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Jewish People Like @JRubinBlogger (White-Hating Bigot) Create Anti Semitism

Jewish People Like @JRubinBlogger (White-Hating Bigot) Create Anti Semitism

When people most see Jennifer Rubin, they see a very hideous looking white woman.  They don’t see anything else.  

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Below, Rubin claims “White America” is dying.

It is white America that afforded Jennifer to even be a Jew here in this country. Try being a Jew in the middle east or in many countries in South America.  Unless Rubin is a hard leftist, it is almost verbotten for a Jew to even be Orthodox in Israel.  

It is white America who fought for feminist rights so that females could even have positions in journalism.   It is white men who had to step aside as a Pinko like Rubin is even in the position she is in. It was a white man who invented the cell phone Jennifer uses.  It was a white man who invented the computer she is typing her garbage from.  It is white men who invented her shower, bed, microwave, kotex, hormonal pills, anti depressants, even the make up for her ugly face..

 Our ‘evil’ white President has 11 Jews on his direst staff working with him:  Meet the Jews in Donald Trump’s inner circle | Jewish Telegraphic Agency.  Our ‘evil’ white Pres. Trump has an Orthodox Jewish daughter.


Jennifer Rubin’s propaganda:  Trump vs. an America that works

By Jennifer Rubin February 24 at 5:27 PM

In his column Friday taking to task President Trump and other immigration exclusionists, David Brooks writes: “For the life of me, I can’t figure out why so many Republicans prefer a dying white America to a place like, say, Houston.”

“Trump verses an America that works”.. Like Obama and Bush’s America worked..

I really am sick of these Pinko “Jews” dumping on the majority, who are white people & usually Christian. Christians who are white usually support the Jews:  (They should judge each Jewish person by their works/actions. DO NOT support Liberal and neo-con “Jews”.)   Rubin should understand that the majority will turn on her.  Bigtime.   And, when they do, I will be with them, fighting Rubin and Pinko’s like her.

Shame on Rubin for this white-hating bigotry.  

Does she not realize that it is mostly Liberal and ‘neo-con’ Jews that are dying because of their left-wing policies & anti patriotism?

 Does she not see that this just creates more anti semitism?