The Mad Jewess Suspended From Twitter Again.

The Mad Jewess Suspended From Twitter Again.

I’ve been on Twitter since 2009. I have been suspended over and over again.  Locked out, you name it.  Twitter has me on a shadowban & no one can see any of my tweets anyway..I’ve been banned from one blog after the next, left off of blogs, my blog  not linked to other “Conservative” blogs for years.  I am the ‘black sheep’ of the pseudo “Conservative” assholes.


I must be awfully powerful if they shadow-banned me…Of course, Left wing “Jews” can’t have right wing Jews speaking out too loudly.. So, they make sure I am not heard because they are evil.

 On Twitter,  I only cared that I was truthful and got in the face of leftists who are destroying the west.  I tried to do this without breaking Commie Twitter’s rules.  Alas, I believe I hurt some poor Muslim’s feelings.. She was putting Tweets out into the Twitter-sphere about murdering all Jews.  So, I reacted and advised her to tell her people (Muslims) to stop murdering humans.  I believe that is what prompted the suspension.  I could be wrong.

All I do in this life is try to be on the side of righteousness. I try my best to follow the Bible.  If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.   To do what is right in a world that is wrong, one must be vigorous.

Isaiah 57:1 – The righteous perish, and no one takes it to heart; the devout are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil.

  • PoliticalClownParade

    If it’s any consolation, I’ve carried your blog on my blogroll for months. Have you tried switching over to where you can #SpeakFreely?

    Here’s the link:

    I’ll send you an invitation right now.

    Incidentally, you can follow me on GAB here:

    • Uh, did not see your comment before making same suggestion. is a far friendlier environment when it comes to free speech.

      • PoliticalClownParade

        I think TMJ will happy at GAB. Also, I’ve carried your blog on my blogroll for months as well. I did so after I reworked Steve’s banner over at Cry and Howl.

        Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

        • And to you, I’ll add you to my blogroll at my PUMA site. Have followed you at Enjoy your Valentine’s Day as well.

          • PoliticalClownParade

            I appreciate your reciprocation. Hope your Happy Heart Day was wonderful.

        • Wow, you do these banners? Cool!!

          • PoliticalClownParade

            Yes, in fact, 99% of all the graphics on my blog are created exclusively by moi!

  • lostlegends

    How long? I am a recent Twitter member.

    • Yesterday.
      Twitter is soooooo sensitive, EXCEPT when blacks are killing everyone

  • You just reminded me to write a post regarding a Facebook account that I felt I had no alternative but to delete. Long story, will do it later. Facebook and Twitter are our enemies. Suggest you pay a visit to It’s pretty much a free speech zone which is why Facebook and Twitter are leading the charge in Silicon Valley to have them shut down. WordPress will not allow them to create a widget. Nevertheless, they are gaining lots of support and there are enemies as well as friends there, many of whom you already know have been there for some time now.

  • Lost track of ya MJ–good to see ya still around!
    Gunny G

  • QV3

    You are in good company. China had the foresight to ban twitter and facebook.
    Zuckerberg dragged his Chinky wife to convince China otherwise. No Go.

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