Left-Wing, Pinko Jews Create Anti Semitism, Not @PewDiePie & Others

Left-Wing, Pinko Jews Create Anti Semitism, Not #PewDiePie & Others

So, it is said on the net that a famous Youtuber named “PewDiePie” aka Felix Kjellberg, made ‘anti semitic’ jokes about Jews.  Here is one of the best explanations regarding what occurred:

So…Because of what he allegedly said on Youtube, he has been fired from Disney.  Just what business PewDie has with Disney, I don’t know.    You’ll have to find out yourself because I am going to explain why people hate Jews:

Madeline Albright identifies as a Jew.  This is what Albright (add MANY Left wing Jews) say about Muslim refugees:  Click to read on the “Tablet Mag”

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Aforementioned:   “Welcome the stranger”?   Why is Weinstein pushing her religion on a majority Christian nation?  I thought Left wing Jews do not want to be judged based on their beliefs & religion.   There is nothing in our laws that say:   “Welcome the stranger”.  

*The vast majority of Americans are against more Muslims coming to America.  Left wing Jews want more Muslims to come here.  Left wing Jews fight against Americans.  Americans will become more anti semitic as Left wing Jews fight against them.  When I have advised Left wing Jews that their actions are causing negative reaction, they tell me; “People should not judge our political beliefs based on our religion‘.    Yet, Left wing Jews always say: “We are Jews” when they push their politics.     It’s only normal for people to then say:   “What the hell are these Jews doing to us?”    By fighting against the majority, you are going to create anti semitism.     PewDiePie didn’t do this to you, you did it to yourselves.

2.  Left wing Jews constantly push for multi culture.  

*Multi culture has destroyed Europe.  For eg., the leading male name in various parts of England is Mohammed.  Not James, Earl, Robert or William.  Mohammed.  The leading ‘culture’ foisted upon the English is Islam.   Does Islam care for Jewish people at this time in history?  No.  Islam hates Jews.  Islam hates Christians.  England is a Christian country, historically.   Why would ANY sane person then push for more people to come to a country which Islam hates?  Why are these Left wing Jews pushing a people and their hateful ‘religion’ to come to Europe?  People who hate Europeans?  This creates anti semitism.  Not PewDiePie.

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3.   Many Left-wing Jews, [even some Orthodox] are not fond of Christians & strongly voice this.  Christians, though, are fond of Jews because of the patriarchy of their faith.  The lack of respect creates anti semitism.  Not PewDiePie.

4.   Left wing Jews (no, not all – but many) hate white people.  Many of the media hacks attacking white people are Left wing Jews like Jesse Benn:  JesseBenn Is A “Jew”-Wants White People Wounded … – The Mad Jewess.    This creates anti semitism, not PewDiePie.

Lastly, My message to left wing Jews:  

Action causes reaction.  Don’t be stupid.  Think before you open your big mouths.

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  • lostlegends

    As you sow, so shall you reap.

  • QV3

    Leftists who attended the ‘I am a Muslim too’ anti-Trump rally in New York City had heeded an Arabic call to prayer as “Allahu Akbar” was blasted through loudspeakers. Leftists demonstrated they stand with their darling muslims.
    Leftist American photographer felt so confident of his islamic pals in Sweden, he ventured into their NO GO areas and was promptly attacked by 15 of his darling muslims, so he claimed. A great pity they did not leave him on the ground with broken limbs, a smashed jaw, and kicked half to death.
    However, the leftist brain-damaged cretin made his escape and called the Swedish police who told him to go to the hospital , ON HIS OWN.
    Oh, great would be the day, when every leftist in America and in Europe would be rounded by their darling islamists, and the world is ‘entertained’ by the beatings, beheadings, rapes galore, the sodomising of babies and toddlers, with every building blazing away.