Dems Outraged @ Sen Sessions Speaking W/ Russian Ambassador. Same Dems NOT Outraged Over Death Of Our OWN Ambassador, #Benghazi

Dems Outraged @ Sen Sessions Speaking W/ Russian Ambassador. Same Dems NOT Outraged Over Death Of Our OWN Ambassador, #Benghazi

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The hypocrisy of the Democrat Communists is breathtaking.  Chris Stevens was murdered in Benghazi, Libya because of the carelessness of Hillary Clinton who was called upon hundreds of times from Chris Stevens’ office in Libya.  He needed help badly.  

Clinton’s reluctance to save an American ambassador who ended up murdered verses Sessions speaking to a Russian ambassador before the 2016 campaign?

When are the holier than thou Democrats going to stop being hypocrites?  They don’t live up to the rules that they want to enforce on the rest of us.

Today at the NY Slimes:   Right here: 



Pelosi on Sessions: ‘We are far past recusal’

Warren calls for Sessions to resign, special prosecutor to investigate

Ethics lawyer to George W. Bush on Sessions talks with Russa: ‘Good way to go to jail

Sessions speaking to a Russian ambassador NO GOOD! Hillary sending NO help which lead to the murder of an AMERICAN ambassador OK in Demo-Commie land.

Here is another one they’ve been ‘outraged’ over…

  • kookooracharabioso

    Perfect timing! Does anybody buy this shit they’re shoveling or are they just talking to themselves again?

    The Titanic that is our own government – our own economy – our own surveillance state looking for thought crimes is so terrifying that we simply cannot look to where they are pointing because the disfigured clawed hand is so awful to behold. Ugh.

    • Friggin Dems are EVIL LIARS and the biggest bunch of hypocrites EVER

  • QV3

    DemocRats, bought and paid by George Soros and the Globalists are deflecting the real crimes – Pizzagate, Child Trafficking, on-going Paedophilism, and the treacherous enabling Iran to make it a nuclear power .
    Sessions explicatingly stated he had never met with Russian ‘operatives’ or ‘intermediaries’ on behalf of the Trump campaign.
    No evidence has been put forth showing that the conversation between Sessions and Kislyak were related to Trump’s bid to become president. The real target is President Trump who has gone against the Establishment, the Globalists, the CIA and of course Soros, including the British Monarchy who leads from behind. Don’t doubt that. They are determined to keep the American people enslaved, as they continue to fleece and bleed.

    So, how about Bill Clinton, a Rhodes scholar, who immediately took off for Moscow during term break from London? Bill was a CIA asset. In 1969 Clinton had embarked on a “40-day train trip through Sweden, Finland, the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia.” Though a student on a modest budget (his Rhodes scholarship provided only $2,760 annually for tuition, room, and board) he had journeyed to Moscow and “stayed in one of Moscow’s more expensive hotels–the National, much favored at the time by the Soviet elite;” then he visited Prague, the capital of one of the Soviet Bloc’s most repressive regimes. Where did all that money come from?
    Bill Clinton fled to Canada, gave up his US citizenship to avoid the Draft.
    During his campaign days, US media hacks were not offended by the lies Clinton had been laying on them for years. Citizens’ groups did not demand an honest account of his draft record, his antiwar activities, his visits to Communist countries at the height of the Cold War, visits that seemed to have the support of Communist governments. Thus, Bill Clinton became America’s first COMMUNIST PRESIDENT.

    Then, we have another DemocRat traitor. Ted Kennedy. Who tried to thwart President Ronald Reagan’s re-election., Kennedy’s secret contacts with the Russians through their KGB spy agency in the early 1980s didn’t cause nearly the tizzy that Russia’s alleged interference with this year’s election has for President-elect Donald Trump among liberal activists and reporters – prostitutes and whores , bought and paid for.

    DemocRATS who try to deflect their Crimes Against America and the American People with TREASON, should answer this:

    Kennedy offered to have “representatives of the largest television companies in the U.S. contact Y.V. Andropov for an invitation to Moscow for the interview,” KGB head Viktor Chebrikov explained in a letter to the general secretary dated May 14, 1983, the file shows. The idea here would be for the Soviet leader to make an end run around Reagan and make a Direct Appeal to the American People.
    the 2,352 pages of FBI files that cover a period ranging from 1961 to 1985 only tell a small part of the story and do not mention Kennedy’s overtures to Soviet officials. These did not become known outside of Moscow until several years after Cold War tensions receded.

    DID TED KENNEDY , A DEMOCRAT commit treason?
    Did the American Media Prostitues and Whores connive with Ted Kennedy to ensure President Ronald Reagan failed in his re-election?


  • This American says enough with the B.S. The President, Vice President and cowards of the GOP establishment should put their foot down and say enough with the B.S.

    Did any of them NOT see this coming. This is how Progressives roll. They create chaos to distract and divert attention away from one achieving one’s goals.

    Two weeks ago, it was Michael Flynn. Last week it was Milo Yiannopoulos(sp) and this week AG, Jeff Sessions, a most honorable man.

    ENOUGH! Screw the frigging Dems.

    • Pedro

      Trump is creating his own chaos,fool and you’re still chugging from his crock telling everyone it’s a delicious chocolate smoothie. LMAO

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        • Pedro

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    • Pedro

      You poor idiot,its Trump whose lying,you don’t know your ass from your elbow anymore. You read shit like this blog and you think you know. You don’t know shit from shinola. This creep running this bs site is one of the few in the world banned from Twitter for chrissakes!

  • QV3

    The following video

    exposes the Russian Kislyak visited the Anus Fucker Muslim Hussein Obama
    22 times. Read that? TWENTY TWO TIMES!!! What was the Black Simian doing withthe Russian?
    The rest of the news in this video rips the DemocRATS. President Donald Trump is their nightmare.
    President Donald Trump is the nemesis of the American Media of Prostitutes & Whores – PAYBACK for its own hubris.
    Conservatives elected Donald Trump. A fighter who gets things done. And he is protected.
    Micah 5: 5: And he will be our peace when the Assyrians invade our land
    and march through our fortresses.
    We will raise against them seven shepherds, even eight commanders,

    What’s going on is Spiritual Warfare. God vs Satan.

  • QV3

    This is the consequence of President Trump throwing General Flynn under the bus. Trump should have held his ground and challenged the accusers. But snake VP Pence helped the other side to force Flynn to resign. It is now known, in Russian circles, that Pence is setting up President Trump for an impeachment or a resignation — which would make him take office.
    The sharks circling President Trump, tasting first blood, quickly capitalised on gained ground to launch the next attack in the form of a coming ‘investigation’ from which Jeff Sessions has just agreed to ‘recuse himself’ . Big mistake. Sessions should not have recused himself. By recusing himself, he adds credibility to the baseless charges where there are none. Maybe he did so as the Republican Party did not unite to defend him, and in doing so, defend President Trump.
    Sessions, of all people, and members of the Republican Party with Trump know there were no investigations of Hillary’s and Bill’s profitable contacts with Russia. Killery sold uranium to the Russians. While she was heading the State Department.
    Now Sessions has not only paralysed himself from taking any needful actions in prosecuting Killery, Holder, he has created grounds for more vile media attacks on the President. And more of Trump’s team to be made redundant.

    The world has not seen anything like this — the daily attacks on a democratically elected President in a country that describes itself the world’s superpower. It has grave consequences for the American people, and the world.

    • Pedro

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  • QV3

    President Trump shows his Trump Card.

    CHECKMATE! Trump Just Proved That It Was Actually Obama Working With Putin During The Election!

    WORKING. Obama the Nigger Muslim Filth told President Medvedev of Russia:
    Tell Putin after my election (2012) I’ll have MORE flexibility” on an open mic

    • Pedro

      You fool he hasn’t proved anything? An accusation quoting fake news? You dimwit,the FBI chief who you wingnuts loved while he was trashing Clinton is now asking DOJ to stop the liar’s bs. Go sit in Mammy’s porch and have a nut scratch you dweep.

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      • QV3

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  • QV3

    Why is Jeff Sessions being attacked with such vehemence by the DemocRats? It is because they know what many know, that Attorney General Sessions is ready to unleash holy hell on the globalists, and some of them will be going to prison for their role in child-sex-trafficking.
    Hell is going to break all over the world as the most heinous crime against children gets exposed.

    Sessions On the Verge of Making Trafficking Arrests

  • QV3

    Still want to doubt President Trump is not God’s chosen ?
    Why is President Donald Trump attacked, every day by the DemocRats, the Whores of the MSM

    Donald Trump: Pedophiles Will Get the Death Penalty.