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Obama & His Regime Of Insanity Has Made Me Tired

Obama & His Regime Of Insanity Has Made Me Tired

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I am.  I need a LONG rest.  I am so tired that I have nothing much to say anymore.   I feel like I have ‘seen too much‘.    Witnessed too much violent news.    I have observed the absolute worst in humanity.   From Breitbart being murdered by the Obama psychopaths, to black lives matter, to endless, unreported, undeclared proxy wars, to John McCain in Ukraine fomenting revolution,  to watching the biblical destruction of Syria brought on by OUR government, to Obama/Hillary arming ISIS, to fake school shootings, to horribleaffordable healthcare’, to Pizza Gate, to my being pro white, reporting black on white crime, then getting attacked viciously by ‘pro white’ Americans.  Who the hell can deal with that type of disloyalty on top of it all.

 Who can keep up with the Communist war against America, Europe, Israel:  the invasion of Mexicans and Muslims into our once nice lands.   Who can keep an account of the murder of 60 million babies from abortion, pedophile rings, lies and constant onslaught?  I ‘unliked’ all political pages that I ‘liked’ on Facebook because I feel so desensitized and nothing fazes me. 

Leftists love this insanity.  It’s what they live for and I can’t stand these dregs of society.  I used to be an avid blogger and I admire those who constantly blog.  But, in order to try to bring news, one has to be detached from ‘feeling’ the news and I can’t stand this numbness.  Without passion, I can’t even live right.  I have to find my passion again because witnessing the news the last 8 years has made me so desensitized.  Truly, this is a man’s job.  I am just a woman and I need my passion back.  I want to blog but I have no emotion.

Lord help me.  Because I feel nothing and how can one fight evil without passion?  Until I can scream and cry again – I can’t write anything but poems and post songs.   I’m Sorry.  It’s not like I just ‘became’ this way.  I have felt like this for months.