#SOROS Hacked: Docs Show AGAIN That He Was Puppet-Master Of #UKRAINE Mess. I Told You He Was YEARS AGO, People Called Me A “Putin Troll”

#SOROS Hacked: Docs Show AGAIN That He Was Puppet-Master Of #UKRAINE Mess.  I Told You He Was YEARS Ago, People Called Me A “Putin Troll”


I told people that Soros was the Puppet Master of the Ukraine FUBAR and Putin/Russia was NOT the aggressor but people like Daniel Greenfield (a fellow Jew) told me I was a “Moscow troll, paid by Putin”   See:  Daniel Greenfield, @Sultanknish Answer My Questions Re. Ukraine, Not “You’re Using Putin Talking Points”

Where are you now, Greenfield?

Aug 2016- Now, more docs of Soros have been hacked by Guccifer (Who’s post has been removedGUCCIFER 2.0 HACKED DCCC  [Read it online, they show Soros’ hands all over the Ukraine disaster]    OR here:  DC Leaks website  http://dcleaks.com/index.php/srs_reserves/

I told readers (who are not following me on Twitter that Soros was the leading perp of the Ukraine mess & he admitted it)  right here in 2014:  King George Soros Speaks Out On HIS Revolution in Ukraine

Here is a screen cap of Soros involvement in Ukraine & the demonizing of Russia:

Soros 3

The whole mess in Ukraine is a damned LIE.  The jouros LIE constantly, blaming Russia for everything.   This is what many Americans have turned into:  Whiney little brats who refuse to take responsibility for the mess our own government creates along with Soros the most evil man alive.


Fake-servatives for Ted Cruz are inadvertently supporting George Soros because Ted Cruz is also pro-Ukraine Junta:

Many of you Fake-Servatives called me so many terrible names for telling the truth about Ukraine years ago.  You snots have stolen my stories, laughed at me, treated me awful.


  • Goldbug

    Oh, God, please spare us from any more bilge from globalist, Soros puppet, NWO-promoting, Lyin’ Ted Cruz. I wonder how much they’re paying him to spread their hate-Russia BS. As a President, I would prefer Vlad any day to Jihadi Barry, the usurper. Trump will get along and work well with Putin, who is for his people and is protecting Christianity. The scummy globalists will have to dig up a new bogeyman for us to hate.

  • John Velisek
    • kookooracharabioso

      Great site! Many topics of interest to me – like Christopher Green’s “Death of the Family. . . .” Something I have been pondering a long time. Unfortunately the rest of your Soros articles won’t show on my device when I click on links at bottom of your most recent work.

      • John Velisek

        shall I send them to you directly? or you can go to facebook.onepatriotsopinion and find them there.

        • kookooracharabioso

          Thanks but no thanks. I don’t face or email (just a tiny bit email. ) I’m just not ready to bend on that cause of past problems hacking & stuff like that. Will try other ways when I have time.

  • kookooracharabioso

    Found these today. . . .