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ObamaCare Repeal: I Don’t Believe It Will Happen.

Obama-Care Repeal: I Don’t Believe It Will Happen

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The Obamacare bill (Socialist mess) was signed in 2010.  Since that time, our rates have skyrocketed.  Many of us have lost our Doctors, our deductibles have gone through the roof.   Some of us now pay monthly premiums that break our bank.  Some now get ‘free’ Obamacare (which just means you have to pay the Doc’s fee any time you visit the Doc, $150- visits) ditto your lab work.   Some of us wait weeks to see the Doc and months before we can have a surgery that is desperately needed.  Why? Because many people are waiting ahead of you.   Insurance companies are now making more than they ever did before and we can thank Obama for that.  

Obama-Care also created a black market for certain prescription drugs.  For eg:  A girlfriend of mine always took Ativan which is an anti-anxiety drug.  She used to pay $20 a month for her prescription.  I don’t know how much she took, daily.  Obamacare put FDA regulations on these certain drugs and now they only give her 7 pills a month.   So, what did this lady do?  Simple, she went online, ordered 30 Ativans, & paid over $100  (Ativan is a very bad drug, in my opinion-but it DOES help people with anxiety issues).  My girlfriend is now paying $100 a month for a drug she used to pay $20 a month. The drug is now in great demand because of the FDA Socialist regulations.    This anxiety drug is made in India.  It was made in India before and still is now.  Yes, ‘big pharma’ is also in India.  India pharma makes out like a fat cat with these prescription drugs thanks to Obama’s Commie FDA. 

Thanks a lot, Barack.

The only issue that was a ‘good thing’ was pre-existing.  [The Insurance companies are too greedy.  They could have easily allowed pre-existing but they wanted to make more money.]    The rest of this bill so obviously needs to be axed.  BUT-Will the repeal of Obamacare happen?  I don’t think so.   What makes you think that the Insurance Companies are going to go back to collecting $150 a month from you when you are now paying over $350.00 a month?    Answer: They won’t.  You can thank Obama for this.  If you really think the Insurance Companies will suddenly become compassionate, you’re living in a pipe dream.

Obamacare was set up to pull America into the pit of Socialism.  This nation is Socialist now because of this mess they call healthcare, “AFA”.   There is nothing ‘affordable’ about this new “Affordable healthcare”. 

  • I have to be straight up.  I believe that:  Once a nation goes Socialist, there is no way back without bloodshed.  I believe that: If it is repealed, it will take years to undo the damage.


  • Our future does not look promising.  We will all be in debt to the Insurance Companies.  We already were before and now we are more than ever.


  • “Big Brother” now monitors everything through our healthcare (they try to, at any rate).  They ask about guns, sex, children, household.. You name it.  We are all slaves to this crummy system.


  • Face the facts:  We have been in this fiasco that is called “AFA” (Obamacare) for almost 8 years.  Even if it does get repealed, only little pieces at a time will change.  It will take years to clean the Socialist/Left wing mess.

Trump will not, neither will anyone else fully repeal our Communist health care disaster. The cowardly GOP sent  bill after bill to Prez Obama to repeal Obamacare, knowing that he would not sign it.   Now that they have full power, they wouldn’t dare send a good bill to Prez. Trump.

Trump needs to shut the borders, that is the most important, pressing issue.  OR, your health care will be $1000 a month.  Socialists LOVE their illegals…


“Hiring Whites, Dating Whites=Wrong”. “Antifa” Is Hunting/Watching Whites Like Nazi’s Hunted Jews

“Hiring Whites, Dating Whites=Wrong”. “Antifa” Is Hunting/Watching Whites Like Nazi’s Hunted Jews

Behind the face of every ‘anti fascist’ is a fascist.

I came across these Tweets of a chap named “Jack Pesobiac” who is a patriotic Vet.

 Here are these Tweets/Posters that are posted in cities by “Antifa”, a left wing Nazi group of modern terrorists.

The Nazi’s of today are leftists.  

Leftists are perfectly o.k. with hunting whites and not hiring white people.  You see… our relatives were racists in the 1860’s and we all have to pay for that today in 2017.  So, in the left-wing brain (or lack of brain), this is their thinking… 

Bottom line is this:  Every leftist is a denier.  They deny all wrong-doing.  Much like an old Nazi will do as they tell you: “There vere no work camps!”, “There vere no gas chambers!”  A Soviet will tell you: “No Gulags”, “No Holodomor”.    They’re deniers..

   Leftists deny that white replacement is taking place..  As they deny, we watch the news.  In Europe, EU’s are being forced out of their countries.  God only knows where they live now.  Here in USA, we see whites fleeing to the country to escape leftist, violent cities.  We watch black on white crime, illegal on white crime and we see the truth.  We do not deny what is happening to white people.  

Like it or not, you are the misery of the earth, Leftists.  You are the ones that will be cast into the lake of fire for your crimes against humanity.  You will not win in the end.  

God will destroy you.

9 hours ago on Gab, I said:

9 hours: “Here we go again, the left has their white supremacist monster:

MEANWHILE, blacks are murdering whites all over the nation:

Dear Prez Putin & Russia: Please Keep The “Protesters” From America Locked Up For Good

Dear Prez Putin & Russia: Please Keep The “Protesters” From America Locked Up For Good

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It’s none of America’s business to be dabbling into a country that is NON-NATO.   Our govt along with “NGO’s” cause confusion and chaos all over God’s green earth.   It is time to stop them in their tracks.   After all, These same operatives rioted at Berkeley after Pres. Trump’s inauguration and the President did nothing.  Someone must hold American’s who are far, left-wing radicals accountable since our government refuses to do so.

Sean Spicer: U.S. ‘Strongly Condemns’ Arrest of Peaceful Russian Protesters.  does he even know they are probably SOROS operatives?

I have NO doubt that Soros is involved in this mess.  

What business do WE have protesting in a country somewhere else when we can’t even get healthcare bills straightened out.  Americans need to ‘pull the plank out of their own eyes’.  

What the hell are these American idiots trying to do?

Start WW3?

My Prediction: Patriotic Vigilante Activity & I’ll Tell You Why

My Prediction: Vigilante Activity & I’ll Tell you Why


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..AND, because there is no public example being made of the Communist, radical left and their treacherous, open border politics…Add the fact that nothing is being reported in the main stream regarding the crimes of the illegal occupiers, American men & women are growing weary of witnessing the injustice.

This last election was all about ridding this nation of illegals.  We are already so far gone in the shitter that the ONLY thing the American people wanted and expected is the deportation of illegals, a wall on our southern border and a strong, nationalist system that would stop 3rd world invaders.   This issue was # 1 on the hit parade.

 (I am hurt by Obama’s mess called “Healthcare” and so are most people I know.  However, even though I can’t stand it, I              could have dealt with it for awhile longer.)


 1.  The influx of Illegals, most of them from Mexico and vast areas in South America have completely taken Americans to task to the point of madness.    Any time I see a fellow American, in a store-standing next to a Hispanic who is speaking in  Spanish–I can see their look of disgust right along with mine.  The anti-assimilating Hispanics are all over the friggin place. 

 2.  War, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, and MORE war.  All we hear on the lying TV is Russia this and North Korea that.  All this means is that the GOP wants a war, a big war.  Somewhere, anywhere.  As long as they can make money and murder more people.  AMERICANS DO NOT WANT ANY MORE WAR and the world is exhausted of the US military industrial complex.  American people are sick and tired of their sons being sent to foreign lands to die for John McCain and Soros.

3.   Because we are not seeing the Communist left CALLED and NAMED Communists and their politics halted and stopped, indefinitely, the masses are growing weary.   If you cannot name an enemy, you will NEVER defeat that enemy.   Until the Communist, Liberal, Progressive, Marxist left is shamed, continually by this administration, & called and named “Communists”, their attacks will continue.

Illegal aliens are still terrorizing Americans & American Commie bastards are still undermining the nation:  






The loss of our national identity with the influx of American-hating Mexican and Hispanic trash is pushing American people to the point of NO return.  If this continues and no examples of treason and illegal, criminal activity are being made, men will become vigilante’s.   And, most Americans would support them.  It is what it is.

Message to the Trump administration:  

You had better get back on track.  Donald Trump promised he would be the President of “Law and Order”.   If he fails to do this, he will have created the vigilante’s.

We do not want the future to resemble Europe:  (Post)

 EU Declares: It Has Ways Of Forcing Member Nations To Accept Hordes Of “Refugees”

John McCain Is Probably Plotting The Overthrow Of The Montenegro Govt Like He Did In #Ukraine

John McCain Is  Probably Plotting The Overthrow Of The Montenegro Govt Like He Did In #Ukraine

I will lay this out in simple facts:  John McCain & NATO along with Soros have been plotting the overthrow of the government in Montenegro.  Why?  Montenegro may ratify a treaty with NATO or not…  The current government may not want to join NATO.   If they do not join–NATO, Soros and McCain will overthrow that government and then blame Russia.   This is where all of the phony, Russian propaganda originated, in fact.

HOW is it Russia’s fault if a neighboring state does not want to join NATO?  One thing is for sure:  If a country does not want to join NATO, McCain & co. destroy that nation.

Here is McCain in Feb 2017 with Montenegro’s PM:


As well as this:  Montenegro Is ‘Protesting’ Against It’s Govt. Yep, @SenJohnMcCain Was There Pushing #NATO

Anytime you see a protest like this, Soros is involved with “NGO’s”:

  1. Montenegro police throw tear gas on protest Associated Press
  2. Montenegro police tear gas opposition protesters AFP
  3. Protesters and police in violent clashes in Montenegro AFP
  4. Montenegro police break up anti-government protest Associated Press
  5. Montenegrin police fire teargas to disperse opposition Reuters

You see all of the above links?  With protests?  This is exactly the same thing McCain did to Ukraine with the help of Soros.

 Here is John McCain in Ukraine 2013 with Sen Chris Murphy.  They are in Kiev, Ukraine, fomenting revolution:

The government that was installed by McCain, NATO and Soros – are fascistic in nature and many are Nazis:

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You need to understand that there is no “Russian threat” to America.  

There is a threat, however:  it is our military industrial complex.   Rand Paul stands against McCain and his war mongering.   Which is why McCain calls Rand Paul a “Russian agent”.    Rand Paul should be calling McCain out on his Eastern EU mess &  his support of Nazi’s & fascists in Kiev.  

People…you need to start connecting the dots.  ANY place McCain has visited with the leaders, that same country is screwed up now, broke and in perpetual war.  Start using your brains for cryingoutloud.