Why Is Everyone Shocked By The Left & Hollywood? They Make Noise Over Nothing Continuously

Why Is Everyone Shocked By The Left & Hollywood? They Make Noise Over Nothing Continuously

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The left is comprised of spoiled, rotten brats.  

They protest all the time when the Democrats are out of power.  They have been doing this for 50 years plus.  Meryl Streep is so very upset that Donald Trump is the Prez now.   Ms. Streep is a Feminist, Left-wing gasbag.   The only thing that she is really angry over?  The fact that a white male is going to be the Prez.   That makes feminists insane more than anything on the face of the planet.   I didn’t expect anything else at the Golden Globe Awards after Trump’s election.  This is the modus operandi, status quo of the left:  To cry & stomp your feet when you don’t get your way.   Why everyone is so shocked at the Golden Globes is really beyond my comprehension.  We are not dealing with happy, high, pot-smoking hippies here.  We’re dealing with Communist radicals.  They are experts in creating fake chaos & destroying cities. 

If Donald Trump has not prepared for a massive, left-wing insurgency – then there will probably be riots all over the nation on inauguration day.  There will be at any rate.  If this was me in charge, I would be scaring the sh’t out of these Leftists.  I would meet them at every angle with promises of years of jail time, treason, treachery.  Trump has not made ONE policy yet.  Not ONE.  They are protesting nothing & trying to de-legitimize his win.  That is not how our form of government works and if they want that type government, we can deport them to Venezuela.  They love Socialism anyway.

It’s past time to hold these brats accountable.  How do you deal with a child that is screaming, crying & acting like a demon?  Do you give that child a candy bar?  Do you coddle the brat?  No.  You bind the little monster up.

I remember years ago, I knew this man who was a Pastor.  He was a very wise man.  He was baby-sitting a little brat who was unruly and got his way with everything.  The little devil messed with the wrong man.  The Pastor simply put his arms around the kid and would not let the miscreant go–for many hours.  Until the monster settled down.  After a few hours, the child finally rested.  The boy then smiled  up at him.  The kid was at peace for the first time in his 3 short years.

Here ends the lesson:  

Lock far, left-wing radicals up for a long time and give them very hard labor.  Enough said.  Until you deal with a bully, the bastard will rule over you.


  • david drake

    Nice post. I agree with the vid—they (The Libs) are FILLED with this self righteous attitude that their way, their ideas, their methodology is THE ONLY kind that will: work, is acceptable, is permitted, is good, is harmless and – worst of all – should APPLY TO ALL PEOPLE.

    Hearing them whine now, as they are in the full of political minority, is just so sweet to hear.

    Take care, will be back again. (I added your Twitter to my blogroll). Thanks again for the mention. Alot of people hit my site because of your mentioning me, and I appreciate it more than I can say. (We’ll have to find some Libby site one of these days and stir some trouble up by caustically criticizing it. 🙂

    • They’re evil

      • david drake


        Yeah, the more and more I read about the Rothschilds, the Royal Family, Soros, Rockefellers, (JP) Morgan heirs, etc – the more I DO believe not only are they evil, but Luciferians.

        You may have seen it, but if not, search on you tube or you’ll find them on a web page, the Rothschild PARTY Masks. The Mrs. Rothschild wore a baphomet mask, and so much other satanic images it’s sick. I also found several sites that have Lady Di referring to the Royal family as “not human.” I don’t go for the “we’re being controlled by humanoid aliens”; but this small group of people who run the world sure are sick and weird.
        And how is it they ALL live so damn long? David Rockefeller, 100 or 101 — has had 9 (I believe) heart transplants. Ya think he’s on a waiting list for hearts? Hell no. I wouldn’t doubt if it worked like this: some healthy 21-25 year old male whose med records have been checked out by someone on the inside or paid off, just “disappears”. He’s killed, his heart goes to Rockefeller and his private team of surgeons, etc.

        I’m rambling…. stay well, keep in touch my friend.

        • kookooracharabioso

          I’m suspecting more. It seems that they must obey certain rules – whether there is a spiritual component or not I am unsure. They have to tell us what it is that they are going to do to us and they have to manufacture consent – basically get us to agree to being robbed being tortured being put into slavery. . . This is my perception but I simply don’t have time to analyze the volumes of information necessary to prove this hunch/hypothesis.

        • I hope all is well with you David. I have been swamped.
          Be blessed

  • QV3

    Hollywood is populated with Leftist/Liberal Scumbags. They are disconnected to reality. But feel it their right to spout, spew and indulge in verbal diarrhea the thinking from their sick, psychotic , indoctrinated cranium. Everywhere the Leftist/Liberal goes, he corrupts. Everything he touches is corrupted. Leftists and Liberals were allowed to breed like RATS in America.
    Conservative Americans are fighting for America’s soul.
    So are these Leftist/Liberal defective mental degenerates.
    Conservative Americans must fight them and hit them back twice as hard.
    Donald Trump, Trey Gowdy, Jason Chaffetz, and a few others are leading that fight.

  • lostlegends

    Posted to my FB. Always happy to post good content.

  • QV3

    Anyone know HOW MANY of the 22 Hollywood Airheads who promised to leave America if Trump wins have done so?

    • I wish they would get out

      • QV3

        I now read American liberals want OUT of the US. They have brainwashed themselves with the floating propaganda of a Donald Trump presidency worse than Hitler and Stalin combined. So they are fleeing to Canada.
        Canada where Islam’s Most Useful Idiot Justin Trudeau, like sexually frustrated Merkel, opened its doors to Muslim Filth for Rape Rampage, Theft on the open streets, Abuse and Beating up of women, the elderly, and Canadian children (ALL WHITE) to be culturally enriched. Canadians are learning that Muslim immigrants hold fundamentally different values and a majority now say Islam’s mainstream doctrines promote violence. Too late. Soon they will be out on the streets, the muslim migrants occupying their homes. Same story in Europe.

        Patriotic Americans should rejoice. The liberals and leftists are selling their homes for a song. The more liberals and leftists move out of America, the safer will be
        for the conservatives, the patriots, the Remainers.
        Meanwhile, clips of leftist protesters chanting “Nazi scum,” “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA,” was aired on TV watched by the rest of the world!! While we watched Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos tour of US campuses break out in VIOLENCE and EXPOSED Leftist VIOLENCE!
        The LEFT. the oh so tolerant Left accusing the ‘violence’ of President Trump!

        God works in not so strange ways. He is helping America cleanse its internal filth of mental wrecks so Americans would repent in relative peace and America’s judgment withheld for a while.

        • I HOPE they ALL leave and go to Saudi

          • QV3

            Its been five weeks since President Trump occupied the Oval Office.
            Dissapointed, not one of the 22 who screamed they would leave the US are still polluting the country with their putrid presence.

          • Liars, frauds, and promise breakers

  • kookooracharabioso

    That was me once. It’s seemingly a lifelong recuperation. Over the years my brain has bumped around things with nobody around to bump back. . . just blank stares. I remember wanting to write a refusenik and self-correcting. Or wondering if the ticky tacky houses people would be so welcome for same MO in USSR. Perspective – going from dirt floor dirt poor to a ticky tacky house can be wonderful. . . AND much better than Soviet era apartment. What is so terrifying for me is the collective delusion with no proof. WHERE IS YOUR PROOF OF THE THOUGHT CRIMES THAT YOU ALLEGE?

    PS Video excellent.

  • SPOT ON! good post. Demanding or forcing government mandated socialism is sedition, as it is not compatible with anything that America was founded on. And Sedition is a crime.

  • Joatmoaf

    Nailed it!