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“Operation Destroy #Milo Begins Monday”, Predicted 4 Chan Poster

“Operation Destroy #Milo Begins Monday”, Predicted 4 Chan Poster

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First off, let me say:  I am not pro-homosexual.  However, I am pro patriot.  Milo is a patriot who happens to be afflicted with ‘gay’.

 The left hates Yiannopoulos as does the phoney right.  Both cancerous plagues are trying to destroy the life of Milo.   Yiannopoulos was dis-invited from CPAC over comments from a tape taken out of context.  Simon and Shuster publishers halted his book over this same misconstrued tape that “Reagan Battallion” released.  

America has become a Gladiator show where either the left or the phoney right decides who lives or dies.

Evidently, the take down of Yiannopoulos in preparation for quite some time-


Yesterday, Monday, at 5:54 am, several hours before the articles appeared on any of the mainstream websites, a post appeared on 4chan’s /pol/ board from someone who claimed to be on a mailing list, detailing how the media planned to slander Milo.

THE REST:  Age Of Shitlords. Com

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Interesting…The left thought pedos were just fine and dandy last year…But, now, the Salon has taken down their pro pedo article:  Salon Removes PRO-PEDOPHILIA Articles Written By Todd Nickerson From Its Website.  

Out of curiosity….Does this below look like Milo is a pedophile?