that Red State is probably not Soros linked.. (But, who knows?)  However, they are certainly pushing Soros propaganda.  Anyone who is even read regarding the Russia/Ukraine SNAFU knows that Ukraine was Soros’ baby  because of DC Leaks:   And,  I told you readers (who are not following me on Twitter that Soros was the leading perp of the Ukraine mess & he admitted it)  right here in 2014, after the fall of Yanukovych:  King George Soros Speaks Out On HIS Revolution in Ukraine.

Soros actively worked against Russia and its traditional values  Click to read it all on DC leaks

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A Quote from Pinkos at Red State today:

The media is aswirl today with more revelations of Trump campaign chairman and alleged Russian mob fixer Paul Manafort’s role in the annexation of Crimea by Russia and his funneling Russian cash to US lobbying firms that then declined to disclose the fact that they were representing the interests of a foreign government.


  • Russia did not ‘annex’ Crimea.  Crimea didn’t want to join the Nazi Junta in Ukraine, so they joined “Mother Russia”.  Crimea has always historically been Russia (with or without papers).  Why would any sane territory want to join Nazi’s, anyway? 

No Nazi’s in Ukraine?  Really? 


“Righteous”, holier than thou, Never Trump, Red State is supporting the Ukraine Junta, filled with Nazi’s by choice.  They think that Nazis in Ukraine is “Russian propaganda”, even though many Ukrainians were hard core Nazis in WW2 (and still are)  Ukrainian collaborationism with the Axis powers 

Red State is wrong about Hillary also.  Hillary worked against the Russian elections in 2011:  Vladimir Putin accuses Hillary Clinton of encouraging Russian protests The Guardian, 2011.   Soros/Hillary had streets filled with anti-Putin actors in Moscow.

As far as Manafort goes:  

Nothing will make “Red State” happy.  Not even the firing of Manafort.  They just hate Trump no matter what he could do for our nation.  

Now, for the question:  Why are supposed “Conservatives” pushing Soros propaganda and supporting Nazis in Ukraine? Our Grandfathers would be rolling in their graves over Red State treachery.


Meanwhile:  DONALD TRUMP Heads to Louisiana Disaster Tomorrow – While Obama Vacations, Hillary Rests

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