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Jewish People Like @JRubinBlogger (White-Hating Bigot) Create Anti Semitism

Jewish People Like @JRubinBlogger (White-Hating Bigot) Create Anti Semitism

When people most see Jennifer Rubin, they see a very hideous looking white woman.  They don’t see anything else.  

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Below, Rubin claims “White America” is dying.

It is white America that afforded Jennifer to even be a Jew here in this country. Try being a Jew in the middle east or in many countries in South America.  Unless Rubin is a hard leftist, it is almost verbotten for a Jew to even be Orthodox in Israel.  

It is white America who fought for feminist rights so that females could even have positions in journalism.   It is white men who had to step aside as a Pinko like Rubin is even in the position she is in. It was a white man who invented the cell phone Jennifer uses.  It was a white man who invented the computer she is typing her garbage from.  It is white men who invented her shower, bed, microwave, kotex, hormonal pills, anti depressants, even the make up for her ugly face..

 Our ‘evil’ white President has 11 Jews on his direst staff working with him:  Meet the Jews in Donald Trump’s inner circle | Jewish Telegraphic Agency.  Our ‘evil’ white Pres. Trump has an Orthodox Jewish daughter.


Jennifer Rubin’s propaganda:  Trump vs. an America that works

By Jennifer Rubin February 24 at 5:27 PM

In his column Friday taking to task President Trump and other immigration exclusionists, David Brooks writes: “For the life of me, I can’t figure out why so many Republicans prefer a dying white America to a place like, say, Houston.”

“Trump verses an America that works”.. Like Obama and Bush’s America worked..

I really am sick of these Pinko “Jews” dumping on the majority, who are white people & usually Christian. Christians who are white usually support the Jews:  (They should judge each Jewish person by their works/actions. DO NOT support Liberal and neo-con “Jews”.)   Rubin should understand that the majority will turn on her.  Bigtime.   And, when they do, I will be with them, fighting Rubin and Pinko’s like her.

Shame on Rubin for this white-hating bigotry.  

Does she not realize that it is mostly Liberal and ‘neo-con’ Jews that are dying because of their left-wing policies & anti patriotism?

 Does she not see that this just creates more anti semitism?  

“Lights Out In The West” (Digital Art Piece) By The Mad Jewess

Big social media censoring speech they dont like

 This is a piece I created called “Lights out in the West”
It makes me sick to see so many people suspended, black listed and more for their political/religious beliefs, online.  Left-wing totalitarians and Islamo-fascists are turning the west into a merry hell.  
In the piece, you can see Marx, Ramadan on England’s “Big Ben”, the Commie star on the Statue of Liberty, Censored on the torch, the recent fires in Paris.  What you are witnessing in the west is fascism induced by ‘Liberals’.    The ‘anti fascists’ ARE the fascists.    They can say they’re not, but it’s not us demanding they are silenced.  It is not us beating up political opponents.  It’s not us threatening to murder the President every day. It’s not us demanding Swedish women endure rape.

This is our world:  A place where you cannot criticize the obvious fascists.  The only man doing anything about it is Donald Trump and the Leftists are demanding his impeachment & even death.  

In Nazi Germany, they burned books.  In the present west, they suspend our commenting on the net AND books written by patriots exposing Liberal evil.   In Communist Russia, they forced your silence (Present west; you cannot criticize Liberals, Muslims or left-wing ‘Jewry’).     Soon, they will pass laws to ‘protect’ these aforementioned totalitarian groups.    In Islamic occupied nations, ‘infidels’ were forced to pay Jiyza or die (ISIS does this now).  
You ‘Liberals’ are evil, satanic, totalitarians and monsters.  Your day of reckoning is coming–if not by us, God will destroy you.  Deal with your future that is coming.  You are satanic devils: Murdering babies, arming those who murder Christians in the east. Glorifying sexual perversion, pedophilia & more.  




As @SunsaraTaylor Calls Trump “Fascist”, The Left Wing Has Been Beating & Destroying The Lives Of Conservative People.

As @SunsaraTaylor Calls Trump “Fascist”, The Left Wing Has Been Beating & Destroying The Lives Of Conservative People.

Where has this Sunsara bitch been as her friends, the radical leftists were beating Conservative Americans?

 * Hispanic Trump Supporter Beaten Up By Anti-Trump Protestors .  *Shocking moment Trump fan is attacked by leftist anti-Trumps .   * Video: Trump Voter Dragged from His Car, Brutally Beaten by leftists.  * TRUMP SUPPORTERS BEATEN-BLOODIED Outside by leftist, anti Trumps at  #DeploraBall .  * Anti-Trump High School Students Beat Up 15-Year-Old.    More:  Google/Search

Where was Sunsara as Obama bombed country after country?  Article below written by Code Pinko Medea Benjamin:    America Dropped 26,171 Bombs in 2016. What a Bloody End to Obama’s reign…

Where has Sunsara been as one Conservative after the next was suspended from Twitter and Facebook?  (I was suspended for defending myself.)  MANY Conservatives have been suspended from Twitter and Facebook.

Where was Sunsara as Obama had one political opponent after another murdered?  Obama’s ‘Dead Pool’ – Nachumlist.  

Where is Sunsara as this happened to Natural News?  GOOGLE blacklists Natural News… removes 140,000 pages from its index… “memory holes” Natural News investigative articles on vaccines, pharma corruption, fraudulent science and more.  Leftists fascists demanded Natural News  take steps to destroy Alex Jones and InfoWars

Where was Sunsara as her leftist friends foisted an attack on gay Conservative, Milo? The left destroyed this man’s life over non-issues that had to do with his ‘gay’ life.  I’m not even pro-gay and I stood by him as you fascist pigs destroyed him.

Sunsara claims in the video aforementioned that she is a humanist.  Believing that Conservative people are not human is fascistic.  Sitting by and doing nothing as fellow Americans are beaten and their lives destroyed is silence.  Silence is consent.  There is NOTHING humanist about Sunsara.  ZERO.  

Where was Sunsara as tens of thousands of Americans were murdered by Hispanic illegals she is so upset over??     Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial – OJJPAC

Here is Sunsara’s statement on her bullshit website:

‘NO! In the Name of Humanity – We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America’

Look in a mirror, bitch… You ARE the fascist. You have been OK with the fascist left hurting–BEATING Americans you don’t agree with.    ALL fascists project their own fascism all the time.  

PS:  The Nazis in Germany said that the Jews were the oppressors.  


People, you can’t ever take unhinged, brainwashed, oblivious, anti-humanity leftists serious.  They care nothing for humans – only leftism.  Every, single thing they accuse you of being—they ARE.  

“Operation Destroy #Milo Begins Monday”, Predicted 4 Chan Poster

“Operation Destroy #Milo Begins Monday”, Predicted 4 Chan Poster

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First off, let me say:  I am not pro-homosexual.  However, I am pro patriot.  Milo is a patriot who happens to be afflicted with ‘gay’.

 The left hates Yiannopoulos as does the phoney right.  Both cancerous plagues are trying to destroy the life of Milo.   Yiannopoulos was dis-invited from CPAC over comments from a tape taken out of context.  Simon and Shuster publishers halted his book over this same misconstrued tape that “Reagan Battallion” released.  

America has become a Gladiator show where either the left or the phoney right decides who lives or dies.

Evidently, the take down of Yiannopoulos in preparation for quite some time-


Yesterday, Monday, at 5:54 am, several hours before the articles appeared on any of the mainstream websites, a post appeared on 4chan’s /pol/ board from someone who claimed to be on a mailing list, detailing how the media planned to slander Milo.

THE REST:  Age Of Shitlords. Com

operation destroy milo

Interesting…The left thought pedos were just fine and dandy last year…But, now, the Salon has taken down their pro pedo article:  Salon Removes PRO-PEDOPHILIA Articles Written By Todd Nickerson From Its Website.  

Out of curiosity….Does this below look like Milo is a pedophile?