Hillary Friend: NH DEM Rep, Thomas Katsiantonis, Arrested? Being Investigated For “Financial Crimes” (#PizzaGate)?

Hillary Friend:  NH DEM Rep, Thomas Katsiantonis, Arrested? Being Investigated For “Financial Crimes” (#PizzaGate)?

UPDATE: It is said that only warrants were issued.

Gee, a Democrat investigated being arrested for ‘financial crimes’ not even reported anywhere.  The FBI raided his home and cuffed him… NO news here.    Only Trump crap, 24-7.  

 It is rumored that this NH Rep is involved in “PizzaGate”.. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. We don’t know.   It is only released that he is under investigation for ‘financial crimes.’ 

At any rate:

  • Thomas Katsiantonis is a Democratic member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, representing Hillsborough 15. He was first elected to the chamber in 2008. Katsiantonis served in the House previously, representing Hillsborough 15 from 2003 to 2004. Katsiantonis was a candidate for Hillsborough 15 in 2006, Hillsborough 17 in 2004, and Hillsborough 50 in 2002

CONCORD — N.H. Republican State Committee Chairman Jeanie Forrester is calling for the suspension of Representative and Alderman Thomas Katsiantonis after learning of his involvement in an open criminal investigation:  

1. http://www.nh1.com/news/jeannie-forrester-calls-for-suspension-of-rep-thomas-katsiantonis/

2. http://www.nh1.com/news/authorities-conducting-financial-investigation-into-nh-state-rep-and-manchester-alderman/

3. http://www.nh1.com/news/authorities-at-home-businesses-belonging-to-state-rep-and-manchester-alderman-katsiantonis/

4. https://manchesterinklink.com/state-local-federal-agents-execute-warrants-aldermans-home-businesses/

Katsiantonis with Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama:

  • lostlegends

    Why I’m shocked, just shocked to think a Demo could be arrested. What’s the world coming to?

  • david drake

    Glad to see you on GAB!!!!!!!

  • MsBossTweedClintons

    Has he been arrested? Thought just search warrants currently being issued.

    • MarkOfSiam

      Yes, please answer this. Otherwise, it’s just more #fakenews

      • Read the links for gods sakes

      • PS: Fake news comes from the left and ONLY the left.

      • If we are not accurate here, we update it.
        We’re not the Left wing. Left wingers lie. We dont.

        • MsBossTweedClintons

          Are you unhinged? Bye Bye

          • so, if we are wrong and we correct it, that is ‘unhinged’.

            You Liberals are FUCKING LOSERS.

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            You need to shut the fuck up, libtard loser bitch!

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            Hey lady, I hope this was meant as a joke to make me lol, which I did, and not a joke at me. I’ve been following you for a couple of years now. I hated Obuthole and love Trump and always agree with your politics 👍👍😉

    • Look at the pics enclosed. They took this fat bastard in cuffs.

  • QV3

    News will be when Obama, Killery Rotten Clinton, John Podesta et al involved in Crimes Against Very young children , some babies murdered for Satan worship, be arrested.
    Former CIA operative David Steele divulged that in WDC, there are Saudi Arabian restaurants with basements below where CHILDREN ARE ON THE MENU!?!?
    Every year America has 800,000 children — from babies to very young youths MISSING.

    • Clintons and the DNC are murderous psychos

      • QV3

        I had been watching videos of Pizzagate. The screams of children tortured, raped to death, of babies sadistically abused — till dead! If President Trump does not clean up Pizzagate in America and bring to trial all the guilty, the reprieve will be short. And the Storm of Calamity will be unleashed from the heavens.

  • Pat Engness

    Found several like this through YouTube like this going back a week ago, regular “Search= nothing. nothing on Fox News yesterday, but Preet Bharara HAS been conducting a 5-state FBI Case since 2016. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Txc8HQDtRP0

    • TY for the video.
      We’ll watch and wait to see whats up

    • Joatmoaf

      Don’t use Google, it’s filtered for (political) content.
      Use Bing. It will put everything out there.

  • QV3

    So. WHO makes up the American Media? WHO collaborates and colludes with America’s SEX MANIACS, PAEDOPHILES, SATANISTS, CHILD/INFANT RAPISTS.

    But we do hear and read of Politicians vilifying President Trump, we do read of Trump-Haters who threaten to MARCH IN THE MILLIONS TO WDC to PROTEST.

    WHO are the American People? The question the world is asking. WHY do they allow Sadistic Abuse of babies and children? American babies and children. 800,000 American children go missing every year, never to be found. Babies and Children are brought in from Iraq, Syria to be sadistically abused and RAPED TILL DEAD. Is this why RUSSIA FORBIDS AMERICANS FROM ADOPTING RUSSIAN CHILDREN? Because, American people, on the whole, are SADISTS, RAPISTS, PAEDOPHILES, SATANISTS?

    View the video, and tell the world the American people are oh so INNOCENT.